If a Man is Interested He Will Pursue You – Is This True?

Is it true what they say—that if a man wants you, he will pursue you? Some might even say that a woman should never make the first move. Why is that, anyway? Are men biologically programmed to pursue women, and so a woman that makes the first move is going contrary to nature?

Actually, the truth is a little more complicated than that. It’s true that sometimes a woman can make the first move—sometimes a woman can even be aggressive and get a date out of a man. Times are changing, millennial culture, and yada yada.

The problem is, men are far more complicated than we sometimes realize. Here’s how most women view men.

1. Men want sex, right? Deprive them of sex long enough so that they fall in love.
2. Men are loyal once they’re in love. They’ll move mountains and fight the world for a woman’s heart!
3. Be nice to a guy…but not too nice, because he likes a challenge.

Yet all these steps are neglecting the whole principle of what the “chase” is all about.

Men will sometimes respond to women who “try too hard” or who come across as easy, but they usually only want a one night stand when that happens.

On the other hand, even if this guy is not the one night stand type of guy, and you think you’ve landed the best boyfriend in the world…

The problem is that if he thinks that you went after him, he will always wonder if there’s someone better out there.

The point being that a man needs to feel that HE is the one attracted, he is the one chasing, and he is the one putting forth effort to make his dream come true.

The more you work to “help him” in this regard, the more you’re working against your own future happiness.

This doesn’t mean you have to be mean to a guy, or pull a hot/cold routine on him. It simply means that he must want you enough to chase you.

Are Some Men Shy?

Of course some men are shy. And some men are socially “challenged” to put it nicely. But even the ones that are introverted and socially awkward always put forth some effort. Communication isn’t always clear but the man does try. He’s motivated to try something because as soon as he’s smitten with a woman his instinct kicks in to chase, to win, and to provide.

It’s safe to say that if a man is too “shy” to not approach you, or not send some kind of signal to you, there is a good reason.

For example…

1. He is attracted a little, but not enough.
2. He’s attracted to you but not interested beyond sex.
3. He is way too intimidated and fears rejection…retreat, retreat!
4. He thinks you want a commitment and he can’t give it to you.
5. He figures you will require too much effort.
6. He senses some other incompatibility.
7. He thinks you’re out of his league or opposite his lifestyle.
8. He doesn’t think he’s worthy of you.
9. He’s too busy.
10. He knows you want him and figures it’s no longer a challenge.

Interested Beyond Sex?

Even more important than initial attraction is the long-term compatibility that he senses. As you may know by now, if you sleep with a man too soon, you essentially give him permission to leave. You cure him of his unconscious desire to spread his seed and guarantee his genetic survival. His need to win what his heart desires has been satiated.

Now it’s time to test for real compatibility.

Not surprisingly, a woman quickly discovers that she and her lover had no real emotional connection or compatibility—or at least she never really showed the man anything of the sort. It was all flirting, all romance, no real discovery process.

And this brings us to a great life lesson…

A woman should not care why a man loses interest or why he stops pursuing her. All that really matters is that he is not interested in her, and so she has nothing to respond to. Because the minute she starts chasing him…

• Wanting to know why he stopped
• Wanting to prove herself worthy of him
• Wanting to prove him wrong

She’s already losing the battle. She will come across as too desperate (killing the initial attraction) or she will try so hard to be liked, he will devalue her and treat her like less than a queen. (And I think you know what I mean by that)

Some studies suggested that a man may even know within three weeks if he wants to marry a woman (at some point). Most people agree with this timeframe because it’s beyond quick sexual attraction and it’s long enough to start a real foundation for a relationship.

Men simply know who they are obsessing over and who challenges them. They know this very soon, within weeks if not days. Sometimes all it takes is one conversation to know they’ve met someone special…someone who challenges them so well, that they DESIRE to chase that woman and win her heart.

Can You Change a Man’s Opinion?

Now here’s where our train of thought differs from the others—YES, you can change a man’s opinion of you, even if he gets it in his head that you’re just friendship material (or one night stand material).

However, it requires letting go of the need to please him, and instead, challenging him to look at you in a different manner. You can be friends, while constantly making him reevaluate you thanks to your:

• Deep understanding of who he really is
• Your ability to make him feel good about himself and life in general
• The way you put him on edge and make him want to chase you
• The way he feels attracted and yet just a little intimidated because he feels out of your league
• Your great ambitions and self-reliance…men are fascinated by strong women!

It doesn’t require you chase…it simply requires you communicating with him, consciously and unconsciously, that if he works for it, you might be just his type. That’s what our site is all about, learning the art of feminine power—the kind that keeps men dreaming.

Words That Connect Straight to a Man’s Heart And Form An Unbreakable Bond

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These words form something I call a “Love Frame” that make a man feel like it’s his mission in life to treat you like a queen.

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These words will work on him even if…

…your man is pulling away from you or ignoring you completely…

…you think you got intimate with him too soon…

…or you feel like your situation is hopeless…

Because once you understand it…

You’ll be able to trigger a flood of emotion throughout his body that melts away all resistance…

Making him see you as the perfect woman for him…

A woman that he wants to pursue, fight for, and be with from now until the end of time…

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Talk soon,

Matthew Coast

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