50 Cute Contact Names for Your Boyfriend

Let me guess. Your boyfriend is the sweetest guy in the world, right? So doesn’t it seem kind of wrong to assign him a general contact name in your phone? You know, something like “(NAME)”, or “Boyfriend” or even “Honey”? Maybe it’s time to have a little fun and come up with something cute and funny for the man you love.

He might never see his nickname, since all contact names are private. There’s no need, therefore, to be tactful or “safe”. You can let your creativity run wild! Test nicknames or even make a list of possible nicknames.

Just remember two things…

First, don’t name him anything derogatory or negative, since there’s still a miniscule chance he might pick up your phone one day. Second, remember to choose a name that’s simple (so you can spell it and find it quickly) and one that’s easy to remember.

Here is a list of cute contact names for boyfriends, along with plenty of inside jokes that you might enjoy.

1. The Big Easy (He’s easy to love and easy to make out with, isn’t he?)
2. Shorty (Charming, more so if the guy is actually over six feet tall)
3. The Boo (Boo or Bae is a common name, so why not use it in the third person?)
4. Honey Bear (Not just a teddy bear but a sweet one)
5. Love of my Life (If he’s the love of your life, it’s only fitting)
6. The Hugster and his Hugstermaniac (a tribute to wrestling)
7. Big Fella (A big guy deserves a big title)
8. Mi Corozon (In Spanish it means “my heart” and there’s actually a beautiful piano piece with the same name)
9. Sweet Cheeks (Usually used for a girl, but it’s just as funny when used as a guy)
10. Big Muppet (Is he cute enough to be part of the Muppet family?)
11. El Guapo (or Handsome in Spanish)
12. Babe the Gallant Pig (If he just happens to be vegetarian or vegan, it works…but don’t try it if he’s a few extra pounds!)
13. Rocky (Is he a fighter till the end, like Rocky Balboa?)
14. Dean, Sam or Castiel (If you love the show Supernatural then tell your boyfriend he’s your favorite ghost hunter)
15. Big Hands (If he likes to joke about his uh, big hands, this one fits perfectly)
16. Doctor Love (Maybe he’s just an expert in kinky practices)
17. Chief of Sex Studies (Or maybe he’s a professor of all things sexy!)
18. Sexy Boy Toy (Here’s something more to the point)
19. Barney (Is he lovable and affectionate like the purple dinosaur?)
20. Mean Old Man (If he has a good sense of humor, this is a funny title…as in don’t hit that mean old man’s car when you back out. He’s a mean guy!)
21. Cowboy (Does he love his pistols, his hat, and his jeans? Jackpot!)
22. Macho Man (Maybe he works out, drinks beer and likes to chill after work?)
23. My Young Lover (Even if he’s past 35+, he’ll always dig being called a handsome young lover!)
24. My Precious (More precious than diamonds, stones or rings!)
25. Chatty (Is he a loquacious fellow? Then this is a compliment)
26. Big Fish (He’s the biggest fish of your local pond!)
27. Tough Guy (Does he drive a hog and have a full vaping beard?)
28. Superman or Iron Man (Superman is OK but Iron Man or even Spider-Man are trending lately thanks to the Avengers)
29. Thanos (Or there’s always Thanos, if your boyfriend is the bad boy)
30. Sweet Tart (Sweet as candy and a little crass at times)
31. Sugar Honey (A much sweeter title for a man who’s honest and gentle, almost to a fault)
32. Sex Slave (Something kinky and a giggly little secret you can keep private)
33. Shrek (Is he a big cranky guy but also the hero type when he has to be?)
34. Honey Bunny or Bunny Honey (anything rabbit-oriented is cute)
35. The King of the Castle (A common majestic title)
36. Lord of Winterfell (Or even better Lord of Your Street Name)
37. Shaggy (Because he solves mysteries, gets high, and likes to shag? Hmm…)
38. Darth NAME (Come on, naming your cranky guy after the most feared villain is funny!)
39. Baby Daddy (If he’s the father of your child, this fits like a glove)
40. Meatball (A very spicy Italian name)
41. The Grim Reaper (This might get cooler when the new Bill and Ted movie comes out)
42. Robin Hood (Named after Disney’s adorable fox!)
43. He Who Brings Coffee (Or Cake)
44. The Living Legend (A popular moniker in show business)
45. The Hardest Working Man in Show Business (OK kind of a long one, but hey, it’s always nice to appreciate your boyfriend for all the loving attention he gives you!)
46. Captain Silly (If he’s silly and is the best at being silly, this is a great title)
47. Chatterbox (Another nickname for a chatty and talkative guy who always has the most interesting comments)
48. Stud Muffin or Big Stud on Campus or even Black Stallion (I think you get the point)
49. Big Handsome Man (If he’s got a tummy and a sense of humor, it fits!)
50. Future Hall of Famer (If he’s destined for greatness some day, start patting him on the back now)

Here’s the important point to remember about nicknames: find something that reinforces your view of him. Find a name that seems to match his most endearing qualities. The name is funny and yet poignant at the same time. It reminds you how much you live him.

That’s why you avoid anything too negative. You want to remember him in the best light, for his “best” qualities. Think about his character and the essence of who he is and you’ll eventually find the perfect nickname for the most important man in your life.

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