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There was an old song from the 1990s called “Do You Miss Me” by Jocelyn Enriquez, which was a dance tune but still had some very striking lyrics. Rather than quote it, just listen to it sometime on Spotify or YouTube. The lyrics are affecting because they say, in essence, sometimes all we have left of an ex-relationship is just one song, one song the DJ can play on the radio. As soon as we hear that song, all the love, emotion and memories of that relationship come back to us.

It is human to “miss” someone. To randomly think back to old memories and feel a strong sense of nostalgia. But is this love? Is feeling that moment of nostalgia really the same thing as your ex MISSING you, and wanting nothing else but to be with you again?

Remember there’s caring, there’s nostalgia…but then there’s regret. There’s missing you to the point of wanting you back! Take our “Does He Miss Me?” quiz to figure out what he’s really thinking right now.

1. How did the relationship end?
A: I ended it because I sensed it wasn’t working.
B: He ended it and I was crushed.
C: We both mutually agreed it was time to move on.
D: I’m not sure…the situation was complicated.

2. Was there any cheating?
A: Never.
B: Yes, he cheated.
C: Yes, I cheated.
D: Sort of…but not really because it’s complicated.

3. Do you regret the way things ended?
A: Yes, I wish I was still with him.
B: I don’t know how I feel anymore.
C: No, I think they ended pretty good, all things considered.
D: I wish I had more closure.

4. Did you both ever fall in love? Did you say that you loved each other?
A: All the time! We always said it and meant it
B: Frequently. Not every day but we did say it.
C: We were just starting to do that but then the whole thing ended.
D: Never.

5. Ever since you broke up, how much has he attempted to contact you?
A: He has been reaching out a lot lately. Touching base every day.
B: A few times a week.
C: Once in a great while.
D: Never.

6. Are you dating anyone else right now?
A: Nothing serious. Just sex.
B: Yes and he knows about it.
C: Been out with a few guys, but nothing much happening.
D: No, I’ve stayed single since the breakup.

7. Has he been dating anyone else?
A: Yes a lot of different women from what I hear.
B: I hear he has a new girlfriend.
C: A few dates but nothing serious.
D: I have no idea, he never talks about it.

8. How do conversations go with the two of you?
A: We talk about getting back together sometimes, but not seriously.
B: We don’t talk about making up but he is always talking about our past life together.
C: It never really comes up at all…even though I think about it.
D: We don’t talk.

9. How is your current friendship with the ex?
A: We talk all the time!
B: He always makes an excuse to chat with me via text or phone.
C: We tried to be friends but we couldn’t do it.
D: I’ve never heard from him.

10. What about the rest of your life?
A: Honestly, I’ve never been happier.
B: I am doing well, making progress in my career and trying new things.
C: I’ve never really thought about it.
D: I am miserable without him and don’t do much of anything.

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How to Total Your Score

Assign a value of 1 to answer A, 2 to B, 3 to C and 4 for D. The closer your number to 40, the more likely he is not seriously missing you. However, closer to 10 or 20, there’s a good chance he misses you but is unsure of how to get your attention.

What Do the Answers Mean?

When you are the first to end the relationship, the ex will usually feel some grief and loss. You maintain your independence and leave first, naturally, he feels regret over what happened because he never decided to end it!

Having a history of ethical conduct on your side, no cheating, a mature breakup without personal attacks or aggression, these all reflect upon a pleasing personality that he will eventually miss. The more you spoke about love, the more love DOES exist and the more he will miss you. If however, you broke up before love started, it is more difficult to make him feel that emotional pull.

Still, if he is frequently contacting you, even if it’s just as a “friend”, that indicates he very strongly feels some emotion; perhaps guilt, but perhaps also missing you out of love. Don’t take his dating “success” too seriously. When men rebound with a new girlfriend or series of girlfriends, they often crash and burn. Creating a new intimate relationship and matching the passion of the ex takes a lot of time. He cannot recreate what he had with you with a completely different person–and especially not in a few months.

He may talk about getting back together or become nostalgia about the past. As long as he’s making conversation with you it’s a good sign. Just remember that what will ultimately attract him back to you is NOT staying the same, but actually making improvements and becoming a more successful and confident woman.

He will desire to have you back, once he realizes how much value you now have, and how he once tried so hard to chase you and win your affection. You’re very different now, sexy and mysterious, but your heart is still the same–the person he fell in love with. Your mind still has all the memories, all the love, that you once shared together. That’s what a man really wants – the opportunity to win your love all over again.

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