How to Attract Men with Body Language

Don’t assume that the woman who has all the men following her by the end of the night does it by accident or just has good luck. Chances are, she’s been talking to him all night long…in a “secret code” called body language.

Hey, Ursula had at least one thing right. Men never underestimate the importance of body language! As a matter of fact, body language is one of the first things a man notices about a woman…after the body itself, of course. Some experts have even suggested that over 50 percent of all communication is body language.

Now that may or may not be exaggerated but the idea that men pay more attention to body language than other things (like voice, the words you use, conversation topics and so on) may have you second guessing your whole dating strategy.

Now we’re not saying conversation isn’t important…but rather than stressing so hard about picking the perfect topic, let’s make sure you haven’t forgotten the art of physical attraction. Some of it’s natural but some of its deliberate. Consider these sure-fire ways to get a man’s attention in a subtle way.

1. Smile for the Camera!

Think of a good smile as the “open gate” that lets a man feel welcomed in your presence. That’s right, a “good smile”, not an awkward smile, not an indifferent of ambivalent smile. A good smile is one that shows you as confident, happy, and ready to have fun in this conversation.

2. Touching Him

Now this may be the most obvious signal but it bears repeating. If he feels indifferent about you, he may not be getting the physical touches that stir his soul. All it has to be is a light touch on the shoulders, or the top of the back, or even on the arm or hand. Most platonic friends touch each other on a semi-regular basis, so if you’ve never touched him at all, he may be thinking you’re not available.

3. Get Closer to Him

This is a very subtle move but it’s one he will definitely respond to. Women who are uninterested tend to keep their distance from a man. As you try to inch your way closer to him you build intimacy. Every little move forward counts, whether it’s letting your arms or legs touch by accident, or if you take a seat next to him. “Accidental touching” is always good, but a subtle move would be to simply lean in closer to him, making him aware of your bodily presence and your desire to get closer.

4. A Special Kind of Eye Contact

You’ve tried looking at him, staring at him, maybe even squinting at him! But so far, nothing! That’s probably because men respond to a special kind of eye contact, not just the ordinary glance. Usually the “wrong way” to look at a man is to do so in shyness, in “professional” admiration, or in a sort of “cutesy” way that takes no risk.

When you look at a man platonically, he doesn’t sense any like and doesn’t get any signals. On the other hand, when you establish eye contact with desire in your heart, that special sparkle in your eye that lets him know something is there, and you top that off with a sweet smile, you get his attention. That’s what you call a gaze and every man will notice it, because this is not just another “Hey I was looking at you” glance. This is more of a “I’m thinking about you” look. That’s a big deal!

Now the key is to make sure he sees that look, at then look away, to keep him wondering. Staring at him too long may paint you as too desperate or too easy. Stare at him long enough to feel a connection. Let go of the eye contact…but then meet him again a few minutes later to confirm the interest. He will sense something but want to talk to you to confirm his suspicions. Good move, now he’s chasing you and feels comfortable with the pace.

5. Playing with Hair

Hair is one of the first things that a man notices about a woman, since healthy, shiny hair is subconsciously associated with youth and good health. While the usual nervous body language is to comb your hair or touch the back or top of your head, the more experienced flirt will twirl a strand of hair, brushing hair from the back of the nape, running fingers through hair, or “flipping” the hair in a subtle way.

6. Hand Signals

No this isn’t just touching—a far more subtle trick that involves actually “enacting” attention from men by suggesting intimacy with your fingers. You can communicate desire and romantic feelings just by the way you use your hands and fingers. Gestures like caressing your:

• Fingers
• Arms
• Legs
• Chest
• Face

…Or even touching an object, such as a wine glass, cigarette, fork or spoon, or any item that you hold, get noticed even if it’s on a mostly subconscious level. When he sees that you are feeling vulnerable and passionate he begins to wonder if he’s the cause of your shift in mood. In essence what he reads from you (or what he thinks he is seeing but you’re not seeing) is that you desire to touch and be touched in like manner.

7. Use Your Lips and Facial Expressions to Tell a Story

Your lips are sometimes just as important as your words. In fact, if you want to flirt, then don’t bother being cheeky or shocking—a lot of men don’t like that forward approach. Instead, be subtle about it and mirror the facial expressions he uses. Arch your eyebrows and tilt your head in interest when he says something amusing. Bite or lick your lips casually while looking at him. If you eat, eat slowly so that you accentuate your lips. After a while he won’t be able to stop thinking of your lips in a sexy and very non-platonic way.

8. Remind Him That You’re a Woman!

Proper poise and posture speaks volumes when attractive a man’s romantic affection. When you stand up straight, lean back (just slightly), arch your break and keep your shoulders back, you naturally accentuate all parts of your body—and coincidentally, his favorite parts. Heels also help to correct the posture…ah, we knew there had to be a reason to wear heels when going out!

Remember to keep it subtle, but never be afraid to get his attention and keep it by demonstrating your feminine wiles.

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