200 Boyfriend Names in Phone

It feels awesome to have a close and intimate relationship with someone new, doesn’t it? This new guy is handsome, smart, sexy and yet sweet and compassionate. He’s the perfect guy. Even better, you feel like he’s the only man who understands you. When you finally kiss and become an exclusive couple, there is a wonderful feeling of closeness and euphoria. It’s the sort of feeling that makes you create cutesy, goofy and romantic nicknames for each other.

Now sometimes your boyfriend will become self-conscious if you’re using cute nicknames in front of his friends or out in public. Some men are sensitive about how they come across to other people, even strangers. They want to appear dignified, tough and confident…not always easy if a woman is calling him “Cuddle Butt.”

Here’s the beauty of the phone contact nickname. No one has to know except you and your boyfriend. This nickname can be your little secret, so you can make the name as funny or as dirty as you’d like. Only the two of you will ever use it or see it, so why not have a little fun? Here are 200 ideas for interesting private phone names for your beloved.

1. Happy Pappy
2. Giggling Gus
3. Popeye the Sailor Man
4. The Sexy Repairman
5. Sir Hugs-A-Lot
6. The Librarian
7. Dances with Briefs
8. Monsieur (NAME)
9. The Bird-Man
10. The Bald and the Beautiful
11. Sex Hobbit
12. Goliath the Giant
13. Sweet as Ice Cream
14. My Man-Ho
15. Shy Boy
16. The One Who Knocks
17. Gangsta Baby
18. The Sexy Godfather
19. Tasty Lips
20. Yosemite Sam
21. The Even Bigger Situation
22. Candy Boy
23. My Beef Jerky
24. Cuddle Kitty
25. 007 Bond
26. McManwhich
27. Oh Yeah Smack It Daddy
28. The Lost Avenger
29. The Jackhammer
30. Optimus Primed and Ready
31. Superfreak
32. The Superfly
33. Pepe Le Pew
34. Ewok
35. Magic Shell
36. Butterfingers
37. My Superhero
38. My Super Villain
39. The Thespian
40. Sergeant Major
41. Captain Kinky
42. This Little Light of Mine
43. Jiggly Puff
44. Falafel
45. Dinosaur Hunter
46. Naked Man
47. Perpetual Boner
48. Blueberry Pie
49. Blackberry Cobbler
50. Donkey
51. The Incredible and Sexy Hulk
52. The Nacho Man
53. The Cadillac Man
54. Sexy Love Handles
55. Like Fine Wine
56. The Hot Cowboy
57. The Full Monty
58. Money Bags
59. Sweet Tea
60. Cosmos
61. Nom-Nom
62. Drop Dead Fred
63. The Renaissance Man
64. Sex Boo
65. Praying Mantis
66. Daddy Long Legs
67. Heaven Sent
68. God’s Blessing
69. Sweet as Molasses
70. Honey Bee
71. The Makeout King
72. The Big Hippie
73. Dang Me
74. Crybaby
75. The Duke of Hazard
76. Like Lightning
77.My Dove
78.The Gangster of Love
79.Space Cowboy
80.Lord of the Rings
81. The Genie of Loving
82. Lumpy
83. The Pookie Master General
84. The Little Prince
85. I Got the Munchies
86. A Knight’s (Fine) Tail
87. Tootsie Pop
88. Snaps
89. Old Tanktop
90. The Comic Relief Guy
91. Hearts and Kisses
92. The Love of my Life
93. The Main Event
94. Cuddle Me Elmo
95. Turtle Face
96. King Bowser
97. Piggy Bank
98. I Am Groot
99. Tree-Hugger
100. Mr. Universe
101. Lucky
102. Mister Plow
103. Mack Daddy
104. Daddy’s Home
105. The Mechanic
106. The Prize Fighter
107. The Best in the Business
108. Wokka Wokka
109. The Deep Thinker
110. The Jock
111. The Ice Cream Man
112. The Player
113. The Wonder Kid
114. The Loveliest
115. The Precious
116. Little Big Man
117. The Chivalrous Knight
118. The Grouch
119. Big Trouble in Little China
120. The Last Starfighter
121. The Karate Kid
122. The Kung-Fu Master
123. The Man with a Plan
124. Captain Jean-Luc Picard
125. My Ding-a-Ling
126. The Pizza Boy
127. Mi Amigo
128. The Golden Compass
129. The Adventurer
130. The Traveler
131. The Wanderer
132. Cartoon Character
133. Sir Laughs-a-Lot
134. The Court Jester
135. Your Everything
136. Your World
137. Commander-in-Chief
138. The Last Man Standing
139. Peppermint
140. Sweet Lemonade
141. The Spy Who Shagged Me
142. The God of War
143. Big Harry Potter
144. The Stable Genius
145. The Power Ranger
146. Speedy Gonzales
147. Ain’t I A Stinker?
148. The Smartest Ass in the Room
149. The King of England
150. The Handsome Stranger
151. The Phantom of the Opera
152. Dice
153. The Gambler
154. The Piano Man
155. Guitar Hero
156. The Mastermind
157. The Mad Scientist
158. Snuggle Monster
159. The Hug Burglar
160. The Foot Masseuse
161. Vanilla Flavored
162. Tasty as Chocolate
163. My Naked Friend
164. My F Buddy
165. The Best Boo in the World
166. The Devil Himself
167. Hot Rod
168. The Man with the Slow Hand
169. Staying Power
170. Tasty as Artichokes
171. Mister Spice
172. The Old Man Who Lived in a Shoe
173. The Wiseguy
174. Hug Ninja
175. The Hot Spot
176. He Loves Me
177. Himself
178. The Final Boss
179. Genie in a Bottle
180. Lollipop
181. The Prodigy
182. The Shepherd
183. Buttons
184. The Evil Clown
185. Higgy Wiggy
186. Hellcat
187. Hellraiser
188. Hell Hath No Fury Like My Boyfriend Scorned
189. Sir Cranky
190. The King of Cartoons
191. The Scribe
192. Mister Movie Critic
193. The Card Shark
194. The Top Gun
195. The Over-Thinker
196. Worry-Wart
197. The Boy Who Would be King
198. Love Me, Ninja
199. The Great Debator
200. Huggles McCuddles the III

As we’ve learned, the secret to creating a memorable nickname is to focus on the things you love most about your boyfriend. Whatever you love about him, use that. Whatever you find funny in an endearing way use that. Keep all associations positive and gently caress his ego. You can also use your new nickname in private conversation as well as contacting.

The point is that creative nicknames on the phone or in person help to increase intimacy, foster good and honest communication, and strengthen the bond that already exists between you. Use nicknames frequently and your love for each other will only grow.

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