Relationship Advice for Women

9 Love Paragraphs for Him

If you feel awkward about writing love letters and romantic paragraphs to your partner, you are not alone. You could even say a lot of men tend to be more expressive about romance and love than do women. Men “chase” after all. Women feel more, but sometimes they keep it inside because they don’t want …

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50 Cute Nicknames for BF

There’s something magical about that first stage of intimate conversation with your partner. Now that you trust each other, you’re free to express yourself honestly. You might even call it RAW emotion, naked passion, and unrestrained cuteness! There are no wrong answers when you start sweet-talking each other. As long as you keep all the …

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Text My Husband THIS Tonight!

What should you text your husband? You might have read before (either on my blog or from another article somewhere) that texting your partner for errands, daily messages and work-related links is a terrible idea. Why? Because over time, he will associate texts with negative or passive feelings. When your husband receives a text message …

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The 10 Types of Hugs (which one are you doing?)

Guys are sometimes hard to read, right? He seems enthusiastic, he seems friendly, touchy-feely and flirty. But then he sends a confusing signal (maybe a strange sentence or just a disinterested look) and then nothing makes sense anymore! You can’t tell what he’s thinking anymore. You’re afraid to put yourself out there because the guy’s …

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