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What is this “Best Friend Tag” I’ve been hearing about on YouTube? Of course, it’s the BFF tag, a tag that helps you introduce your best friend to your viewing audience. Sure, it’s fun to talk naturally or to improvise some comedy.

But one of the best ways to make interesting and energetic video content is to ask questions about each other. You and your bestie can ask and answer questions and let your viewers enjoy the show. Answers can be funny, deep, emotional or just interesting to listen to. The audience will love it!

Oh but wait…what are some interesting questions? More to the point, what are some good “Best Friend Tag” questions you can use for your channel?

Not to worry, I’ve created a list of fascinating interview questions that you can use or adapt for your own needs. You’ll notice unlike a Truth or Dare game, most of these questions aren’t dreadfully embarrassing, risqué or confrontational. They’re more “light” and fun. Sure, there are a few questions that might get you giggling but overall, you’re going to enjoy it and your viewers will enjoy it just the same.

Here’s how it works. You tag your best friend on your post and then ask a question. Now, both of you try to guess what the other person might say. For example, if you ask “What’s your favorite book?” You would both guess what the other person said and then reveal your true answer.

So let’s start with 55 questions for you and your BFF, shall we?

1. How did you first meet?
2. Honestly…what did you meet when you first saw each other?
3. What is the best memory you’ve had together (so far)?
4. If you could describe each other in just one word what would it be?
5. If you could both live for six months anywhere in the world where would you choose?
6. What is your favorite inside joke?
7. Who is your BFF’s favorite band?
8. What weird food does your best friend like?
9. What is your best friend’s favorite animal?
10. What’s your BFF’s favorite book or movie?
11. What is something that annoys you about your BFF?
12. What is your BFF’s dream job?
13. What’s your BFF’s favorite TV series?
14. What was the name of each other’s first crush?
15. If you could only bring four things to a deserted island what would you both choose?
16. What’s a secret your BFF doesn’t know yet?
17. What do you admire most about each other?
18. What was your friend’s favorite show as a kid?
19. What phobias does your BFF have?
20. What movie star would play your friend in a movie?
21. What is something you do NOT like to do together?
22. If you both met a genie, what would you agree on for your first wish?
23. What’s each other’s favorite ice cream?
24. Have you ever had an argument or fight and how did it start?
25. What is something unique about your BFF that no one else knows?
26. Describe your BFF’s dream date?
27. What would your BFF do if they won the lottery?
28. How many kids does your BFF want and why?
29. If your BFF could have one superhuman ability, what would it be and why?
30. What were the worst jobs you ever worked?
31. Who is your BFF’s favorite YouTube personality?
32. What was one strange dream your BFF told you about that you still remember?
33. What is both of your favorite drinks?
34. Who is a better dancer between the two of you?
35. Who is the better singer between the two of you?
36. Who usually gets their way all the time?
37. Which of the two of you is more introverted or extroverted?
38. What was the most emotional moment you two shared together?
39. What is the subject your BFF is always talking about or posting about?
40. What is your BFF’s all-time favorite photo posted on social media?
41. Which one of you tends to be more positive or negative?
42. Which of you is better at socializing with new people?
43. What is a funny story that you both still remember from when you were younger?;
44. What is your BFF’s favorite food? Second favorite?
45. What is the grossest thing the both of you have ever eaten?
46. Who was your BFF’s first real boyfriend/girlfriend?
47. Who between both of you is the better cook?
48. What are some of your BFF’s mannerisms?
49. What is a scary story that one or both of you still remember?
50. What is a bucket list item that you and your best friend would like to try someday?
51. What is your BFF’s idea of the perfect vacation?
52. Have you and your BFF ever taken a road trip or vacation together? How did it go?
53. What is your BFF’s worst nightmare?
54. Why is your BFF so great at being a friend? What makes them special?
55. If reincarnation is true, what was your BFF was doing in a previous life?

As you can see, these questions are nothing too complicated or edgy. They’re fun, playful and like having a relaxed conversation. Maybe for the next round, you can ask some more outrageous questions and see if you can predict what your BFF will say.

That’s the secret to friendship, isn’t it? Bonding over memories, knowledge and shared emotional experience. Whether the friendship is platonic or romantic, trusting each other and talking is always important.

In fact, we often say before we fall in love, “So and so is such a good friend.” After the initial attraction (which can happen very easily, even between bad matches) the potential for friendship is explored. Then romance may or may not begin, if there’s real love there.

But friendship comes first because as sociable creatures, we crave communication and interaction with the people we like. There’s nothing weird about having many good friends, of various genders, who are looking out for you! And if you’re fortunate to find a best platonic friend AND a romantic partner who is also your soul mate, twin flame and love of a lifetime, you’ve certainly found something very valuable that not everyone else can find. Don’t take it for granted. Cherish your friendships!

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