5 reasons guys aren’t getting married anymore

In a series of recent scientific studies, they discovered that men are waiting MUCH longer before:

– Saying they’re in love…

– Making a commitment…

– Getting into a relationship…

– Proposing marriage…

They’re waiting 4 MORE YEARS longer than they did just 10 years ago! (Source: Rutgers/ABC news)

So why the delay?

First of all:

REASON #1 – Males can get sex without commitment more easily than in times past

Just 50 years ago, you were expected to wait until marriage before sleeping together (even if almost NOBODY actually waited until then)

But with the 1960s and free love, we stopped expecting to wait for marriage – and eventually, we even stopped waiting for the third date…

REASON #2 – Males can enjoy the benefits of having a wife by cohabitating rather than marrying

Most people move in together before they get married these days, and as the saying goes, it’s hard to get him to marry you when he’s getting everything right now

REASON #3 – Men want to avoid divorce and its financial risks

Giving up half his net worth in a divorce isn’t a good selling point. ’nuff said.

REASON #4 – Men fear that committed relationships  – especially marriage – will require *too many* changes and compromises.

Yeah, a lot of guys are still stuck acting like overgrown boys. But the fact is that guys don’t want to stop having fun when they get into a relationship.

He wants to know that it will be just as fun with you – and that he won’t suddenly have to change his lifestyle.

But more importantly:

He Won’t Commit: REASON #5 – He is waiting for the perfect soul-mate, and she hasn’t yet appeared.

YES – the fact is that these same MEN surveyed and studied all wanted a long-term committed marriage to The One.

“They expect their marriages to last a lifetime. Like the majority of young adults today, they are seeking a `soul mate.'”  – Rutgers Researchers

Most women think men would stay single forever if given the choice, but this just isn’t true according to nearly every study.

I’ll tell you right now, though – the secret to getting a commitment from him is in REASON 5!

All you have to do is know WHAT a man looks for in a soulmate.

What makes him think he’s found “The One”?

He has to feel something called the “Body blast.”

It’s a wave of love that hits him right in his DNA –

If you’d like to know where this magical DNA button is in him, my friend Carlos just created a short video presentation to explain:

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I think you’re going to be shocked when you find out how this works – and how easy it is for you to get any man to realize he’s falling in love…

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Talk to you later…

Matthew Coast






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  1. Just too very risky for many of us single men now, especially since Feminism is everywhere today unfortunately. Been there a long time ago.

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