5 Clear Signs He’s In Love with You

Some say that a woman can always tell if a man is interested in her or crushing her. Maybe or maybe not. But one thing’s for sure. It can be very difficult to tell if a man is in LOVE with you. By nature, men are secretive, especially when it comes to admitting their true feelings. They don’t want to be rejected and they’re afraid to be vulnerable.

It’s not surprising then that many women are clueless about how a man really feels – at least beyond the initial attraction. If a man smiles, if he looks at her, that’s attraction, that’s evident. But what is he actually thinking beyond just attraction?

How do you know if he’s falling for you or if he is deeply infatuated or even obsessed? I know some guys who would say, “Oh if it’s an attractive woman, believe me, the guy is in love.”

Well, not always. There are reasons why a man might not be interested in a woman. There are many reasons why a man might not love a woman, especially after the attraction wears off – usually after sex.

There are also times when a man might seem confused, distant, or conflicted and might NOT be in love with you. So how do you tell the difference? Is there way a way to spot a man in love?

Yes, there is! Men are hard to read in general but there are basic feelings and phases he goes through. Rest assured, they’re not so mysterious when you think about it from his point of view. Let’s discuss the most common signs and why he acts that way.

1. You are always number one in his life.

Some men do get flustered at the thought of love and may even seem conflicted when it comes to sharing his feelings. But one thing is constant when he falls for you. That is, you are a priority in his life. He builds his life around you. Even though you might not be together yet, he already devotes a lot of his time to talking to you, texting you, or trying to sort his feelings out for you. The commitment he gives you, by direct interaction or even thinking about you when you’re apart, is one way to gauge how hard he’s fallen.

2. He will admit the depth of his feelings…even though he might not come out and say it.

Men who are falling in love can’t resist the urge to purge their feelings for you – even though they don’t always talk about love or commitment. But pay attention to what he says about “being there for you”, or asking if you need anything, or volunteering his time or effort to help you. That’s a pretty big statement…considering that a man who’s NOT in love with you, won’t have the time to “be there for you!”

A man who’s in love is almost biologically programmed to PROVIDE for you in whatever capacity he can – even if it’s not quite being your boyfriend. But he wants to make your life easier and might even volunteer to do something for you that he’s good at, his specialty so to speak. He will tell you that you’re special to him – and that takes a lot of courage to say, even if it’s not the big “love” speech just yet.

3. He remembers little details that other guys forget.

You know how it’s a running joke that men never listen? Married guys especially.

Well, if this guy remembers everything you say, that’s a HUGE sign that he’s probably in love with you. He remembers every detail because he wants to prove himself to you. He is fully involved in every story you tell and every detail about your personal life that you might share. You might be surprised at the information he retains. It’s not just that he’s loyal to you. It’s actually his way of falling in love with you, realizing your value, and learning your personality over time. He might even take years to fully appreciate your character and your good qualities. He’s falling in love because by now he feels like he knows you intimately. The conversation has just been that great!

4. He’s unusually interested in your advice.

I know it’s fairly common for friends to ask each other for advice. But there’s something special about this guy when he does it. He doesn’t just throw questions out. He deeply confides in you. He talks about his vulnerabilities, personal stuff that doesn’t always flatter him. That’s highly unusual for a man to do to a stranger or even a friend unless a very close bond has been formed. He might ask you about his uncertain future, or how you can help him solve a problem, or maybe he just wants your sympathy. Whatever the case, you can tell this guy is sharing way too much. That’s usually a sign that he’s falling for you.

5. He is persistent – and lasts until the very end.

Usually, compliments are good signs that he feels attracted to you. But let’s face it, the average guy is more than willing to give compliments to the woman he’s attracted to. I think a much stronger sign is his level of PERSISTENCE.

It’s not just about the occasional compliment, but about how loyal he is and how long he keeps following you. How long he keeps talking to you and letting you know how much he cares about you. You see, men are like women in at least one respect. The more he commits his time and effort to you, the closer of a bond he feels.

You will also notice that whereas most guys will “give up” after a while (chasing you, doting attention on you) he will stay the course. He will continue to be your friend and confidant and will wait patiently even if there seems to be trouble. He loves you and so he won’t give up just because he gets bored, or because the going gets tough, or even because he can’t tie you down to a commitment right away.

A man who’s patient is truly a man that has fallen for you, because practically any man – who’s not deeply in love – will soon lose interest in you, either after sex, or if you make him wait for sex. His constant desire to be with you is a great sign!

So what then do we learn from this guy? When a man is in love he’s divided against himself. He has strong and intense feelings for you but he’s always wrestling with his own conscience. He might even be resisting the idea of loving you since it might require a risk or even a major life change. Whatever the case, look for the clues that he needs you in his life and is willing to put forth the effort to have you.

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