55 Most Likely to Questions 18 (And Over)

Just because you’ve found the love of your life doesn’t mean your social life is over! We’re all human and we need as many friends, acquaintances, colleagues and associates as possible. One of the best ways to make new friends, especially when you’re a couple, is to have game nights at your house.

Rather than playing Monopoly or High-Stakes Poker, however, you might find that word games and personality games are so much more enjoyable. Imagine the fun you might have ribbing on your closest friends, laughing, and challenging your friends to tell the truth in hilarious ways.

There’s no need to get Cards Against Humanity and learn the rules. The fun is simply in coming up with funny and provocative questions. Once you do that, anyone can read the questions and then everyone jumps in with an answer. One game that’s a lot of fun to play with friends is Most Likely To.

You get all of your friends together and then read a list of questions that everyone answers. The questions are not random, but are actually mean to show you who they really are, how they think, and what you think you know about them. The questions themselves can be funny or be serious. But the answers that your friends provide can be very funny or interesting or even shocking. It creates conversation and helps everyone to relax.

Here are 55 examples of Most Likely To questions you can use for your own party. Just for fun, let’s make them all adults only or over 18. That way, you can bring everyone outside of their comfort zone and get some big laughs. Sexy questions aren’t just for swingers parties. It is possible to have a regular drinking night with just your platonic friends. But guaranteed, the conversations you’ll end up having are hilarious.

1. Who’s most likely to have sex with a stranger?
2. Who’s most likely to ask their friends a bunch of stupid questions?
3. Who’s most likely to get caught having sex in a dressing room?
4. Who’s most likely to get caught having sex at work?
5. Who’s most likely to get back together with their ex?
6. Who’s most likely to tell a lie just for the fun of it?
7. Who’s most likely to become a billionaire dom/domme?
8. Who’s most likely to urinate in a swimming pool and get caught?
9. Who’s most likely to prank call a stranger?
10. Who’s most likely to score with their college professor?
11. Who’s most likely to have a one night stand and forget the person’s name?
12. Who’s most likely to have a secret porn addiction?
13. Who’s most likely to get drunk and have a one night stand?
14. Who’s most likely to get a face tattoo?
15. Who’s most likely to get a genital tattoo?
16. Who’s most likely to try the entire Kama Sutra
17. Who’s most likely to become an amateur porn star?
18. Who’s most likely to convert to another religion just to have sex with someone?
19. Who’s most likely to have a threesome?
20. Who’s most likely to get busted by cops while with prostitutes?
21. Who’s most likely to get married and divorced 10 times?
22. Who’s most likely to become a meth head?
23. Who’s most likely to cosplay as a Power Puff Girl?
24. Who’s most likely to have sex with an octogenarian (80-89 years old)?
25. Who’s most likely to get fired at work for looking at porn?
26. Who’s most likely to get breast implants or a penis implant?
27. Who’s most likely to have a Viagra prescription?
28. Who’s most likely to have a baby and not even realize they’re pregnant?
29. Who’s most likely to ruin a threesome because of making stupid comments?
30. Who’s most likely to end up homeless?
31. Who’s most likely to change their sex?
32. Who’s most likely to actually be really sexy as an opposite gender?
33. Who’s most likely to cheat on their significant other with a midget?
34. Who’s most likely to trade sex for rent money?
35. Who’s most likely to have a weird and disturbing sexual fetish?
36. Who’s most likely to go to jail for conspiracy to commit murder?
37. Who’s most likely to go to jail for indecent exposure?
38. Who’s most likely to go to jail for annoying a police officer?
39. Who’s most likely to try to score at someone’s funeral?
40. Who’s most likely to become a famous meme?
41. Who’s most likely to hypnotize someone just for sex?
42. Who’s most likely to sleep with Andy Dick?
43. Who’s most likely to confess all their sexual wins to a priest?
44. Who’s most likely to sleep with a total loser out of pure desperation?
45. Who’s most likely to be shy on the outside but a total perv behind closed doors?
46. Who’s most likely to leave their spouse for someone they met playing Fortnite?
47. Who’s most likely to have a sex doll in their closet?
48. Who’s most likely to get caught trying to join the mile high club?
49. Who’s most likely to try to score with their best friend’s mom or dad?
50. Who’s most likely to father or mother nine children?
51. Who’s most likely to get banned from Facebook?
52. Who’s most likely to join a weird sex cult and then say, “It’s not a cult!”
53. Who’s most likely to get cheated on?
54. Who’s most likely to have to go to the ER for an embarrassing sex toy mishap?
55. Who’s most likely to get rejected by a prostitute?


I suggest you have a few game nights among friends. Watching TV or movies together is fine but you don’t get to talk as much. Talking and getting to know each other is what helps you to bond together and make new friends. This is especially important today, when many couples complain that they have no friends. Don’t isolate yourself…meet new people, take chances, and talk frequently. The more the merrier!

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