Funny Pickup Lines For Him

Let’s just be cool about it and say…pickup lines are hilarious!  They’re cheesy, funny, and they can make you laugh. Laughing is important. And sure, a little silly flirting never hurt anybody.

It’s fun to listen to guys come up with funny pickup line.

But here’s an idea. Why don’t YOU try to make him laugh with some funnier pickup lines?  You can either give him a rebuttal pickup line when he makes you laugh, or you can be bold and just use a funny line as a conversation starter.

Just a word of caution, aggressive or sexual pickup lines might scare a new guy away. Cheesy lines work better on friends, friends of friends, acquaintances or someone you vaguely know. A complete stranger…well, that’s a 50/50 shot of making him laugh or scaring him away.

That’s why for this list blog, I’m providing two sets of funny pickup lines. One of them to use on strangers (meaning they’re less aggressive but still cute) and some others that are just laugh-out-loud hilarious and shocking. But hell yeah, some guys will think they’re hilarious!

Here we go.

For Strangers

  1. Excuse me but are you related to Earl Grey?  Because you look like a hot-tea!
  2. So what do you do for a living?  Wait let me guess…Instagram model?
  3. Excuse me but are you Google?  Because you’re everything I’ve been searching for.
  4. Hey, where you just talking to me?  Well why not?  You should start now!
  5. I don’t really flirt or use pickup lines.  I just seduce people with my awkwardness.
  6. Hey, remember me?  Oh wait that’s right.  That was just in my dreams.
  7. Are you a science guy?  Because I got my ION you.
  8. I don’t want to use a cheesy pickup line…but you’re the ‘GRATEST’.  Damn, I did it again.
  9. Do you have WI-FI?  Because I’d like to connect.
  10. You look too challenging for me.  But you’re so gorgeous how can I not try?
  11. Why are all the guys here so shy?  Are you the only one who likes to talk?
  12. I like funny guys who can’t think of anything funny to say
  13. Are you cold?  I can be your blanket.
  14. Hey my friend wants to know if you think I’m hot.
  15. All these nice guys coming onto me…but you look like a bad boy.
  16. Where is your signature?  What? All masterpieces must have a signature!
  17. (Look him and down)  I bid ten thousand.
  18. Well hello!  I can tell you work out.
  19. Did you just come out of the oven?  Because you are smoking hot.
  20. Is your name Netflix because I could binge watch you.
  21. I forgot my library card but do you mind if I check you out?
  22. Hey where you the guy asking to buy me a drink?  Want to fill in for him?
  23. I had the perfect pickup line…but then I saw how cute you actually were and I totally forgot it!
  24. I’m writing an article on the “finer things in life” and well, your name came up.
  25. My psychic told me about you today.  She said damn he’s fine, get his number.

For Friends (Who can take a joke)

  1. Feeling tired?  Well that’s because you’ve been running through my mind all night!
  2. OK I just got to ask upfront, what pickup line works on you?
  3. Some people call me Wilma Flintstone because I can make your bed rock.
  4. How do you pronounce your name, by the way?  In case I need to scream it later tonight.
  5. Your body is a wonderland and I want to be your Alice.
  6. Whenever I think of you I think of a Sam’s Club sample. Because I want to gobble you up on the weekend without any sense of shame.
  7. I think we should do our part to conserve water.  Want to shower together later?
  8. That’s a nice shirt.  What can I do to talk you out of it?
  9. Would Alike to be a girl’s dirty little secret?
  10. Are you a strong independent guy…or do you need a hot sugar momma to pamper you?
  11. Kiss me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the earth flat?
  12. Let’s just assume we’re not going to work out together but have lots of mindless and confusing sex, shall we?
  13. I just finished a Skittles candy.  Want to taste the rainbow?
  14. I don’t work at Build-a-Bear but I do need stuffed tonight.
  15. Didn’t you tell me you’re from China?  Oh maybe that’s just because I’m China get into your pants.
  16. You’re like my pinky toe.  Because no matter how hard I try not to, I’m just going to end up banging you on every piece of furniture in my house.
  17. My ex thinks I’m a lesbian…want to help me prove him wrong?
  18. People call me Windows 10…can I crash at your place tonight?
  19. I’m either looking for a movie star or a guy who’s great in bed and I don’t expect to meet a movie star.
  20. I forgot to wear socks tonight…but at least I got matching panties.
  21. You look like a hard worker and it just so happens I have an opening to fill.
  22. Excuse me but is that a keg in your pants?  Because I’d like to tap that.
  23. Are you interested in taxidermy?  Oh well, you want to stuff me tonight anyway?
  24. I’m just looking for a pirate who knows what to do with some booty.
  25. I’d like to put a ring on you tonight and I’m not talking about your finger!

In conclusion, remember that pickup lines are just a laugh. They’re not really going to help start an emotional connection, but they CAN showcase your confidence and your good sense of humor. The trick is to make him laugh in the beginning and get him interested in you over time.

Don’t sleep with him too soon if you want a serious relationship. Intrigue him. Appeal to his sense of humor and his curiosity. Make him laugh, make him think and make him feel – that’s a winning combination!

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