12 Dirty Texts to Drive Him Crazy

Wondering what to do to keep your man interested in you after you have sex for the first time? Getting a little worried, wondering if this was all just another play for him? Running out of ideas on how to keep his attention?

Hey, maybe you’re worrying too much!

After all, men are fairly simple to learn, at least in terms of what they want. When in doubt, do more of what you were doing that worked once before. Namely, lots of great sex and emotional bonding!

A man will not lose interest in a woman just because he had sex with her. He will lose interest once he loses the attraction to her—either because she didn’t communicate well during dating, or because she did something that turned him off.

In fact, the natural desire a man has—after sleeping with a woman—is to sleep with her again. One sexual session can’t possibly encompass every naughty thought he had about her. It will take plenty more lusty affairs to get all that desire out of his system. If she handles herself well, and retains that mystery and femininity that first attracted him—then the next step will be to further explore the relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend. And of course, as always, with the man pursuing you and you rewarding the effort he puts forth to impress you.

If you need help coming up with edgy ideas for sexual foreplay then look no further! Sending him dirty texts and whetting his appetite for more intimacy will entice him to come back to you—even if you spoil him the first time! Here are twelve dirty texts that will get him addicted to you and drive him crazy waiting.

1. “I can’t stop thinking about last night .”

Not too clingy but at the same time, an emotionally intense statement! This text lets him know how you feel, while also making him think of you in the same obsessive and lusty way.

2. “I want you here in my bed…right now!”

It’s okay to be a little selfish, since men do love to please. Men also love women who are assertive and ask for exactly what they want.

3. “Let’s play a game. Guess what I’m wearing.”

Toy with his imagination and have him guess all kinds of sexy clothing before revealing that you’re not wearing anything at all.

4. “You’re making me so wet.”

What better encouragement than a strong visual and explicit description of how he is affecting you? Men love to think that they’re sexy and capable of making a woman excited.

5. “I’m having whipped cream for dessert tonight. Come over tonight and get a good taste.”

Add some fun activities into the promise, like whipped cream, and build his anticipation early. Then invite him over to turn that fantasy into a reality.

6. “If you tell me your deepest, darkest, hottest fantasy and I will make it come true.”

This is a daring line for sure and one that allows him the joy of speaking freely, without a filter. Even better, he gets to customize the fantasy, while you create it for him. It’s also a very clever line because you promise him even better sex the second and third time. The more time he invests in you the greater the reward!

7. “I feel so restless. I just took a shower and now my mind is racing. Any ideas on what we can do for two hours?”

Innocent and yet loaded with visuals Indicate your restless spirit and boredom and then lead him into the question of what to do, together, to make the time pass quickly.

8. “When you kiss me it tingles me…I can feel a wave going through my whole body.”

Teasing your boyfriend with the possibility of a full body orgasm is a sure way to get him interested and motivated to try even harder. He may have seen you have one or even a few during the first session. But a full body orgasm suggests more powerful sensation and emotion could happen…if you both work at it and learn each other’s bodies.

9. “I loved how you just pulled my panties down and started licking me last night. I was so turned on…I would have done anything for you.”

This not only works because of the “last night” narrative, but also describes a specific action. By describing that action (and the emotion and sensation you remember) you make him recall that memory and with vivid details.

10. “Oh God…you’re so sexy I can’t control myself around you. You’re such a jerk…but I can’t stop wanting you!”

Guys love to play the role of the bad boy, even if they’re the exact opposite! So tell him what a sexy guy he is and imply that he’s bad for you, but impossible to quit.

11. “If I made out with another girl in front of you would it count as cheating?”

This line is daring as hell and is sure to get him flustered and excited. Of course, since you’re at that stage where you share fantasies and discuss things without a filter, you don’t actually have to commit to anything shocking you say. Plenty of guys are okay with just the fantasizing and role-playing and may never want to go too far outside their comfort zone or yours. What matters though is that you take the time to tease each other.

12. “I love it when you grab my hair and push me up against the wall. Just take me. Own my body. F__k me like you mean it.”

This line hints at a more “sub” type relationship, one where you let him take control and play a little rough with you. Guys usually love the feeling of being dominant and aggressive with you, even if it is just a game. Remember also, that some guys may also like the reverse. Being dominated by a woman is a top male fantasy. Take the lead or follow his lead, via text, and challenge each other to think even dirtier.

These texts illustrate the point that dirty texting is all about having fun and toying with that sexual tension you’ve created and then satisfied, and are now starting up again. It’s time to tease him some more and show him that you have even more kink than he can imagine…and he’ll get to see it all if he keeps chasing you!

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