60 Funny Nicknames for Boyfriend (You’ll Love These)

Have you reached that stage in your relationship where you’re cuddly and romantic? Awesome! Isn’t it a great feeling to have that kind of attraction and trust with someone? Just knowing that you’ve reached this milestone in your relationship and feel deeply connected is a joy all its own. Now comes the fun part…what pet name have you chosen for your boyfriend?

Nothing yet? Maybe you’re having difficulty selecting a nickname. You don’t want to embarrass him on one hand. On the other hand, maybe you’ve never been good at figuring out catchy names for people.

The problem could be that you’re trying too hard. There is no such thing as a perfect nickname or a terrible or amazing nickname. They’re just pet names, just goofy words you use to describe someone that you love. The only “terrible” nickname you could come up with, would be something insulting or something in bad taste.

Usually, the nickname you just happen to think of, such as your “honey-boo” or something to that effect, totally works! Now that said, maybe you’re getting tired of reading over the same nicknames or pet names time and time again. A lot of popular nicknames are trite or just too obvious.

How about reading something completely different? Here are 60 funny nicknames that you probably haven’t heard before!

1. Cuddly Mr. Rogers (nice avuncular quality!)
2. My Little Alien-Boo (if he’s into aliens, why not?)
3. Sonic the Hedgehog (only on the freeway!)
4. Luigi (because while Mario saves the princess, Luigi gets some)
5. Joffrey (is he a moody fellow?)
6. The Skunk (watch out when he gets mad, he stinks up the room!)
7. Bad Ass Poo (every guy wants to be a bad ass, but if he’s your sweetheart, his surname becomes Poo!)
8. Sexy Clown (he’s funny and sexy, you say?)
9. Hot Curry (why go for sweet when you can him your BF thai-hot?)
10. Dr. Sweet Butt (is he a real doctor though?)
11. Buzz Lightyear (master of toys!)
12. Big Papa Smurf (uh oh, is he going to have to discipline that naughty girl smurf?)
13. Macho Man or Hulk (pretty much any wrassler from the WWF in the 1980s he’ll probably take as a compliment)
14. Spongebob (especially if his name is Bob!)
15. The MacGyver of Sex (he’s brilliant at rigging up gadgets for naughty purposes)
16. Elmo (cookie monster’s a compliment sure, but Elmo? Really?)
17. Sexy Doofus (well that’s a backhanded compliment for you!)
18. I am Groot (especially if he’s a man of few words)
19. Big Mogwai (well, it’s better than a Gremlin, right?)
20. Mr. Potato Head (does he really resemble a potato? If he does, wow!)
21. Bubba Gump (dedicated to a great company from the 1990s)
22. Sex Pokemon (there’s a Pokemon of sex? Had no idea!)
23. Walrus (if he likes the Beatles, why not?)
24. Jabba the Hut (well, I’m sure on Nal Hutta he was quite the stud)
25. Eeyore (oh come on, you know the type)
26. Mr. Fishsticks (apparently a seafood lover)
27. Candy-Boy (brings new meaning to the term “eat me”)
28. Thanos (because he likes to be the bad guy, you know?)
29. Frankenstein (only complimentary if his name’s Frank! Otherwise…)
30. Sexy Wolf Man (well as long as sexy is part of the title)
31. Moby Dick (we assume because of his er, literary preferences)
32. Godfather or Goodfella (hey, he’ll get the reference)
33. Bird-Man (not an insult anymore, not since that Michael Keaton movie)
34. Sexy Bigfoot (well, I like the first part of the nickname but…)
35. Banana Stand (because there’s always money in…)
36. Octopus-Poo or Octopoo (those tentacles, hard to resist)
37. Crybaby (it worked for Johnny Depp at least)
38. Xerxes (especially if he’s eight feet tall!)
39. My Avocado (well, he is tasty)
40. Kitten Pie (kind of a disturbing visual…)
41. Blob-Pookie (kind of an unusual variant of Pookie, don’t you think?)
42. Taco-Butt (combining your love of Taco Bell and Sweet Butt…had mixed results)
43. Popeye the Sailor Man (well if he loves spinach from a can and carries a pipe…hmm…kind of narrowing it down here)
44. Popeye the Vaping Man (now that’s much better!)
45. Sexy McLovin (with Fries) (in case he wants fries with that shake!)
46. Pee Wee (especially if he has his own dungeon, er I mean Playhouse)
47. Nasty Nutella (there’s sweet and then there’s Nutella!)
48. Itchy (or Scratchy, either way, it paints a visual)
49. Warthog (well Poomba was lovable, right?)
50. Smiley Face or Emoji (ironic, nice!)
51. Oscar M. Weiner (somehow works great if his name happens to be Oscar)
52. Captain Angry Pants (obviously, when the captain’s in a mood)
53. Mr. Lavender (a lot of billionaire men seem to like color names…this one’s unexpected)
54. Jackfruit (it’s a real thing! Works well, especially if his name is not Jack)
55. Jerk Tofu (well if he’s a meat lover, this is about the worst thing you can call him)
56. Dr. House (Dr. Wilson, equally acceptable for obvious reasons)
57. Oogie Boogie (or Lock, Shock, and Barrel for that matter)
58. Lobster-Boy (no accusations just a friendly crustacean this guy!)
59. Hugga Wugga or Buggy Mugger (If the late Jim Henson were to pick one…)
60. Duck Diggler (why not combine the best of two great worlds?)

Of course, these names are over the top and hilarious. Go ahead and use them if you’d like, or have a good laugh at them with your man. The point is, the more nicknames you analyze and talk about as a couple, the better name that you will eventually find that’s perfect. The best ideas are personal and incorporate moments and memories into the nickname. You can also choose a public nickname and a private nickname. Public nicknames have to be a little safe, just in case you use it in front of mom and dad. But private nicknames, of course anything goes!

It’s all about experimenting, laughing and then seeing what sticks.

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