4 Signs He Really Loves You

There’s Love…and then there’s living together! Growing up, sometimes we think that infatuation, love, living together, and being happily married are all the same thing. Yeah, it’s great when that happens…but statistically speaking, it’s really hard to find that perfect relationship without making a few mistakes along the way!

As you date, learn to trust other people, and finally learn yourself, you may be surprised at what you find out. Namely, that you can love someone but NOT live with them. That you can be infatuated, magnetically drawn to a man, and yet not love him. And that you may even be able to live with a man but still not have a strong love for him that ends with marriage and family.

Sound complicated? It’s not. It simply means that life experience must help each one of us to understand the different shades of love. Sometimes caring for someone isn’t enough.

Meanwhile, as you learn to better understand what love is and what you want, so also will other people be figuring you out. Men will try to figure out what motivates you, what you find attractive, and what you want from a serious relationship.

Now it gets even more confusing…because how are you supposed to know when a man is falling for you, rather than just trying to have a fling? For that matter, how are you supposed to know when a man is actually in love with you versus just liking you?

Let’s make it easy by reviewing four signs of male behavior that show he really loves you and illustrates the difference between attracted to, like and love.

1. Love: He is more than happy to provide for you.

Men are providers by nature, so when their heart is in something, they really go the distance, to quote Hercules. Love motivates them to try harder, to provide for the woman they love. He doesn’t complain because providing for you makes him happy. It’s service he gives willingly because he’s falling in love.

In contrast, a man who likes you is more interested in getting to know you, than actually providing for you. He hasn’t committed to you yet, so obviously, he’s not going to be bending over backward to please you. He takes relationships seriously and knows that more time is required.

A man who is merely attracted to you is mostly interested in checking you out and creating superficial conversation. He may eventually like you, but for now, the goal is to get him more curious about you by showing yourself to be special and well beyond the “ordinary” single woman.

2. Love: He pays attention, he learns you, and he notices little things that others miss.

A man in love isn’t just giving you undivided attention—he’s watching you and paying close attention to what you actually say. He wants to learn you and wants to understand who you are. He probably sees the little things about you that other guys miss, such as the way you treat people, how others feel when they talk to you, how you think and how you speak, how you deal with emotions, and how you communicate. He remembers important details too because he wants to understand your lifestyle.

A man who likes you isn’t nearly as attentive…in fact, he will probably talk about himself a lot in the beginning in hopes of impressing you. As time goes on, he may ask questions about you, but he will still not retain as much information as a man who’s falling for you.

A man that merely feels attraction will play games, wait for a chance to talk, do rehearsed material, and flirt mindlessly. Even when he asks you questions, you can tell he’s not really listening. He’s just trying to wow you with his charm. See the difference?

3. Love: He is there for you even when it’s inconvenient.

Practically all men who like you or just desire you will do the same thing: they will give you attention on their own terms. They will chase you as long as it’s convenient. They will give as long as they get something in return—even if it’s just flirting. A man who loves you loves you even when it’s inconvenient.

He’s the man who makes sacrifices, even great sacrifices because he wants to see you happy. He doesn’t mind helping you in an emergency. He’s there when you need someone to talk to. More than that, he meets you on your terms, rather than insisting you meet him on his terms. You can tell he loves you because of his willingness to support you and put your interests ahead of his own.

Most men simply won’t go this far if they don’t feel love. They’ll lose patience, chase someone else, or demand too much in the relationship. Most guys have a “line” they won’t cross—a point where they don’t want to get hurt, or they don’t want to invest too much in something they don’t believe in 100 percent. The man who loves you will go past that line and not give up at the first test.

4. Love: He is already making you a part of his life—not trying to mold you into something better.

Love means that he wants to bring you into his life—friends, family, routines, lifestyle, everything! You fit him very well and so he’s proud to have you accompany him as he goes about his days, nights and weekends. He also wants to become a part of your life and so will patiently go and see how you live. No complaints, just interaction and appreciation.

This is why lifestyle compatibility is so important because it influences the way we treat our partners. A man in love will embrace your hobbies, support your career, and most importantly find compromises so that you can both be happy with your future goals. He includes you in important conversations and tells you everything—not because of obligation but because he enjoys sharing news with you and getting your opinion.

He includes you in all his future plans because frankly, he can’t imagine a future without you!

A guy who doesn’t know you or like you may hesitate before he combines both worlds of his “real life” and the persona he puts on for you. A man who’s interested in you, but not really committed, will also shy away from conversations about commitment.

As you can see, a man in love is characterized by his patience, endurance and “never give up” attitude. He chases you longer and fights harder for you because he loves the connection you share. In his mind, he’s thinking he can’t let you go because he’s never had a relationship so intimate and so honest.

Men who are in love don’t just say it—they SHOW it, each and every time!

What if “true love” could happen in four, simple steps?

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22 thoughts on “4 Signs He Really Loves You”

    1. Thank you for opening my eyes.I really see that in him…Sometimes when he starts convos i was thinking that he’s bothering me unnecessarily.Now i’m happy about him effort to show me how much he loves me.✊❤

  1. What if he exhibits some from a couple different of those plus sometimes I wonder if he isn’t exhibiting narcissistic traits?? He provides for me % and will buy my kids whatever they want..but can be, should say try to be very controlling. And sometimes what he wants or preferences must come first or he’s seems a little childish. I usually can talk to him about it but I still don’t know why he asks this way.

  2. Christina Highsmith

    Thank you so very much for explaining the difference between men who are truly falling in love with me and the men who are fake with there intentions to me. I truly know that the man in with actually loves me for real and the other men that I used to have a relationship with were just using me for there own selfish needs.

  3. Yolanda Rivera

    My baby?daddy is the same way his birth sign is an aries. Hes 56 years old and plays those same games.

  4. Claudia Hernandez Gonzalez,

    I know that he really loves me…but why I feeling like he wants to do things that aren’t too good for our relationship? Or I’m the one to crossing that line ?
    I’m talking about..the other day after taking all of us for breakfast and shopping paying for all, he took us home and he said ill be back going to a game with friends; I said ok no pro get fun! But it was 1:00pm,
    When he left, and then was 8:00pm o’clock I texted him, called him, no response that’s when I begin to thinking terrible.!Am I exaggerated, obsessed, crazy woman or I’m right?

    1. I was married to a football coach for 30 years. He was gone a lot with the guys. Men need space away from women. Seven hours is not that long. A football game can take several hours, then they all go out to eat and drink. If he isn’t back by 10 or 11, I might be worried. If he disappears without telling you, I’d worry. If he texts someone a lot, I’d worry. If he didn’t devote special time to me, I’d worry. Let him know when he is gone for that long, you’d appreciate a text. Tell him, “Send me a silly photo of you and the guys so I know you are safe. Then I won’t have pictures in my head of you in a car wreck, or something.

    2. Better take a close look at your situation. A man who does stuff like you described is trying to make up for what he is doing behind your back.

  5. so what if the man u are seeing send all the signals but then pulls back .he keeps blowing hot and cold .should I walk and hope he follows or keep trying

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