If I Stop Chasing Him Will He Notice? (And How to Get Him to Chase You)

One of the first questions that comes up when women learn how to “date smart” with men is…

Now that I’ve stopped chasing him…how long do I wait?

Will he notice? Should I call him or send more signals?

This may seem confusing at first but the answer is easy to figure out once you have the right mind set. Let’s review 7 simple points that will help you remain focused and strong in your feminine power.

1. Yes, of course he noticed. He is thinking about you now and wondering what happened and why you stopped chasing him.

The easy answer is Yes, of course he’s noticed…but the reality is that he’s trying to determine if he misses you or not. This process may take a while. In the meantime, you don’t want to ruin things or “influence” his opinion by dropping by, sending cutesy messages or “check ins” that feel like desperate cries for attention. Remain strong now and stick to the plan.

2. That depends…are you really presenting your “best self” to him?

Don’t even think of meeting him again or texting him unless you’re showing him your better self. If you’ve been stuck in a rut lately and don’t feel attractive, don’t bother trying to get his attention. Focus on becoming irresistible. Dress better and put your effort forth in becoming more attractive to other people and for yourself. This way, the next time he happens to see you, he will immediately notice a change.

3. Stay busy with your life and your personal goals—put him on the shelf.

The key here is to NOT make him the center of your attention but to keep him on the “shelf” so to speak—aware of him and curious about him, but in no need of seeing him right away. Your objective is to avoid telling him that you need him, or even crave his attention. Show him that you’re stronger than that…it takes a lot more than a man’s casual attention to impress you.

It helps to actually get busy in doing other things rather than to “fake it” and make it seem like you have a great life. Method act this one, meaning it’s about time you focus on your career, or hobby, or personal passion in life. This helps you learn self-control and get the emphasis of him as your primary desire. The more you obsess over him, the more you project that need.

This is why focusing on self-improvement is so helpful, not just for you, but also in keeping you focused on the strategy itself—which is to let him miss you.

4. When the timing is right, only show interest in him as a friend.

There’s no need to shun him or act “intentionally cold” if you run into him. Be friendly and casual, the same way you were when you first met. Just avoid any romantic signals and inquire about him as a friend. He will get mixed messages here, nice and yet not intimate like before, so his curiosity may be peaked.

As always, end the conversation first and don’t wait for him to exit.

5. Be more mysterious so that he has questions.

Most men love a good mystery and so if you’re fretting over what to say…don’t say much of anything. Keep him guessing. Admit to certain things, like specific questions he asks, but elude him when it comes to what’s really happening in your life. Mention casually doing something amazing (don’t lie…once again, do!) and then let him ponder over these “new sides” of you that he’s getting to know.

Anothet technique that might help make you seem more enigmatic is to change your tactics just when he thinks he knows you or can anticipate how you will react. Your goal is to make him think, “Maybe I don’t really know this woman as well as I thought!” That’s what gets him interested in you—because you seem like a new person.

6. Don’t wait for him…move on and let him catch up on his own terms.

People really need to get over the idea of “waiting for someone” or getting them before they’re gone for good. That kind of thinking serves no purpose except to get you all riled up and nervous about “failing.” Instead, let him go and be as independent as he wants. And don’t wait for him. Explore all your options.

Frankly, dating someone else or talking about another man will only make you more attractive in his eyes. This opens up his natural jealousy. But use this one as a secret weapon if you will, and try not to over-use it or cheapen the idea by flaunting your new boyfriend. The focus should be on YOU moving on, not trying to goad him into a reaction.

7. When he comes back, craving your attention, make him work harder for it.

Don’t be mean—but be a little “hard to get”, when it comes to trusting him. You shouldn’t trust him. After all, he let you down before and a man that really values you should not be so careless.

Be a little harder to impress and make him earn your favor, your attention and your genuine expression. He will sense that he has to work that much harder to get and keep your attention—meaning he will like the feeling of winning you over and will show renewed interest in you now that HE is the one doing the chasing.

Because when a man chases a woman, that means he FEELS the attraction. He knows it’s something genuine because he is putting forth all this effort into making it happen.

Encourage him to chase and he will always notice you because you make him feel alive!

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    If he said I need to be alone and we were no contacted for 13 days ago , and I was not sent him birthday that passed for 5 days too.. he still not contact me any , so how should i do ? Please advice,
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