Games to Play with Your Crush

There comes a time in your budding relationship where you can’t quite think of anything to say.  Of course, you’re still dying to talk!  You love chatting on the phone, texting, and meeting each other for dates.

But then you realize everything that you want to know you’ve already asked!

Not to worry.  You haven’t begun to penetrate his mind yet.  There are still many layers to explore, you just have to get creative about it.  Think of a fun way to get some honest and intriguing answers that he might not admit in an ordinary conversation.

For example, games!  There are a few games that are a lot of fun to play, not just as a group, but even with just two players.  You and your crush!

So rather than list and explain all the silly question games (which seems like this article that I wrote a while back), I thought this time I might provide some sample questions that you can ask each other.

The games are self-explanatory and by reading the sample questions, I think you’re going to pick up on how things work very quickly.  Ready?  Here we go.

Truth or Dare (Get him to confess or else he has to fulfill an embarrassing dare)

  1. What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever Googled?
  2. What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?
  3. What are the first five things you would do if you woke up as a girl?
  4. Who is your secret crush?
  5. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever tasted or smelled?
  6. Have you ever lied to someone close to you?
  7. If you had invisibility powers who would you spy on
  8. Describe your ideal marriage mate.
  9. What is your guiltiest pleasure?
  10. What’s the most dramatic thing you’ve ever done for a woman?
  11. Have you ever offended someone because of sexual words or jokes?
  12. Have you ever experimented with spanking or restraints?
  13. What’s the dirtiest thing you’ve ever said out loud?

Kiss, Marry, Kill (Choose equal value options so that he really has to think about it)

  1. Your Enemy, Your Crush, Your Favorite Teacher
  2. Your Work Colleague, Your Best Friend, Your Last Date
  3. A Celebrity, a Politician, a Sports Star
  4. A Billionaire, A Super Model, A Rockstar
  5. Your Crush’s Sibling, Your Crush’s Mother, Your Crush’s Best Friend
  6. An Alien, A Cartoon Character, A Robot
  7. A Weird Guy or Girl You Know, A Cool Female Friend, Your Best Friend’s Spouse
  8. A TV Star, A Meme Star, A Porn Star
  9. Someone You Friend-Zoned, Someone You Think is Repulsive, Someone You’re Afraid Of
  10. Your Boss, Your Freakiest Friends with Benefits, Your Ex
  11. Your Neighbor, The First Girl You Crushed On, Your Best Guy Friend
  12. Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Princess Leia
  13. A Fugly Stranger, A Sexy But Dangerous Stalker, A Really Smart Person You Met on the Internet (and have never see in person)

20 Questions (Your crush will try to guess what you are)

  1. I’m Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory.
  2. I’m a piano.
  3. I’m a tomato.
  4. I’m Jack Sparrow.
  5. I’m the city of New York.
  6. I’m Grumpy Cat.
  7. I’m your sex toy.
  8. I’m Gold.
  9. I’m the last nightmare you had.
  10. I’m a spider.
  11. I’m the Millennium Falcon.
  12. I’m Cersei from Game of Thrones
  13. I’m a circus clown

Would You Rather (Over the top scenarios that reveal how his mind works)

  1. Have sex with an ugly person or not have sex with them but everyone believes you did?
  2. Date someone ugly but amazing in bed or someone beautiful who just lies there?
  3. Be seen all over Facebook in yoga pants or a bikini?
  4. Be blackmailed by a friend or extort money from a stranger?
  5. Become a Meme on the Internet or get a lot of money on the strict condition you can never tell anyone you’re rich?
  6. Have a few one-night stands with strangers or have a friend-with-benefits?
  7. Date two people at the same time or have a threesome?
  8. Read people’s minds or have super strength?
  9. Find your true love and get married young or sleep with 1000 partners and settle for someone average?
  10. Die a hero or live long enough to become a villain?
  11. Be a mafia leader or an assassin?
  12. Ride on a plane every day or never leave your state?
  13. Eat a variety of bland meals or eat your favorite dish over and over again for a month?

Never Have I Ever (Each of you has to be honest and admit what you’ve done or not done)

  1. Been disappointed by sex.
  2. Kissed or sucked feet and toes.
  3. Watched other people have sex.
  4. Been caught in sexual activity.
  5. Slept with someone within one day of meeting them.
  6. Slept with someone 10 years older or younger than me.
  7. Take nudes of myself.
  8. Had sex for over an hour.
  9. Had a one-night stand I regret.
  10. Hooked up or fantasized about someone I wasn’t attracted to.
  11. Catfished someone online.
  12. Read an erotic novel.
  13. Stared at a stranger, hoping they would hit on you.

The rules of the game aren’t what’s important.  Have fun breaking the rules or creating your own rules.  The point is, you’re bonding together by discussing hypothetical questions.  You give each other permission to think outside the box and to come up with honest, funny, and outrageous answers.  It not only shows your date how you think, but also showcases your humor and your good qualities.

Don’t play mind games.  Mind games are stressful and deceptive.  You never truly know each other when you avoid being honest.  Instead, play question games.  Get to know each other and enjoy the discovery process.  Have some real fun not by strategizing but by being yourself!

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