6 Texting Secrets Men Can’t Resist

Texting is not as scary as it seems. While it’s true that this is the medium where nightmares are born (“Wassup! ASL? U OK?”), the truth is that it’s also a great place to practice the art of seduction. With just a few words you can give your man a mind trip that will make him want you even more. Here are six texting secrets he can’t resist.

1. Don’t try to start a conversation—your goal is to make him smile.

Don’t bother being polite or asking safe questions. You goal is to entertain him. Start slowly by sharing a funny text, or by saying something funny—preferably related to when you first met. You will quickly establish a reputation as a person who has FUN texts. The kind he looks forward to reading.

2. Ask open-ended questions.

Don’t bother asking yes or no questions even though it SEEMS like that’s what he would want. After all, who wants to type 300 words via an iPhone screen keyboard? But that’s the strategy. Asking open ended questions (related to HIM, his life, his career, his opinions) evoke his emotions. They get him interested in the conversation. He will type out a long answer…and then want to discuss this in detail over the phone or in person. And that’s your ultimate strategy.

3. Tease him over text.

Whether you’re still friends or are already lovers, the same holds true: texting is not for cyber sex. It’s more the art of the tease. It’s about putting a sexual visual into his head. It’s about threatening him with a night of passion. It’s about sending a couple of red hot flirts…and torturing him with ideas until he finally gets home hours later. Even if you’re not that far into the relationship, ambiguous texts (that can be taken sexually OR innocently) are a great way to get inside his head.

4. Compliment him only in ways he asks to be complimented.

Tricky one—guys want specific compliments. They love it when women notice little things they do. They also like getting compliments on clothing items, on their new workout routine, and on their inner character…the one no one else notices.

5. Don’t try so hard…challenge HIM to come up with a sexual fantasy.

Simple way to avoid the pressure of being red hot sexy? Challenge HIM to tell you how badly you want him. Most men are just dying to let loose…they just need permission to go into detail. They want to work for your approval. They want to feel free to say all the sexy and sometimes awful, terrible things they have on their mind. Encourage them to be free…and in doing so, make them do all the work.

6. Share something personal about how you feel or about your life.

When you come across as strong and independent, your rare moments of emotional vulnerability will capture his heart. Share a personal story or express that you’re thinking about him. Let him know he’s winning you slowly but surely, as always, according to the effort he gives.

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