How to Tell If A Guy Likes You Quiz

Guys are hard to read, right? You’d think guys would be very obvious about their intentions, since guys are expected to be outgoing, charming and confident. And well, many of them are! But are they clear about their intentions?

Definitely not! Guys are actually far more subtle than many women realize. Things also get complicated when you start dividing up men according to whether they’re (A) interested in you romantically and (B) just interested in sex. Learning the read these signals and sense what the guy is actually thinking behind all his confusing behavior could save you a lot of stress and heartache.

So why not take our quiz on how to tell if a guy likes you, by answering these questions about the guy who’s paying you so much attention.

1. When the guy first sees you how does he react?
A: He comes up to you and immediately starts a long conversation.
B: He stares at you. Stops, then stares again.
C: He immediately waves at you.
D: He glances at you but then ignores you.

2. How often does he text or call you?
A: Almost every day, at least a word.
B: A few times a week but he starts the conversation.
C: He mainly responds to whatever you say, usually days at a time.
D: Not very often.

3. Has he ever commented on your body, face, beauty, hotness or anything flirty?
A: All the time!
B: He does every so often, and he makes a big deal out of saying it.
C: Yeah but he kind of says that to everybody.
D: No, now that you mention it.

4. What’s the story on his last girlfriend?
A: He is single and looking.
B: He just got out of a relationship.
C: He’s with someone technically, but he isn’t all that into her.
D: He is with someone, but she doesn’t love him enough!

5. How long does it take him to return a text or a phone message?
A: Within seconds or at least minutes!
B: About a day for each text.
C: A few days.
D: Usually weeks!

6. What kind of a sense of humor does he have?
A: Very playful and teasing, always making sure I laugh with him.
B: Really funny guy, he ought to be a professional comedian!
C: He usually makes fun of me or hurts my feelings.
D: He never really jokes at all, too polite to upset me.

7. What’s your usual topic of conversation?
A: We talk about everything together, especially his career, hobbies and lifestyle.
B: Shared hobbies, mutual interests.
C: Just joking around.
D: Sex all the time.

8. What is your “flow of conversation” like?
A: Effortless, almost timeless like we lose track of time talking.
B: Friendly and polite, but never very deep or interesting.
C: Mostly about sex so very giggly.
D: Awkward, almost forced.

9. Have you met his family yet?
A: Yes, he introduced me and they were all very friendly.
B: No but I have met some of his close friends.
C: Just a few people he knows, but most of them not family or friends.
D: No, not anyone.

10. Does he talk about other women he’s interested in?
A: No. He’s always paying attention to me.
B: Sometimes, but usually not over-focusing on them.
C: All the time, especially one night stand type of girls.
D: Yes and tells me he’s interested in meeting someone new, someone really special.

11. Do you touch each other, either romantically or platonically?
A: He does hold my hand sometimes and I love how it feels.
B: A lot of shoulder touches and friendly slaps or pokes.
C: We hug sometimes.
D: No…I guess we feel too awkward around each other.

12. How thrilled is the guy when he gets to talk to you?
A: Nervous and giggly, always gazing at me!
B: Bragging about himself, trying to impress me.
C: Just talking, listening, not really into the conversation.
D: He seems really uncomfortable even though he smiles.

13. Does he chase you or do you just seem to run into each other?
A: He is always chasing me down wanting to continue our last conversation!
B: He always seems to run into me…which means we always talk.
C: He gets busy quite a bit…doesn’t seem to care if I’m interested in other guys.
D: He avoids me…maybe too shy?

Understanding Points

Assign the value of 1 point for A, 2 points for B, 3 points for C and 4 points for D. The higher the total number, the bigger problems in communication that you have. The guy may not even notice your interest in him. The lower the number, the more likely that he likes you. A medium number may indicate he’s confused about the way he feels, which explains why he’s not more forward about asking you out.

High Score: This guy doesn’t seem to come alive in your presence, which is one of the biggest “signals” that a guy is chasing you. From your answers, he seems unenthused about the process of dating you, but necessarily other women, someone he hopes to feel a special connection with. You’ve never really met his family or friends or observed him in his day to day life…there’s no trust or bond between you that allows for that.

Medium Score: Don’t be surprised if a lot of guys seem on the “fence” so to speak as regards a new romantic relationship. There could be simple obstacles that hold them back from making more blatant signals. Then again, he could just be emotionally closed off and only be interested in casual sex. While sex is usually what attracts a man in the first place, waiting a while, and challenging him to connect emotionally and intellectually, may help him realize his true feelings for you.

Low Score: It’s obvious that you’re one of his best friends. But to be honest, guys usually don’t invest a lot of personal time in helping and getting to know a buddy. But he can’t seem to get enough of you and the fact that he enjoys sexual tension and flirting with you, suggest this one is all about the right timing. It’s not just that your conversations seem to “flow”…you really do have important things in common, like upbringing values and outlooks on life.

Keep an optimistic attitude about this crush of yours. All hope is not lost, even if you have a lower score at the moment. You will always have the upper hand because you have beauty, brains, and best of all, you know this man inside and out. You know exactly who he is and what he wants from a partner…and you can encourage him to chase you, win you over, and even propose! (Be sure to read our other blogs on how to make a man propose to you, no pressure needed)

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