How to Instantly Tell If a Guy Likes You: 9 Subtle Ways You Might Miss

Guys are easy to read, right? They either make it painfully clear that they’re in love with you OR they just seem completely aloof to your existence.

Actually, you might be surprised at how much “grey area” there is in between “in love” and “not interested.” Sometimes guys are slightly interested and sometimes their level of interest changes according to what you say, how you carry yourself and what your body language communicates.

Some men have “shields up”, and actually mask their behavior so that you are clueless as to how they really feel. But no problem, recognizing these particular behaviors will help you determine if this guy is a lost cause or just needs a little more interaction to bring out his hidden romeo.

1. He stands close to you.

Even if he’s trying his hardest to appear cocky and celebrity-caliber, the fact remains that men—almost involuntarily—move closer to the women they like. The proximity of his body to yours, and his limbs to you, is a good indicator of attraction. The closer he is, the more he wants to be heard, the more he wants to interact. When a man is not interested in you, he has no desire to speak, and so stands a much more respectful distance away from you.

2. He volunteers too much information.

You know how sometimes in dating, women are told not to share too much when a guy asks a simple question? Well in like manner guys break this rule all the time. Instead of just sticking to the conversation, guys that are “into you” tend to talk more about themselves. They try to “sell” it to you. They send you longer messages. They have longer conversations. They volunteer information you didn’t ask, hoping to keep your interest. It’s a subtle sign of trying to impress you.

3. Men that like you talk. Silence means they’re losing you.

The next time there is an awkward silence in the conversation, resist the urge to speak and avoid awkward tension. If the man is the first one to start a new subject or make a joke, or do anything to keep the conversation flowing, it means he is interested. If there is a stall in texting and he says something new to keep things going, he is interested. A man who is not interested won’t care if the two of you keep talking.

4. He always finds reasons to touch you.

While it’s true platonic friends do sometimes enjoy touching, guys that like you ALWAYS want to touch more. They initiate handshakes, hugs, taps on the shoulder and wrist grabs—anything for a taste of how it might feel to touch you. While a man touching is not a definite sign by itself, when combined with some of the above behaviors, it’s a definite tell.

5. He gives you his undivided attention.

When a man likes you, whatever reaction you give him becomes the center of his universe. So when he ignores his cell phone ringing, when he doesn’t bother checking his messages, and when he abandons his friends just to talk to you, that’s a definite indicator that he likes you. He doesn’t want to be interrupted. Regardless of any mixed messages he’s sending you in conversation, if he wants to be with you that counts for a lot.

6. He maintains close and communicative eye contact.

Eyes always matter—the more he looks at you, the more he is communicating how he really feels. Men who are distracted may only send you one coy glance. But eventually they move onto something else. Sometimes men may watch you from a distance or may look away if you stare back at them. Nervous guys back away but confident guys match your look, letting you know they like you. A man who has no interest just doesn’t seem concerned either way. (Or if you make eye contact with him, he may look confused or defensive)

7. He has positive and encouraging body language.

A man who’s not interested is defensive with folded arms, crossed legs or feet pointing towards the exit. A man interested in you is not only “open” with his arms and legs but also tends to lean in to hear you, gestures more actively, and makes small “preening” gestures as if he’s trying to look good. (i.e. combing his hair, rubbing his hand or making nervous “tapping gestures”)

The best indicator of all is when a man starts “mirroring” your own body language by very subtly copying your stance, your gestures, and your tone of speaking. This indicates that he’s either feeling comfortable with you or that he’s intentionally trying to mimic you build a rapport.

8. His friends give him away.

If you’re really shrewd about reading your man’s thoughts, hang out with him and his friends. He may have a perfect defensive shield up but his friends ALWAYS give him away. They sometimes give each other funny looks, as if to say, “Wow, Roger REALLY likes this girl.” Friends have a way of knowing their “best mate” even better than he does. They may give his real feelings away with just a glance or a smirk.

9. Ahem, he’s looking at your assets.

Last but not least, let’s think on a more crude and biological level. Men who are romantically interested in you tend to look at your breasts, butt and hips. As if anyone doubted that a recent study at the Wellesley College and the University of Kansas showed that men who are romantically interested in someone scan the reproductive organs; in contrast, if they ONLY look at a woman’s face and show perfectly gentleman behavior, they’re probably not that interested. Obviously, if they have no sexual interest in a woman, they don’t really look beyond her face when she’s talking.

Keep these in mind next time you’re doubting!

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