15 Cute Nicknames for Your Boyfriend

You might be surprised to learn that using cutesy nicknames can actually be a great social offense in some situations!

Not only can you piss off an entire tribe or social network of people by using a mocking title, but you can even turn off your boyfriend or your guy-crush by using a cute nickname with negative associations.

Some men become really annoyed at syrupy “babyish” talk. They may associate these words or sounds with childhood or mothering and may become instantly disagreeable. On the other hand, some men dislike certain cute nicknames because they sound a little too effeminate or boyish. Some men want to feel sexy and masculine and so they want a little more spice when you create their own personal moniker.

So rather than using a word that everyone else uses (boo, bae, etc), and rather than stealing your ex’s cute nickname and reincarnating it (eeew!), it’s time to spend a little time thinking over a brand new nickname that embodies your boyfriend’s unique personality. Here are fifteen nickname ideas and the reasons why he will probably dig it.

1. Bad boy with a gentle heart.

Men love being thought of as a bad boy since women are usually attracted to these personalities. That’s why nicknames like Bad Boy, Big Daddy, Beast, Boo Bear and Hulk and Hercules are popular with guys. Invent a badass name but give it a cute spin, one that makes you the owner of this out of control monster!

2. Something sexy.

Reminding your man that he is a sex machine is always a gentle ego pat. Calling him Hot Stuff, Iron Man, Hunk, Sex Bomb, Sex God, Playboy, Big Sexy, or Rock Star will have him smiling every time you call him.

3. A famous male-female duo.

It’s very romantic and quirky to adopt nicknames for each other based on couples. For example, Superman and Lois, Pebbles and Bam-Bam, Prince and Princess, Popeye and Olive Oil, Mark Antony and Cleopatra, Bonnie and Clyde, Jack and Rose, and so on. Not only is it cute but it also reminds you both of the unbreakable bond you have together.

4. Something exotic!

If one or both of you are of a distinct ethnic background, use a word from another language; like Cheri, Mi Amor, Bonita, Bellisimo, Vita, and so on. This will add some dramatic flair to your nicknames, especially if you do the accent just right!

5. Create a nickname using part of your boyfriend’s name.

There’s something funny and yet endearing out of creating a new word using part or all of your boyfriend’s first name. Randy becomes Rand-Baby, or Jimmy becomes Jimbo.

The possibilities are endless, just be sure that he approves of the cute nickname and that it’s not derogatory or mocking any trait that he might be self-conscious about. For example, you wouldn’t call a five foot one-inch boyfriend “Shorty”…that’s not cool. But if your boyfriend is tall and his name happens to be John, Big John is perfect. How about Billie-Goat? Depends on whether your boyfriend happens to like goats!

6. Animal nicknames!

Does your boyfriend have a spirit animal? Then he’ll love being nicknamed something like Monkey, Tiger, Love Bird, Wolfie, Bunny, Lamb, Hawk, Eagle, or even Donkey-Kong for the Nintendo loving geek boyfriend. As always, keep the nickname positive and named after an animal’s best qualities.

7. Heaven sent!

Something divine is always appreciated, especially if he’s religious. Angel Baby, Angel Eyes, Angel of Mine and Angel Lips are a testament to his out-of-this-world good looks. You can also nickname him something straight out of mythology like Cupid, or even a fantasy character like Unicorn.

8. Sweet and yummy!

You can’t go wrong nicknaming your man after something delicious. Buttercup, Biscuit, Apple Of My Eye, Sweetie Pie, Tater Tot, Blue Berry, Cheesecake, Jelly Bean, Kit-Kat, Honey Bun, or even, ahem, Big Tuna, are adorable. Just don’t nickname him Stinky Tofu for obvious reasons…

9. Name him after a hobby.

Associate his career or hobby with his new nickname, as in Bookworm, Science Guy, Preacher Man, Cowboy, Tech Wizard and Master Gardener are self-explanatory. Almost every guy out there has a passion or hobby in life that makes them feel good. So give him a nickname that salutes a few of his favorite things!

10. Rhyming phrase.

There’s always something cute and catchy about naming a guy a rhyming phrase like Funny Honey, Honey Bunny, Hotsy Totsy, Hubba Bubba, Night Light, and so on.

11. Something huggable.

Hugster, Snuggle Butt, Cuddle Bunch, Cuddle Bunny, Cuddles and Hugs McGee are clever nicknames for that guy who just loves to hug it out! Plus it also gives him the hint to send some of that love your way.

12. Doll house nicknames.

Compare your boyfriend’s face to that of a fine porcelain work of art with Baby Doll, Doll Face, China Doll.

13. Something manly!

Nicknames like Champ, Alpha, Chief, Boss, Hotshot, King and Captain certainly make your boyfriend feel respected.

14. Something funny!

Crazy Pants, Cosmo, Doodlebug, Muppet, Munchkin, Pooky Pooky, and Gangsta Baby are so absurd they’re bound to bring a grin to your guy’s face. Sometimes a touch of the bizarre goes a long way, especially if it gets a laugh out of him. Even better if you can create a funny nickname out of a funny story or memory you both had that you still think about.

15. Something epic.

Whenever it’s time to pull at the heartstrings, you can’t go wrong with Love of My Life, Shining Star, or Spark of My Life.

Remember that creating a cute nickname is part of the bonding process. It allows you both to feel vulnerable with each other’s feelings and carry on a running thought with this name. Make sure he approves of the nickname before you go on and has full vetoing rights, just in case he gets a negative vibe (or maybe even has a past negative association with the word).

Next comes the fun part…your boyfriend choosing an adorable nickname for you!

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22 thoughts on “15 Cute Nicknames for Your Boyfriend”

    1. Great job you can do it there it’s never late to grow close & be kind to each other & talk to each other everyday. Trust is a big one. If you can’t trust. If there is no trust that’s a problem! It has to be fixed asap. Marriage counseling. We have been having picnics in the back yard & family movie at night with the kids and alone. It’s healthy. Moat of the time there is a pastor that can refer anyone having marriage issues to free on FaceTime.

  1. Kristin Jenkins

    This response is not exactly helpful, but it might make you smile just a little – My EX’s name was John. So I decided every time he wanted to be nasty and call me a vile word, I just started referring to him simply as “Toilet!” Get it…John…Toilet…I suppose that is why he is now my ex lol!

    1. Lol That’s awesome and sounds like he was deserving of a few vile nicknames himself. Maybe if he wasn’t such an ass you wouldn’t like of toilets when he comes to mind. pun intended

  2. Boe & BuBu
    Is a great one because it’s your love. You other half. That’s what it means to me anyways…

  3. Great ideas as always Matthew. I’ve thought of two nickname possibilities. Can’t wait to try them out today. How I love reading everything you send out!! Thank you for sharing your expertise and insights! Much appreciated!

  4. I had my “Sexy Beast”, then he became someone else’s “Sexy Beast”… Maybe I should of called him “Sexy CupCake”… After thoughts…

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