4 Ways to Make Him Weak and Crazy About You

It’s no fun at all when a man is kind of interested in you and sort of attracted to you. You want to SEE, FEEL and SENSE that he’s crazy about you. You want a man to be weak at the knee and gawking a little inside that he’s lucky enough to have you. You want him not just attracted, but unable to resist you. You drive him mad with passion, like old Gomez Adams and Morticia, get my drift?

Because when a man feels a strong and “crazy” desire for you, that means his heart is in it and he is devoting ALL of his resources to winning your attention and winning your favor. This strong attraction brings out the best in every man, as opposed to just the usual charms, clichés and pickup lines. When a man really feels that crazy attraction that’s when he shines and when he falls in love hardest.

So here are a few ways to make him literally weak in your presence and crazy about you…even when compared to all the other women he meets.

1. Be fiercely independent.

A man is most attracted to a woman when she seems “hard to catch”, as in hard to pin down and interest in a long-term, stable relationship. The attraction is compromised if she seems too excited or too willing to rearrange her life to please the man. The idea that a woman is strong, independent minded and HAPPY in her own life is challenging to a man. That means he has to work harder for her attention and eventually her commitment. And when a man works harder, he earns that attention, and he really feels like he’s with somebody special.

2. Mirror his manly confidence with feminine confidence. Feel attractive. Project that you’re valuable in everything you say and do.

Don’t fake confidence. It’s always better to “be” confident in your appearance, because you put a great effort in dressing up and looking your best. It’s also better to speak “with confidence” AFTER achieving something and making your life complete. If you feel self-conscious it’s very likely because you haven’t spent enough time developing your goals, self improvement, and passions in life.

Spending a little time focusing on what makes you happy and how you can help others—you know, actually living to its fullest!—will help you project a more confident air about you that guys really do notice. That’s what he needs to feel that “butterflies in stomach” attraction—the idea that you’re a top-tier, far better than “average” woman that deserves the best.

3. Master the art of mystery and unpredictable reactions.

Men will chase any attractive woman, right? Maybe…but they’ll only be captivated by a woman who is mysterious and unpredictable. The more girls he dates, the more he realizes that a lot of these dates are the same…and they’re not that emotionally engaging.

When he meets someone “special”, he meets the opposite of his average date. He meets someone who’s wonderfully different than all the rest. She’s never boring. She never tells him everything…she exudes mystery because she enjoys keeping him guessing.

Sometimes mysterious means withholding information. Sometimes it means doing the opposite of what he thinks you’re going to do. Sometimes it means testing him, just a little, just to see what he’ll do or say if you give him a hard time. Sometimes it means getting your hands dirty on an outdoor task—if he assumes you’re going to too “ladylike” to keep up with him. Sometimes it means being classy, if everyone around is crass and juvenile. When you stand out he takes notice. He mulls it over in his mind.

Too many girls make the mistake of being “high maintenance” thinking that the constant attention he gives them will keep him interested. Wrong approach…men don’t like predictable effort. They crave challenges. They like fighting hard and not quite knowing what to expect. That makes the reward exciting!

4. Always be fun and leave him in a positive frame of mind.

Pity the woman who is so desperate for his attention that she manipulates negative emotions out of the poor guy. He’ll get tired of the “drama” fast.

Instead, make it a habit to associate only positive, sexy, and fun feelings when you’re around him. Be fun and open-minded, always letting him know that when he’s with you, he doesn’t have to be guarded.

Always be smiling (not because he wants it but because you feel it). Always have fun…regardless of whether he’s having fun with you being a stick in the mud. Exude these positive and sociable qualities and he will be instinctively attracted to you. Sometimes it’s the happiest woman who attracts the most brooding and sad sack of a guy. She helps him realizes just how great his life is. She helps him want to be a better and more successful man.

Her exuberance for life is contagious and inspires him.

Lastly, always leave him wanting more rather than overstaying your welcome. You may get the false sense that that he wants to talk more, or that he needs you to stay longer, but don’t fall for it. When a man wants you to stay he’ll ask you to stay. Otherwise, it’s always best to leave early and leave him craving more interaction.

And remember you can always send him away, wanting more intimacy, more passion, by denying him sex for a while and by giving him that “come hither” look that says “Of course I’m thinking about it…but I’m resisting you.”

Practice these techniques and a man will break his plans with someone else just to get another chance to talk to you—the mysterious and irresistible beauty who’s always on his mind!

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