Exactly How to Seduce a Man and Turn Him On

Have you ever heard someone say, “I am so awkward…I’m just going to seduce you with my awkwardness.”

It’s funny, right?

And yeah guess what? Sometimes awkward works. Sometimes you can just make a weird and uncomfortable move and sometimes the guy will kiss you back.


But sometimes awkward doesn’t work. Sometimes the guy won’t be feeling it and worse yet, sometimes the man will REFUSE you, because he thinks you’re too forward.

And that’s definitely the kind of awkwardness that’s not too fun.

The bottom line is that if it’s a cute guy you like, sure why not.

But if it’s a guy you really like, and may even be in love with, you don’t want to take chances. You want to seduce him like a woman…like a sizzling screen siren. You want to use your feminine wiles to make him absolutely crazy with desire so that he takes you into his arms and makes love to you like it’s The Notebook in real life!

So if you’re having a hard time learning all the right seductive moves, here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

1. Do NOT be too forward.

The last thing you want to do, as a woman trying to seduce a man, is act too manly. So don’t be hitting on him all night. Don’t be throwing one-liners about sex, even if you think it’s funny. He will pick up on this and instantly be turned off because you’re trying too hard. You’re dominating the relationship. You’re practically ordering him to make love to you. That’s not what he wants to feel.

So for most of the night, continue to project yourself as mysterious, curious, interested in him, but strong-willed enough NOT to make a move. You are not weak with desire. You are in control.

2. Don’t play into stereotypes from the media or from friends. Be the hottest version of YOURSELF.

You know what’s attractive about yourself. You’re in good shape, you dress well, you take time on makeup and hair. And deep down, you probably know what your guy likes about you physically. You can sense what he’s attracted to and what you should accentuate.

You could even “cheat” a little bit and get ideas on what other men like to look at it. What do successful women who seduce men dress like? What kind of outfit gets a man excited? What kind of outfits immediately provokes other women, because they start to feel insecure when they see YOU wearing it?

Now the key is to balance classy and slutty. Not too much of either one. The best outfit is the one that YOU feel comfortable in, the one that makes you feel hot and desired by all men. If you’re not comfortable wearing a short skirt and low cut blouse then by all means, don’t do it!

The man will sense your hesitance and awkwardness and will respond in the same way. But if you love the way you look in a form-fitting, off-the-shoulder dress, then wear it. Wear what you’re most comfortable in and what gets the most compliments.

Seduction is NOT about becoming a cliché or mimicking sexy women on TV. It’s about becoming the hottest version of yourself – the woman your man already desires.

3. Pay attention to the mood, vibe and “feeling” of the moment.

Getting all dressed up is not enough. You really have to focus on creating a sexy vibe and a mood that encourages intimacy. This is precisely why people usually don’t have sex for the first time on an airplane, in the park, or in a public place. Too stressful! The mood is terrible.

You should both go somewhere where you can create a mood that’s positive, a little quiet and romantic, and where you can both feel sexy. Communicate with your eyes but don’t scare him away by talking about sex, or by leering at him too obviously.

Try to live in the moment and release all anxieties or negative thoughts. Don’t think about how he sees you…think about how you feel and how you desire him.

4. Put on the right attitude—you want this. You don’t need anything else from him. You just want him to take you.

A man will be attracted to you, and physically move closer to you, so long as the mood is right and he’s not getting any mixed signals from you. So this means you shouldn’t wait for him to do something or cue him along, hoping he will say the right thing or do the right thing.

Don’t feel guilty for initiating and don’t hesitate.

5. Don’t “force him” – instead, make him feel manly!

Here’s the most important part of seduction. You’re not actually making him have sex with you. So you’re not just jumping into intercourse and throwing his head into your bosom. That’s not classy, romantic or seductive at all.

What you’re doing is appealing to his strong, sexual and masculine instincts.

This means you’re not competing with him or challenging him with abrupt sexual moves.

Instead, you’re encouraging him to respond to you, however he wants. You’re flattering his ego first and stimulating his body second.

You are no longer running from him, or making him chase you. You’re there…stirring up his desire by engaging him in conversation, and then evoking feelings, thoughts and urges in him.

In short, he must feel as if you “awakened” his desires. He doesn’t want to feel seduced when it’s over—he wants to feel as if the chemistry between you both was irresistible and neither of you could resist the passion.

6. Use all of your assets to get his attention.

The physical part of seduction is open to your creativity. For example, some women feel natural touching a man while using a deeper, smoother and more suggestive voice. This subtle approach works very well since it triggers a sexual response in him.

If the man is shy you might consider using more direct come ons like “accidentally” flashing him skin, or giving him a come hither look with your eyes.

Some women seduce with their voice—they use very subtle “sexual sounds” when they sigh, breathe or use certain humming words.

Last but not least, you can always suggest sex INDIRECTLY by talking about it through sexual innuendo (sharing a slightly naughty joke, or “accidentally” putting a sexual image into his head) or talking about sex directly. As in, what you’re both looking for in an intimate experience. This is a good opportunity to learn each other’s “rules” and what he might need to see or feel before he’s comfortable making a first move.

The most important element is that you feel turned on so that you can seduce him naturally, without faking anything or trying too hard to be dramatic. When you’re both turned on, your bodies work together to put you both in a sexual frame of mind. You communicate your desires with your words, body language and voice. You trigger each other’s pheromones and you do what feels natural.

The key is to be free of stress, to know what you want, and to make the moment feel truly intimate between you. You share bodies after you share minds!

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