Does He Love Me? Take This Quiz To Find The Truth…

Trying to determine if a man loves you or not is always a challenge, especially if he himself is mysterious. By asking yourself a few personality questions, and by analyzing his recent behavior, you can determine how he really feels about you. Sometimes men are shy, sometimes they are guarded…but if you pay attention you will find they often say a mouthful with just a few words or actions.

“Does He Love Me” Quiz

Answer these 10 questions to see if your boyfriend loves you or is just playing around!

1. Does he include you whenever he talks about his long-term future plans?

A. Yeah but I can’t tell if he’s serious or not because he’s always joking about it.
B. Sometimes, but the last few months he hasn’t seemed interested.
C. Yes, he always asks me about how he sees us as a couple, years in the future.
D. No, we never really discuss it…it makes him all flustered and nervous!

2. How does he treat you most of the time, compared to other girls he knows?

A. He always pays attention to me and makes sure I’m comfortable.
B. He always flirts with me. He flirts with other women too but I think he likes me more.
C. He treats me equally with others, since he respects my body and mind.
D. Usually he pays lots of attention to me but lately he seems preoccupied or busy.

3. How often does he talk about his past life, memories, dreams and so on?

A. Hardly ever! He’s so mysterious it’s like I’m dating Batman!
B. Sometimes, but lately I’ve been talking so much he barely gets in a word!
C. He did for a while but I think he got really uncomfortable after some conversations we had. We usually just stick to positive stuff nowadays.
D. Yes, sometimes he shares the weirdest thoughts. I’m not always sure what to say, but I let him know I’m there to listen.

4. Does he ever buy you gifts or do little gentlemanly things that you just love?

A. Yes, he is so kind and polite!
B. No, he doesn’t believe in that kind of “nice guy” stuff. He’s too cool for that.
C. I usually buy him gifts because he’s such a sourpuss!
D. He did for a while but I think he sensed it was too much. Because he hasn’t done it lately.

5. How often does he text or IM you?

A. All the time! It’s like we’re addicted to each other!
B. Sometimes, but he usually just wants sex or a favor, LOL!
C. I usually text him first and then he responds. Pretty often though.
D. He’s not much into texting.

6. Would you describe the two of you as a fun couple?

A. Yes we both crack up laughing and share the same weirdo sense of humor.
B. We used too, but lately he seems down.
C. No, we both try to appear very professional in public. Our jobs and reputations are important!
D. I usually am the one laughing, he’s like a comedian sometimes!

7. What kind of effect does the relationship have on you?

A. I’m always anxious about how he feels or about saying the wrong thing.
B. Every since I met him I am happy and feel complete in my life.
C. I am always obsessing about him. He knows just what to say to push my buttons and keep me laughing.
D. I enjoy spending time with him. We always cheer each other up.

8. Does he ever talk about love or say “I love you” in some way?

A. In subtle ways, but he hasn’t come out and said it.
B. No, he thinks of “love” like a four-letter word! He did tell me he was hurt a long time ago and hasn’t ever tried loving someone since.
C. He says it but it’s always in a joking or flirting kind of way. He mostly says I’m beautiful!
D. Not very often but sometimes he says it and it makes me swoon.

9. Does he notice the little things that make you unique as a person? Does he take pride in knowing the “real you”?

A. Nah, he’s just crazy about my big butt / boobs! LOL
B. I’ve never really noticed.
C. I’m not really into any hobbies or anything like that. We just like having fun.
D. Yes, sometimes he really surprises me by the stuff he notices that most guys don’t notice.

10. Has a man ever broken your heart before this guy?

A. Yes, several times! I’m glad he’s somebody different!
B. Yes and it still hurts to think about it.
C. Yes I made a lot of mistakes but I learned from it.
D. I’ve never had my heart broken.

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1: Award yourself 5 points for C or 2 points for A.

Men who don’t talk about the future, usually don’t see a future. Sometimes if a man is nervous about commitment, he might try to joke around about the future rather than be so serious about it. The good news is that he’s thinking about it…but maybe his heart is undecided. On the other hand, men who avoid the topic are obviously thinking of the short-term only.

2: Award yourself 5 points for A.

Men who pay close attention to you are protective of you, they’re even a little possessive of your time. On the other hand, men who are casually dating are more interested in flirting. If he has backed away recently, he may be having second thoughts. If he treats you like everyone else, it’s likely you’re being friend-zoned.

3: Award yourself 5 points for D.

Weird thoughts or not, a man sharing his feelings is a great thing. It’s good that you’re there to listen because that’s all he wants you to do. On the other hand, if he is still a mystery or still lets you do most of the talking, it’s very likely he considers this a casual relationship, and one that he might end soon.

4: Award yourself 5 points for A.

Men who are falling in love do nice things. Men who are still playing defensive, avoiding displays of affection and avoiding anything but flirting and sex, are not ready to fall in love.

5: Award yourself 5 points for A.

If you’re the one doing most of the texting, or if he texts you only for a booty call, it’s time to reevaluate the relationship. You’re becoming a friend-with-benefits, which doesn’t bode well for the future.

6: Award yourself 5 points for A.

Couples who are in love tend to laugh, have fun and enjoy each other’s sense of humor. If he hasn’t been joking as much, or if he’s just making YOU laugh but never seems to laugh with you, he’s likely just entertaining his “audience”…but not sharing his true self.

7: Award yourself 5 points for D and one point for B.

If love between the two of you is real, it has a positive and life-affirming effect on you. If you are living in anxiety and fear, the dynamic is very unbalanced. Be careful not to DEPEND on him for happiness. You should be happy in your own life first, before you fall in love, so that he can see you as a strong and marriageable mate.

8: Award yourself 5 points for D or 3 points for A.

Men do say I love you, but if they are guarded, as most men are, they will only utter it a little bit in the beginning. Sometimes they also “hint around” or joke around just to see how you react. Sharing anything to do with love is a good sign.

9: Award yourself 5 points for D.

Men who are falling in love DO notice the little things that make you “You”. Sexual attraction comes and goes but a true romance is built upon the things you have in common and how he responds to your quirks, hobbies, passions and personality.

10: Award yourself 5 points for C.

Once you reach a good place in your life, you learn to let go of resentment. People do hurt us sometimes but if we let them stay in our hearts, we give them too much power. Unfortunately, most people do get their heart broken once or twice before finding the “Right One.” But if you notice that you seem to have a pattern of ex-boyfriends who use you and dump you, it’s time to reconsider your dating approach.

Consider the number 50 as True Love. The closer you came to the perfect number indicates your relationship’s long-term love potential. If things are less than perfect right now, don’t lose heart. Try to get him to open up more and challenge him to share his “true self.”

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