20 Flirty Good Morning Texts for Him (He’ll LOVE These)

What Are Some Flirty Good Morning Texts for Him?

A lot of women I talk to (and men for that matter) have a similar problem: they find it extremely awkward to start flirting, even if it’s with someone they really like.

Do you feel this way too? Sure, I completely understand. There are some people who are naturally flirtatious. They have an air about them, a very confident and even shameless way of just relaxing and spreading those pheromones. They flirt as easily as they talk.

Well, I got news for you. Not everyone is like that! In fact, most people aren’t. Most people are kind of like you.

They’re very interested and excited to flirt, maybe they’re even good at it, once the date starts. But maybe when it comes to actually taking a chance and making that one “over the line” comment, that’s when the shyness kicks in.

Yes, “comment” is the key word. Because you see, I believe flirting starts long before you actually say something provocative or romantic. Flirting starts with a smile, a lingering glance, a series of gestures that tells the other person, “I’d like to continue talking to you.”

But starting sexual tension is intimidating. Because if you go for it and the guy resists you or ignores your comment, it can be embarrassing. That’s why it’s always a good idea to start flirting slowly rather than jumping too far into it.

Take the flirty text! It works because it’s so subtle and yet it plays upon his obvious attraction to you. If you can come up with some good flirty lines you can actually turn this friendship into a steamier connection. One that you will, of course, explore in person when the time is right.

But about those texts… what makes a good flirty text anyway?

Flirty Good Morning Texts for Him

Here are 20 examples you can use or adapt to your own personal style. Notice how all of these lines teeter between friendly and flirty. You set him up to come back at you with an even more risque or romantic comment.

1. “Good morning. I have to go to work and all…but what I really want to do is have a long relaxing bubble bath while you text me some more.”
2. “Morning, handsome. I had the strangest dream about you last night. Don’t worry, it was only rated PG. Er, PG-13 maybe.”
3. “Morning. How’s your coffee today? I hope it’s as strong and sweet as you are this morning.”
4. “Mornings kind of suck. Because first I get up, then I think of you which is good…but then I got to go to work. But maybe if you text me later today that’ll cheer me up.”
5. “Good luck today! I know your presentation is going to go well. You’re going to be promoted, then get a huge pay raise, then take over the company! Well maybe not that last part, but you are going to kick ass!”
6. “Sorry you had a bad day yesterday. Anything I can do to make your afternoon worthwhile? How about a karaoke text? “Aaaand IIIIIII will always love youuuuu!” See? You’re already smiling.”
7. “Morning. Soooo…do you snore? I just got this visual of you snoring in bed wearing cartoon pajamas and started giggling. I want to know how far off I am…or if I hit it right on the money.”
8. “Hey there. Too bad they can’t combine lunch break and happy hour or else I’d invite you up to the office for drinks!”
9. “Morning. So what’s your typical movie night? Move, preferred snack, and where do you and I sit on the couch?”
10. “Happy Hump Day! I hope you have all sorts of kinky thoughts today, or you know, whatever it is people do on Hump Day.”
11. “Hello. Don’t be nervous about today. You’re going to do great. If you get freaked out, just imagine everyone you know in a bikini. Yes, including the guys. You’ll laugh and relax and so will everyone else.”
12. “I hope today is filled with smiles, surprises, thrills, excitement, laughs and then a relaxing night of (hopefully) you texting me.”
13. “How’s the sexiest, funniest and weirdest guy I know feeling this morning?”
14. “Hey. I heard this song the other day and I immediately thought of you. Please don’t ask me what song it was. Lol!” (Then choose a song with a flirty or silly title)
15. “Morning bright eyes. Say, if you ever want to get in trouble and live dangerously you know who to text for ideas. (smiley)”
16. “Heya! I saw this quote and it reminded me of you.” (Then copy and paste a great intellectual quote, suggesting your guy might think it)
17. “Hey my dear friend. I say we ditch this whole job thing and go escape to Mexico living the rest of our lives on a beach drinking pina coladas. Deal?”
18. “Good morning. Thanks for keeping my mind occupied the other day. You always have such a great way with words. You really made me smile. You even made me blush a few times.”
19. “Morning, goofy. Truth or dare. What’s the first thing you thought when you saw me? OK I’ll tell you first if you tell me yours. My first thought was…‘This guy is either a firefighter, a sculptor or a travel agent.”
20. “I think you and I need a beer later this evening. This week was just stupid. We should go and vent all our work problems to each other. Or maybe just drink a lot. Whatcha’ think?”

All of these lines work well because they’re not aggressively romantic or sexual and yet still put the idea into his head. You’re toying with his attraction to you and testing him to see how far he can run with it. Don’t be surprised if he escalates the tension and asks you out! He really wants to see some evidence that you feel the same way he does and sometimes a cryptic or flirty statement from you is enough to motivate him to take that chance.

Sometimes all guys need is a little push to get the courtship started. A good combination of funny and flirty is sure to do the trick!

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