5 Signs a Man Wants to Be with You

Is there a difference between a man who is in love and a man who wants to be with you in a relationship? Yes and it’s subtle but important.

A man who wants a relationship with you is interested in the possibility. His mind is open to it. He’s attracted to you and intrigued by your personality. He wants to get to know you better. Once the two of you have sex, he may want to move the relationship forward and become boyfriend and girlfriend, or even want a shared living space.

Yeah right, so he’s in love? Not so fast.

He’s interested in pursuing a romance with you but he wants to make sure the two of you are compatible before moving the relationship forward with love and a firm commitment. If you can show him that things will stay the same and your feelings will only grow deeper as time goes on, he will someday be ready to take that final step.

But don’t rush things. Don’t confuse like for love…or confuse crazy stalker for like either! Play it safe by looking for these five signs that he’s ready for a relationship with you…but still moving forward at a steady pace.

1. He’s going out of his way to PLAN time with you.

Guys that are just a little bit interested play it by ear. When a guy really likes you he plans a date specifically by date and in detail. He’s slowly increasing commitment and he likes how it feels. Move slowly and agree to it, if it doesn’t conflict with your own schedule. (And as we’ve said before, don’t cancel plans to be with him. Busy is good)

In contrast, men who are mainly interested in sex and short-term fun will not want to put a lot of thought into planning a date. He’s not trying to impress you with an imaginative evening at the opera, theme park or an event—he just wants to go to bed ASAP. Men who plan are men who want to move the relationship forward.

2. He takes an interest in your hobby, passion and career.

A man who’s not attached to you won’t try that hard to find common ground. He will be happy with the attraction or with peripheral conversation, where he gets to strut his stuff. A man who’s actually interested in you, and desires to be your boyfriend, will start to slowly adapt your lifestyle to his. He will take an interest in the things you do. He will learn more about your passions, your career, and the things that matter to you. He’s feeling the desire to invest time in you and the best way to invest is, of course, research.

3. He’s more interested in impressing you—not just entertaining you.

A man who’s after a body will entertain. He’ll be the star of his own show and will bend over backwards to make you laugh. But he will NOT try that hard to impress you. For him attraction is enough.

For a man feeling something serious for you tries much harder to impress. He’s chasing you…he’s not just getting a reaction from you. He’s actually trying to be your hero. Whether that’s cooking for you, fixing stuff around your house, protecting you from goons at the local theater or bar, or giving you his personal expertise about your problems in life, you can tell—he’s trying really hard to impress you.

But aren’t all guys are helpful? Not if being “helpful” takes them out of their comfort zone. Men usually take the path of least resistance. If he can help you without doing too much, he will. Or if he gets sex for a favor, sure. But when a man actually puts forth significant physical or material effort to make sure you have a good time, rest assured he feels something for you. He may not be “in love” yet, but he’s definitely testing the waters.

4. He is very (quietly) jealous.

Men after a one night stand, or a friends with benefits situation, don’t care about your “other guys”, quite frankly. They’re not tied down and so they don’t feel jealousy. But when a man wants a serious relationship, jealousy starts to show in subtle ways.

He wants to date you exclusively but knows he can’t ask that until he stops dating other people himself. To him, it’s worth it!

So he will either tell you that he’s not dating anyone else (big signal right there!) or he will more subtly cancel all his other appointments, and end up spending more time planning dates with you than checking out other venues around town. If you have other guy friends he may ask questions as to how you feel about them. In other words, he is sending strong signals that he wants you to exclusive…even if he’s not coming out and saying it just yet.

He is losing the desire to date other women. All that time he could be dating other people he would RATHER be exploring new emotional intimacy with you.

5. He is okay with planning for the future…in fact, he’s eager to talk it over with you.

Men who aren’t ready for the next step avoid talking about the future like Doc Brown and Marty McFly! A man who actually wants to discuss the future wants to know you’re going to be there. It’s one of the biggest signals you can’t miss and it’s not necessarily years into the future. Just planning a vacation together or a routine date every Saturday night is showing how excited he is to spend time with you. The future intrigues him. YOU intrigue him and he’s accepting the idea that you’re not going to just walk away from his life. There’s something really happening!

Yes, just a few words or actions conveys a LOT about what a man is feeling inside and how badly he wants the relationship to progress. When you see these beginning signs play it safely. Move slowly forward but at HIS pace, not pushing him for a Love Commitment he hasn’t quite reached yet.

Wanting a relationship with you is a big step for a man who has guarded his heart for so long. If you understand this about him – the need to take things slow but also to progress forward – he will soon realize you’re The One.

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