6 Profile Pictures You Need to Attract the Right Man for You

Swipe. Swipe. (Or click click, depending on what app you’re using) Wait. Wait. Swipe. Swipe. Add New Photo. Repeat. Swipe. Wait. Wait. Wait.

And now, you wonder what you’re doing wrong!

Does this seem familiar? Does it seem like your profile pictures are just not getting the attention you thought they would? Or maybe you do get some attention, but not from the right type of man, the serious-minded, successful man you were hoping to meet on this high profile dating site!

You may even feel a little self-conscious right about now, wondering if you still got it, ever had it, or if you’re losing your confidence. Maybe you start to wonder about your body shape, age, or face or other physical factors. This self-critical thinking can even escalate into self-loathing and you may want to give up the search entirely.

Well, that’s ridiculous! The truth is that looks are always secondary to personality, determination, and presentation. We’re all human beings and there is no “lesser class” of human beings. Supermodels and movie stars are actually very rare against the general population. Most people are not extremely beautiful…most people just look kind of average. We all have flaws, quirks and unusual facial characteristics.

But here’s the thing…some people just know how to take really good photos! Others don’t. And that’s that.

Good photos may be all that matters when it comes to some single women finding really hot and successful guys, while others struggle with lowlifes and creeps and are constantly being ignored by the guys they really like. Dating photos are not just “proof of identity” or an instant test of chemistry. Photos are more like statements. Messages. First Impressions.

So the real question is, not how attractive are you – since we know by now that everyone is just about as attractive as everyone else – but what impression are you sending with these photographs? Are you sending the six BEST profile pictures you can? Are you studying the fashion tips of movie stars, models, and dating coaches? Are you analyzing the competition out there and seeing what types of pictures guys want to see? Doing this and thinking more strategically may be just what you need to start changing the way you date…and the guys you attract.

Consider six profile pictures you need to attract the right kind of man.

1. The Professional Headshot

Spend a little time learning about how to create and photograph great hair and makeup. It may be a fuss in the beginning, but this is the stuff that attracts men—we’re talking involuntarily magnetic attraction here! True, you can also consult with a makeup artist and hair stylist or just take a salon day and immediately head to a studio afterward. But it’s even better to learn the techniques yourself so you can take studio quality selfies.

2. The Full Body Shot

Every guy is thinking the same thing when he sees a great headshot: but what about her body? Don’t be shy, be honest and be proud of your full body shot. True, some men are shallow and will immediately disqualify a woman who’s not slim or skinny—but it’s best to filter them out immediately. On the other hand, many men are attracted to the hourglass figure and will have no complaints.

3. The Love Shot

Professional photographers actually advise their subjects to think of someone or something they love when they shoot—this helps them retain a more natural pose and develop an authentic smile. This is also a must in dating. Let them see you in a positive light. According to some statistical evidence, it also helps when you smile with teeth showing and look slightly away from the camera. Men want to see you happy and content in life—as in, independent, confident and winning in life!

4. The Epic Dress!

Wear your favorite outfit that brings out your best features. Choose a color that makes you feel confident and pretty and then wear your favorite dress. Work on your posture; stand tall, stretch your neck out, and move your shoulders up towards your ears, not simply outwards which looks awkward. Find something to do with your hands that feels relaxed. Remember to avoid a colorful background if you’re trying to be the center of focus. Plain scenery in the background accentuates you.

5. The Activity Shot

Do something interesting in one of your pictures, since this immediately gives the guy a conversation piece. Don’t just “do” – do something active that you enjoy. If you have a hobby or passion you enjoy, try to incorporate that. Naturally, talents like singing, performing, baking or a sport do very well as catching interest. If you’re ever posed for a celebrity picture use that. If you took a funny picture, choose that. Whatever gets a response from your viewers works!

(Just avoid posting any mugshots, okay?)

Remember also to photograph more of yourself in the picture than the “event”. The center of focus is still you, not the activity.

6. Bedroom Shot

If you really want to tempt a man and make him respond to you ASAP, create a subtle but sexy picture. This doesn’t have to be oversexed or even all that revealing. A selfie picture of a black spaghetti strap dress works just fine. In fact, Cupid did some research on the proverbial “cleavage picture” and discovered surprising trends. Older women fared better with cleavage pictures than younger women, but statistically, even the sexiest pictures took a backseat to interesting event photos, i.e., a woman playing guitar. So while there’s nothing wrong with looking sexy, being naturally sexy is a bigger turn on than a staged scene.

Remember that dating profile pictures are conversation starters. The best pictures, as in the most successful at getting responses, are the ones that allow you to easily start a conversation.

Hey, guys feel awkward sometimes when it comes to online dating. Make it easy on them by giving them something to comment on, rather than just “You’re pretty.” Stimulate their mind!

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