How Men Fall In Love With You

It’s easy to drag a man back to your bedroom…but not so easy to touch his heart. It seems like an age old dilemma. What can a woman possibly do to engage a man emotionally and make him feel the love she feels? It’s especially hard when you’re dealing with a successful guy, or a player. That’s usually because players started off as sensitive guys who got hurt and now put on a front to avoid being intimate with anyone.

What a mess! It seems like the guys you like don’t like you, and the guys you can’t stand are the ones always chasing.

Well take heart—because you, as a woman, still hold all the power. You still have the ability to win the heart of a man, whether he’s rich, a player, really busy, or any other “problem” scenario that might come up. Just remember these “commandments” of male intimacy.

1. Show that you really care about your personal appearance.

A man doesn’t want to look after a broken woman. He admires a woman who takes pride in her appearance and who takes care of herself physically and mentally—for her own self-respect. While this lesson may not be PC, it’s true for at least 50 – 75 percent (if not more) of the male population. Men chase after women who they consider equally attractive or in some cases, “far above their league.” A woman dresses to impress men, other women, and most of all herself. When she goes out she feels desirable and athat attitude projects well.

2. Don’t worry, be happy. It’s OK to smile!

Lonely guys (yes even the social butterflies) respond to happy, care-free and fun-loving women. Sure, they will buy a drink for the Goth-chick who hates life…they may even play along with a mean girl who insults them. But ultimately what they crave emotionally is a mature woman who still takes the time to smile, be friendly, and laugh. Showing positive emotions and exuding a cheerful presence makes men want to entertain you, want to chase you. After all, being friendly is certainly not being desperate. Desperate emotion (even something like nervous laughter) is motivated by unhappiness, loneliness and sorrow. Positivity is motivated by enjoying the moment, with no expectations. There’s never an excuse not to smile!

3. When you look into his eyes, look into his soul.

Strong and deliberate eye contact is what starts the attraction. As you build a relationship and get to know each other, you let him know—verbally and in body language—that you see through him, past the layers, and understand him for what he really is inside. This is a side that men protect dearly. A man only reveals his sensitive side to a woman he trusts. But you can see through his act right away. You understand the real him and you have a way of letting him know, “When you’re ready, I’m here to listen.” He sees you as a non-judgmental confidant, someone unlike all the other girls. A real woman of character, patience and deep understanding. This is the emotional connection he needs.

4. Always wear your independence and ambitions with pride.

Sure, a man likes the idea of a woman fawning over him and making him feel like a king. But at the end of the day, he wants to marry an equal. This is why strong women, independent women, and women who have a great passion in life, are always in demand—particularly by rich, famous and very successful men.

While your instinct may be to please him and drop your plans to show interest, this does not build attraction. The idea that he has to work hard to take you away from your activities and full daily schedule is what will motivate him to keep chasing you.

5. Focus on the things you have in common.

While opposites do attract, what ultimately keeps people together is the similarities in lifestyle and personality that they have—the glue that keeps them together, from the honeymoon to times of trial, to the very end. Similarities in values, opinions, upbringing and passions in life are what create emotional connection. Don’t just accept that you have things in common—talk about them. Go into detail. Don’t fake it when there isn’t real similarity; instead, focus on the things you actually do have in common.

6. Accentuate the qualities that make you unique.

Naturally, you can’t have every single thing in common with your crush / boyfriend, nor would he want to be mirrored so closely. Part of what makes a couple curious about each other is their differences in perspective. So when it comes to the things that make you both unique, don’t be ashamed—accentuate them. Demonstrate your unique talents, whether it’s a hobby, a talent or a passion in life. Be good at something and be proud to show others. Give gifts of your time and talent to make him feel special, after you reach a degree of trust with each other.

7. Make his dreams come true…by believing in him.

No, he doesn’t expect you to solve his problems or catapult his career. But what he will find irresistible is when you believe in him, have confidence in him, and become his most ardent supporter. Being a positive force in his life only becomes all that more poignant when he realizes that you see his potential, you see his value—and you appreciate what he has to give you, as the dedicated provider. Rewarding him with attention makes him feel needed. Supporting him not only involves helping his career or life ambitions, but even in little things—like asking his advice on a problem, or thanking him for doing something small.

When he starts to see that his dreams in life and pleasing you are so intertwined he will realize just how deeply he’s fallen in love. You bring out the best man he can be!

Remember these qualities and you will always be able to cast a “love spell” on the man you love.

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