Best Friend Letters That Make You Cry and Laugh

What a joy it is to have a best friend that likes you, understands you, and enjoys spending time with you.  Your friend has your back, so to speak.

I’m sure we can all relate to the idea of having disloyal friends, or casual friends, or just friends that drift away without a word.  But not your best friend!  Your BFF is always there and is determined to stay a part of your life just like you want to stay connected with them.

But what happens when your lives go separate ways?  The default answer is that you drift apart.  You’re not resentful.  You simply grew apart and discovered you didn’t have much in common anymore.  You fit each other for a time and that was that.  You moved on, they moved on.

That’s why a friend that wants to stay close forever, a BEST friend, is such a wonderful gift.  They will follow you, keep in touch, and keep the dialog going, even if you move across the country.  The friendship isn’t going to end, even though circumstances might pull you apart.  An ongoing friendship, one that keeps on going.

Your Best Friend Forever needs reassurance that you feel the same way.  So rather than just sending messages on Facebook or What’s App, why not try to send them a long letter?  Better yet, send a handwritten or typed letter through snail mail.  Hardly anyone does that anymore so your friend will quickly realize how much effort you put into the letter, and how much you care!

But what should you say in your letter?  Here are a few examples to copy or adapt for your personality.

  1. Mirrors

You are my mirror.  I always look to you to figure out who I am and if I have anything hanging out of my nose.  Seriously, you are the person I trust the most.  I know you are always looking out for me and can always see things that I don’t see.  I know we’ll always be friends.  And call me vain, but I’ll never stop looking in the mirror.

  1. Silence

I know sometimes we joke back and forth and I tell you to STFU and all.  But the truth is your words never bother me.  I know everything you tell me is because you worry about me.  I worry about you too.  And as you know I am not easily offended nor do I care what other people say about me.  But the only thing that hurts me is your silence.  I couldn’t live with the idea of you being mad at me or no longer being my friend.  I hope you know that.

  1. Always

I am never going to have a friend like you ever again.  Even if we should ever go our separate ways, (you know after we both get into a major food fight or something) I know I will never replace you.  We’re more than just friends.  We’re best friends.  Soul mates.  We know each other so well and I think we genuinely care about each other.  We’ll be friends until the very end.  And that’s a good feeling.

  1. Jokes

I hope we’ll always have inside jokes between us.  I hope we always find time to laugh.  I hope we always remember our funny stories and share them over a bottle of wine.  I hope we always remember the good times, the memories, the experiences.  I hope this friendship was as amazing for you as it was for me.

  1. God

One time I asked God for help.  He said I gave you the sun for daylight.  I gave you the moon for nighttime.  I gave you rain when you needed water.  And when you wanted happiness I introduced you to your best friend.  You are my best friend and a gift from God.

  1. Friends for Life

I love you like a brother/sister.  If you ever became a mobster, I would be your second hand.  If you ever joined the witness relocation program, I’d be right there taking up a fake name and living in a new town with you.  And of course, if your evil ex ever tries to hurt you, I will whack him!  Love you forever!

  1. Stories

A good friend knows all your stories.  A good friend remembers.  A good friend not only reports on the great times you had, but also helps you write those stories.  Helps you LIVE those stories.  I hope I’ve helped you fully enjoy life.  I know you have helped me.  And since we’re both still relatively young, we have plenty of time to make more memories.

  1. Bridge

I love you!  But just so you know, if you were about to jump off a bridge I would NOT jump with you.  Why, you ask?  Because I’d be at the bottom ready to catch you before you hurt yourself!  And then I’d smack you on the head for trying to leave me.  You’re stuck with me, my BFF.  We’ve been through so many crazy adventures and I’ve loved every one of them.  Here’s to another fifty years of shenanigans!

  1. Song


I know people think it’s corny but it’s sacred to me.  I have a song that I picked for both of us.  It’s the song I think about when I see you.  It always feels like you, the lyrics, the tune, everything.  It also makes me grateful that I have a friend like you.  Now every time you listen to this song, you’re going to think of me and all the years we’ve been hanging out.  And now, here’s the song I’ve selected.  Ready?

As you can see, it’s all about being honest, sincere and being unguarded with your emotions.  Because this is a platonic friend, you won’t ever have to worry about being too emotional or too clingy.  As long as you hold onto your self-respect, you won’t ever come across as clingy.  Your friend will think of you as confident, loyal and someone they love until the very end.  That sounds like a special relationship worth sharing!

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