16 Texts That Will Make Him Want You More

Have you stalled in conversation with a guy you like? Does he seem to be running out of things to say? Maybe you are too…but your attraction to him is hotter than ever!

Maybe instead of continuing to be polite, you should start sending him texts that are more effective. Ideally, a text should be exciting, fun or funny, and most importantly, put you in an attractive light.

Your instinct might well you to sex it up, blatantly hit on me, or do something shocking. Not a great strategy though. If he’s not into you, suddenly turning up the volume of you being into him will only push him in the other direction. The strategy is actually to make you more attractive, and to make a conversation more appealing, but without actually confessing any feelings for him. It’s better to build anticipation and see where HE goes with it.

Here are sixteen examples of some desire-boosting texts that are just on the border of being too friendly or too sexy, but not over the top embarrassing. Let’s list each one (which you can steal or adapt into your own words) and then discuss each one and why it’s so effective.

1. “I’ve always wanted to ____ (something he’s good at). Now that I know you and you’re such a master at it, maybe you can be my teacher?”

Great way to show respect and attraction towards his unique talent or hobby. You give him credit and offer to be his sexy student, all under the pretense of innocence.

2. (After he does you a favor) “Amazing! You’ve leveled up. The next time I see you in person you get a special reward.”

Nice to show your sense of humor and offer him incentive, and a little bit of a mystery, to show that you appreciate the effort he put forth.

3. “What are three things that always get you excited?”

Let’s get personal! What are three things that get him all stimulated…(and how can you take notes to remember these to use on him later?)

4. “I was naughty today. Like really, really. Someone should spank me lol. No seriously though I’m in big trouble.”

“Lure him in with a story that you simply must tell him. And of course, make it flirty with random references to spanking and punishment.”

5. “You have such a beautiful way with words. You have a magical mouth.”

Reward him for his poetic spirit and then put the very naughty idea in his mind that he has a magic mouth and let him think the dirty thought for you.

6. “I had a weird dream about you. I want to tell you but don’t get weirded out. It’s not anything too crazy, don’t worry. But just weird.”

An oldie but goodie. Telling him that you had a weird or unsettling dream about him (and adding that it wasn’t sexual) will play on his curiosity. Men are quite fascinated to know what women think of them.

7. “I have something to tell you. And I just can’t live with myself until I get it off my chest. OK here it goes.” (Long pause)

A little bit of a mind tease, hyping up a confession and then making him anticipate it a little more with every passing hour.

8. “One of my girlfriends is totally crushing on you. Want details?”

Perk up his interest by admitting he’s attractive and that a girlfriend likes him…but let him wonder if you feel the same way.

9. “I just read that coffee is an aphrodisiac. Now I know why you’re always asking me out for coffee. You have ulterior motives!”

Rather than admit your feelings, tease him and accuse him of lusting after you. Put him on the defensive and make it fun.

10. “Apparently people are talking about us now. Lol I heard and was like ummm gossiping? Really?”

If he has already joked about dating you then hit him with this. Tell him people are gossiping about the two of you and let him feel excited and scandalized.

11. “I really appreciate all you’ve done. You’ve been there for me. You’re a great friend.”

Sincere thanks is a great way to build suspense for how you might feel about him. You admit nothing and yet imply a lot with this statement.

12. “lol I love your sense of humor. You make me laugh more than anyone. Thanks for cheering me up.”

Giving him credit for being a funny guy AND for making you happy.

13. “Be confident! You can ace this, I know you can. I believe in you. You are going to be great and amazing. Promise.”

Compliment his natural abilities and give him confidence right when he needs it the most. He’ll remember your words of assurance and start to see you as a woman always on his side.

14. “Remember that one time when…”

Take a trip down memory lane and make him think back to a pleasant experience. Positive associations mean everything!

15. “Well if you need to vent, I’m always hear to listen.”

Letting him know that you are ALWAYS ready to listen is letting him into your circle of close friends, someone you trust and will be there for, even if it’s an inconvenience. Just don’t give him this privilege unless he earns it!

16. “You are going to succeed. Because most men aren’t driven like you are.”

Let him know he’s special and “destined” to be more successful than most other men. One of the most endearing things you can say to a man is that you believe in him.

One note of caution, you have to pay attention and notice the signals he’s giving you, whether positive or negative. In general, it’s a smart idea to ask open-ended questions that demand response…unless of course you sense that he’s not in a conversation mood. Then you have to read him and let him. He might need more time or he might need to miss you for a while, to fully appreciate your attention.

What matters is that you are conveying your confidence, your high value, and your engaging personality at all times.

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