Does He Like Me? – Quiz That Will Tell You The Truth

It’s oftentimes hard to tell if a guy likes you for sex, for romance or doesn’t like you that much at all—but is being nice. The best way to determine what he really thinks is to objectively analyze his conversation, the way he treats you, how he treats other women, and what he actually says to you with those compliments. Men who like you really tend to show it, if not directly, then in very flirty conversation and revealing comments. Pay attention and you may get the answer that’s been eluding you.

“Does He Like Me” Quiz

Does your crush like you or are you more of a friend? Worse yet, are you just a booty call that’s just barely on his radar when it comes to a serious relationship? Ask yourself these questions and tally up the answers for your result.

1. How often does he call you or text you?
A. Several times a day.
B. Once a day.
C. A few times a week.
D. Once a week.
E. Maybe once a month.
F. He hasn’t done that quite…yet…

Ideally, B is the best option, since you don’t want him to feel so nervous that he texts you repeatedly. If he never texts you or mostly answers your texts sporadically you may be reading too much into his friendly behavior.

2. Does he start the conversation or does he mostly respond to you?
A. He always starts the conversation and makes me think or laugh.
B. He is always sending me texts and it gets annoying after a while.
C. I mostly ask him questions and he responds.
D. We usually just text or call to make plans.
E. We take turns responding.
F. He doesn’t really like texting or phoning.

The best choice is obviously A and E. The more you respond, text him, and try to force a reaction out of him, the more resentful he will become. Women should always make the man work for a good reaction—get him to text you and he will be more interested.

3. Has he ever physically complimented you, calling you beautiful, sexy, hot, etc.?

A. Er, not exactly. But he always says nice things to me!
B. Always! He can’t stop talking about how hot I am.
C. He says strange things like, talking about my dress or something. He never actually says he’s attracted to me.
D. Yes and sometimes he compliments my eyes, my sense of humor and my artistic talent too!
E. He always insults me!

D is the best option, though sometimes shy guys fall into category C. Some guys can’t work up the courage to be direct and compliment a woman on her looks. However, if he’s always talking about how hot you are and never compliments any of your other qualities, it may be a relationship based only on attraction.

4. Is he in a relationship with someone else?
A. No.
B. I have no idea.
C. Yes, although he seems to like talking to me better than her.
D. He just broke up with someone.
E. Yes and he seems very attached to her. Do I have a chance at all?
F. He is always arm and arm with some girl!

The best option is obviously A, but sometimes men in the F category, ARE really looking for love. You really have to spend time with a player personality to determine if they are “seducing you” or if they are gradually sharing their thoughts and feelings over time. Beware of men who are on the rebound or still in a relationship. They may just want sex, and will usually not be interested in a woman they see as one night stand material.

5. How often does he joke around and tease you?
A. All the time! Even if I’m upset about something he just keeps clowning around!
B. He is polite and mature. He doesn’t joke around much.
C. Yes and I tease him right back!
D. Yes and we both cut up together, laughing at everything.
E. I’ve never really noticed.
F. He always makes me laugh but I can’t seem to make him laugh.

The best option is C and D. It’s good when a couple learns to laugh together, and especially if they can tease each other—giving that “chase” in the relationship some real pep. If he is overly funny, or even cruel at times, or if he seems to be doing “comedy material” rather than laughing with you, there is a big distance there. He’s keeping you at arm’s length for some reason.

6. What kind of man would you describe your crush as?

A. Complicated, hard to read and mysterious.
B. Always so charming and funny.
C. Jocular guy, very much into sports and sex.
D. Quiet and smart.
E. Happy and positive.
F. Brutally honest, domineering and emotionally intense sometimes.

The most “available” men are D and Es. True, the As and Bs are very fun to be around, but you really have to invest some time in them, and sometimes some emotional pain. Men who are damaged may be commitment phobic. Players may be addicted to shallow conversation and one night stands. They’re not impossible to win over, but do require some studying and patience. Beware of Fs, as they could be abusers. There’s nothing wrong with Cs per se, but hopefully you’re into sports and sex too!

7. What is your sex / romance life like?
A. Haven’t even checked out the stadium yet!
B. I think he’s attracted to me but I can’t tell for sure.
C. We already had sex. Ever since then, he’s changed.
D. We still have sex but no commitment.
E. He spends a lot of time with me, but keeps saying he wants to take it slow.
F. He’s very romantic and passionate…but we both seem too afraid to make it official.

E and F are the best bets here. If you haven’t progressed to the point of intimacy, then he’s probably not interested or he’s given up trying to make you a one night stand. If you notice him distancing himself after sex, it’s very likely he was only looking for a one night stand. If he is getting all the sex he wants and there’s no sense of “working for it” (proving himself by sharing emotionally) then you’ve fallen into a friends with benefits trap. Most men will want to take it slow. If you get the sense he feels something but is afraid of telling you, it may be that you’re too distant after sex. Let him feel intimate, vulnerable and open with you. Guide him to a peaceful place emotionally so he can share his true feelings!

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