50 Cute Nicknames for BF

There’s something magical about that first stage of intimate conversation with your partner. Now that you trust each other, you’re free to express yourself honestly. You might even call it RAW emotion, naked passion, and unrestrained cuteness!

There are no wrong answers when you start sweet-talking each other. As long as you keep all the various nicknames positive and flattering, your boyfriend will be delighted to hear your expressions of endearment.

Some nicknames can be very creative while others are just sweet, cutesy and cuddly. Some nicknames come from inside jokes you share with each other. Some are named in honor of hobbies or people in entertainment.

The key is to have fun when developing these pet names and to get creative. Instead of going for a cliché, like the usual “Honey” or “Darling”, why not try something unique?

What we’re going to do for this blog is publish a list of cute nicknames for your boyfriend that you HAVEN’T heard yet – names that are unique, charming and with positive connotations. Try some of these nicknames out on your boyfriend and see what sticks. Remember, not every nickname will be a winner. He might like some more than others for his own personal reasons. What matters is that you discuss it together and have fun giving each other sweet little nicknames.

So let’s start the list…

1. Mein Herr (translated to “My Man”, made popular by the old musical Cabaret)
2. My Lovely (a little bit Goth, but still a unique nickname)
3. My Little Gemstone (beautiful, handsome, rare and shiny!)
4. My Warrior King (king of the North or South, wherever he goes he rules)
5. My Fox (why not, Zootopia’s very popular)
6. My Dear One (a very classy moniker)
7. Mister President (a very high-ranking and powerful man deserves a title)
8. The Final Boss (hey, everyone in the gaming community respects the “final boss”)
9. Baba Ganoush (a tasty treat of a man!)
10. My Twix Man (crunchy on the outside but soft and sweet inside)
11. Banana Boo (goes well together, doesn’t it?)
12. Sexy Boy Toy (he’s hot and makes you shiver, he’s your sugar baby!)
13. Captain (NAME) (give your boyfriend a Captain’s title for bravery, charm and hilarity)
14. Funky Monkey (a throwback to the Beastie Boys, which 90s guys will appreciate)
15. Angel Baby (a name with a bit of a heavenly glow to it)
16. Honey Bunny (funny bunny and a bit of a “toon” when it comes to humor)
17. Firefly (a bright shining man who always flies high)
18. Freckles (not a bad name for a handsome ginger)
19. Gangsta Baby or Godbaby (he’s bad and dangerous but oh so sweet)
20. Golden Boy (a man who’s downright royal and princely)
21. Happy Feet (based on the happy dancing penguin movie)
22. Heisenberg (a boyfriend who’s smart, shy and nerdy but a badass when he has to be)
23. Hot Lips (this is a unisex name and refers to a person’s very hot and kissable lips)
24. Honky Tonk Man (a man who likes to drink, party and go clubbing)
25. Binky (a sweet sounding nickname)
26. BooBoo (double Boo, what’s not to like?)
27. Burrito (hey, now that’s a tasty treat if I’ve heard one…also acceptable, enchilada or chalupa!)
28. My Chivalrous Knight (yes, the hero and valor of a man deserves an honorable name)
29. Hot McMuffin (he’s hot and delicious first thing in the morning!)
30. Butterboo (another nickname full of syllables that go well together)
31. My Yummy Pancake (pancakes are yummy and so is your boyfriend!)
32. My Pickle (everyone loves pickles!)
33. Pookie the Bear (if you still love your teddy, give him this honorable name)
34. Mister Savage (if he has a harsh wit, this is fitting)
35. The Ghost Hunter (does your BF demonstrate courage even in the face of death, ghosts and demons?)
36. Shaggy (is he the hippie type who likes to solve mysteries and hang out with his dog?)
37. Wookie (is he a big strong Star Wars fan? This would be an honorable nickname)
38. The One and Only (how about something a little more prestigious?)
39. Hot Shot or Top Gun for that matter (is he a high-flying handsome devil?)
40. Fozzie Bear (is he the Wokka Wokka type of joker?)
41. Super-(NAME) (Precede his first name with “Super”, especially if he’s the kind of strong guy who insists on bringing ten grocery bags in at once)
42. Honey Badger (because he just don’t care!)
43. Miracle Worker (does he always surprise you? Let him know he’s your miracle worker or “Medicine Man”)
44. Doctor Sexy (some men are smart but your boyfriend is a PhD level know-it-all!)
45. Maverick (not just a cowboy, an independent thinker of a man!)
46. Monsieur (a sophisticated man, European style)
47. Cool Hand Luke (he has a cowboy’s toughness and dry sense of humor)
48. Troll Baby (is he a troll when he wants to cause trouble but still adorable most of the time?)
49. Sergeant Major (a tough sergeant exterior but a good heart inside)
50. Beautiful Boy (in honor of John Lennon’s song, a beautiful boy(friend) who never ceases to amaze you!)

In review, remember that using pet names on each other is not so much a game, but a process of bonding. You’re sharing your feelings, your ideas, and your affection. Not every name will click but it’s easy to move on and choose another one. Sometimes you’ll find the perfect nickname and it will last for years, maybe even a lifetime!

Experiment and see what you both like. It’s important to keep laughing together, keep sharing your affections, and to encourage each other’s input. The more you experiment, the more you learn each other over time. You’ll soon begin to sense ahead of time what your partner will like and not like, when it comes to sharing your affection publicly.

Keep things sexy, funny and cute for the rest of your lives. It makes your marriage last and your love grows stronger!

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