9 Cute Things to Say to a Guy

Women are always trying to figure out the fine line between cute and cutesy.  Guys actually love reading cute texts from women…but type something a little too syrupy and the guy might LOL in your face.

So as we review 9 cute things to say to a guy, let’s stop to think about the psychology behind these cuddly-wuddly things to say…and why they always work like a charm.

1. Flatter his ego with the old favorite… “You’re so drop dead handsome!”

Men love compliments, and if handsome is too general go for “hot”, “sexy” or even the more forward “you make me horny.”  Guys respond the most to women who butter up their ego and remind them they are testosterone-filled sex machines.  This works especially well with guys who are NOT gym-freaks or Brad Pitt lookalikes.  The average looking guy is always self-conscious about his looks, so caress his ego on a regular basis.

2. Let him feel intimacy with a cute but smoldering “I wish you were here with me…”

There’s no better way to increase emotional intimacy and the desire for more physical intimacy than by putting a strong visual into his head.  Whet his appetite by letting him feel your emotion and need in words.  Reminding him that you’re not together at this very moment is a great way to make him miss you.

3. Make him feel out of control with desire using “I am addicted to you!”

Before you take the dangerous step into “I love you” territory, feel free to linger around at “I’m addicted to you!” or even “I’m addicted to your ____”.  (His hypnotic eyes, his taste, his smell or his body)  This intensity of emotion tells him that you feel strongly about him, even slightly “out of control”, but without the promise of commitment.  He will mirror your desire and start expressing his own needs for you.  It’s love in the making and will only lead to greater cravings in the future.

4. My friends are sooo jealous that I have you all to myself!

Believe it or not, this works wonders.  Most guys are flattered to know that they can still turn heads and get some sexy stares, even if they’re not “looking”.  The idea that your friends think he’s attractive is always an ego booster and it may even lead to him parading you around in public and complimenting you in front of your friends.  And that’s your ego boost right there!

5. Blow his mind with a “No one understands me like you do!”

This not only suggests stronger intimacy but also implies that you have never, and will never, meet another man who fulfills you like he does.  Guys love to think they have special access to the “real you”, the secret person of the heart that only one soul mate will ever truly know.  The two of you will never have a love this intense…this powerful ever again.  What a lovely thought!

6. Hypnotize him with “I love the way your mind works!”

Not every guy can offer huge strength, smoldering sexuality, big money or amazing technical skills.  But every guy likes to think his creative and conversational skills are the best in the world.  A man’s mind and his individuality are what sets him apart from the competition, so let him know that you are under his “spell”.  His wit and amazing personality are what attracts you to him and only him.  He may even work a little harder to be “more interesting” just to entertain you.

7. Wow him with “Sometimes I still get butterflies in my stomach when I talk to you.”

This and other cute variations on “I still get nervous talking to you!” are surprisingly effective to use on men who are in a long-term relationship.  It’s so easy for partners to lose the “spark” after a few years.  So reminding your lover that he still thrills you, sends chills down your spine, and gives you “that spark” is a wonderful way to keep him smiling and be happy that you still feel an attraction after all these years.

8. You can’t go wrong with “You’re a sex god!”

No man has ever complained about a woman exaggerating his sexual abilities.  Don’t fake orgasms…but please, embellish your boyfriend/hubby’s sexual powers on a regular basis.  Most guys work hard to ensure their partners have an orgasm each time…some even go that extra mile to give two or three.  Give him some extra credit for a job well done and let him feel like a king.

9. Give specific physical and mental compliments. “I love your ____!” or “I love how you ____!”

Saying something simple yet specific like, “I love your hands…” or “I love how strong your body feels against mine…” give him strong visuals and remind him that you not only love him as a mate, but desire him as a sexual object.  (Yeah guys really don’t mind that at all!)

Even more thrilling for a guy is when you give specific reasons on why you adore his personality.  His ambition, his family-first attitude, his optimism, his sense of humor, his determination…and so on.  These specific traits remind him you’re in love with who he is as a person and not just the things he has or the circumstances that have brought you together.

There are plenty of cute things to say or text to a guy.  Just remember to put some thought behind it and gently caress his ego…this is what really makes him blush!

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