10 Flirty Texts to Send to a Guy (He’ll LOVE These)

Are you stuck in a platonic rut? Maybe the guy you like finally decided to text you. But he’s doing the platonic friend thing, and so far you’ve been doing the platonic friend thing too. You both enjoy laughing and talking…but there doesn’t seem to be much sexual tension.

You could write him and say something shocking like “Make love to me now!” but well…that’s not very ladylike and it may send him running in the opposite direction. Or worse, it will give him the wrong idea…that you just want sex, nothing more.

Your goal should be to flirt with him innocently, putting ideas into his head, but not coming on so strong that he feels there’s no challenge here. Here are 10 flirty texts, with brief explanations, that are sure to sex up your dynamic and help the relationship progress at a natural pace.

1. “You looked so handsome / sexy yesterday. You made a great impression.”

In this instance, you are giving him a non-platonic compliment, which will send him some subtle but encouraging signals. What’s good about a line like this (which you can adapt as needed) is that you’re not JUST saying, “I think you’re attractive.” You’re just casually throwing it out there, as if you admitting a man is attractive is no big deal.

2. “I can’t seem to concentrate today. You kept me up all night thinking about your deep questions.”

This is the mental equivalent of #1, and flatters his intellect. You’re telling him that you’re obsessing over him a little bit, that you can’t sleep (nice visual!) and that ___ (whatever you last talked about) was a meaningful conversation that changed your opinion of him. He’s sure to pick up on this and push you further.

3. “I feel you here with me” OR “I wish you were here with me.”

These are great lines as they imply the desire for intimacy without actually confronting him and demanding anything. This works even better if you can work it in casually, such as a feeling you get during a scary thunderstorm, or a freezing night, or a long boring weekend with nothing to do.

4. “I can’t wait to do it again!”

If you last met him doing something fun, (like talking among friends in a group, going to a concert, or talking to each other at lunch) then mention how you can’t wait to do it again—because the ACTIVITY is so much fun. He will wonder if you mean that you’re actually enjoying spending time with him, and of course, you are. Mention how excited you are at the possibility of having that last experience a second time. Emphasize how excited you are how it makes you feel. He will put two and two together and realize you’re attracted to him—that he makes the experience fun.

5. Sorry…just got out of the shower. I was just thinking about you.”

Way to shove two amazingly hot visuals together! You stepping out of the shower (which he loves) and then thinking about him (which will attract him even more). Best of all, there’s no awkward pause here. You can just work this line into a conversation and then continue on, as if you haven’t said anything scandalous.

6. “I had a weird dream about you last night.”

To a guy, this is the mental equivalent of a butt slap! He will be a little provoked, very interested, and downright impatient for you to tell him every detail. He wants to know what you’re thinking about him and if your “subconscious mind” finds him desirable. If you really do dream about him, you can reveal the dream. But it might work even better to tease him a little bit and imply that the dream was sexual. Something like “Well…umm…what do you think it was about? Heheh”

7. “Will you dream about me tonight?”

The exact opposite but a very bold and sexy thing to say—even though it’s quite innocent. You’re inviting him to dream about you, to “do his worse” so to speak, and see you in a sexual way. You’re giving him total freedom to use his imagination and see what he comes up with. A nice way to create intimacy and curiosity, especially since you have a topic to discuss the next day.

8. “Don’t tire yourself out this afternoon. We have plans tonight!”

If and when you agree to get together for a date or just a group or casual outing, this line is a beauty. If the event is simple and doesn’t require that much energy, he may wonder, “What else does she have in mind???” Once again, it puts the idea into his head, while still seeming innocent. Now he will be anticipating what’s going to happen. And if you’ll be receptive for a little romance.

9. “I want to hear your voice.” Or “Talk to me.”

Wonderful line that immediately calls him to attention as an emotional provider. It reads so much more innocently, of course. You just want to talk, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Maybe you had a stressful day or he had a bad day. Let him know that you can be a source of peace and healing for him. He can find comfort in your intimate conversation.

10. “I’m trying on a new outfit. Can I get your honest opinion on it?”

If you sense he’s already into you, then this advanced line works very well. Rather than just be shy about it, or be overly aggressive, just be aloof. Ask him for his opinion on a new dress or blouse, suggesting that you need fashion advice. If you’re really bold and feel confident, ask him what he thinks of your new bra or lingerie and send him a picture. This will definitely get him excited and push him to take more risks in flirting. Men do love visuals—pictures as well as vivid descriptions of things he likes. He likes you…he just needs a little push in the right direction.

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