#1 Most DEADLY Food On The Planet?

You are a smart consumer so you probably keep a close eye on the foods you buy.

I’m sure you’ve probably read your fare share of food labels over the years as well in an attempt to minimize your intake of hidden sugar and nasty food additives.

But what if I told you that there is a loophole in the laws surrounding food labels and this may be causing you to put your health in serious jeopardy?

Many food labels such as margarine, crackers, and other packaged foods boast about having “0 grams trans fat!” but in reality this could not be further from the truth.

The next time you see this, look at the label again, and indeed, you’ll see a “0 g” after “trans fat” on the nutrition facts panel—but it’s a LIE.

Due to a legal loophole in food labeling, a product can state “0 g trans fat” and still contain nearly half a gram (up to 0.49 grams) per serving.

Now I’m sure you’ve heard by now that “trans fats” are the devil when it comes to your health.

In reality, “natural” trans fats that are found in some animal products are NOT harmful. However, artificial trans fats are made by hydrogenating vegetable oils in a harsh chemical process.

Clinical trials have found that artificial trans fats significantly increase your risk of heart disease.

Here is a simple trick you can use to avoid consuming this deadly fat:

On the food information label, look for the total fat content. Then, subtract the saturated fat, along with the mono and polyunsaturated fats. If there is any amount remaining then this will be the REAL “trans fat” content.

.49 grams of artificial trans fats may not seem like a lot, but consuming even tiny amounts can cause a sudden constriction of your arteries… and this can trigger heart attacks in people who may have small amounts of arterial blockage that they were not aware of.

That’s exactly what happened to 55-year-old grandpa Dan. He wasn’t aware of this label loophole and it nearly killed him when he had a heart attack on an airplane of all places—directly after he ate a small amount of airplane food that contained trans fats.

Fortunately, after an emergency landing, this ordeal lead him to a doctor in Germany who introduced him to a breakthrough new program that prevents heart attacks while melting away up to ONE pound of belly fat per day.


Sounds like a bold claim, no doubt, but just by using a few simple 2 minute daily rituals Dan and his wife, Sylvie, lost a combined 68 pounds in only one month

That’s an average of 1.13lbs per day!

Discover exactly what these 2-min rituals are here:

Doctor’s 2-Min. Daily Ritual for Losing up to 1 POUND Of Belly Fat Per DAY

NOTE: If you don’t have time to watch this remarkable real life story on video, you can read the full article here instead:

Doctor’s 2-Min. Daily Ritual for Losing up to 1 POUND Of Belly Fat Per DAY

Keep going strong and make it a great day.

Your friend and coach,

Matthew Coast