Kissing – How to Make Him Crave You with Your Kiss

“Kiss me and you will see how important I am.” -Sylvia Plath

“A man’s kiss is his signature.” -Mae West

“Kiss me…that’s right kiss me.” -Madonna

Kissing is really a lost art form, isn’t it? But of all the great quotes about kissing over the years, one of the best is by the late great Mae West. Kissing is indeed a man’s signature. The way a man kisses reveals a lot about his character, his confidence and the way he thinks about love and life.

But it’s not just the man’s job anymore. Today, women are evaluated just as much for their kissing skills. All the more so, if a woman chooses not to have sex right away (as she should). A man may well consider the kiss a preview of what to expect in the bedroom should the relationship progress. If the kiss is disappointing, he might second-guess whether or not he wants to invest the time in getting to know her or if the physical chemistry is just not there.

Well the pressure is on now!

Hey, it’s not fair. But that’s how some men think. So IF a man deserves a kiss, you might as well research kissing techniques and make sure it’s the best he’s ever had!

So how in the world can a woman become a “good kisser” – especially if she hasn’t had a lot of guys teaching her about technique? It’s true that to some extent that a kiss is easy to learn by experience. You open your mouth and touch your lips with his. A gentle sucking gradually leads to a fuller, deeper embrace. And then you improvise the rest, right?

But knowing how most people kiss, and figuring how YOU are going to be the best kisser he’s ever had, are two different things. Let’s consider a few tips on how to make your kiss excellent and then consider one more final tip on making it personal.

1. Be prepared!

To quote Scar the Lion, your teeth and ambitions are bared—be prepared. A smart woman knows that preparing for the perfect kiss may well be half the battle. Great kisses don’t happen by accident. Anticipate when he might make a move and freshen your breath and brush your teeth in advance. Use lip balm to make sure your lips are extra full and kissable.

In the minutes or hours before it happens, start sending him ideas about kissing without a word. Look at his lips and then back into his eyes. Draw attention to your lips by puckering them up. Keep strong eye contact when you speak…let him catch you staring. Give him those come hither “doe eyes” that communicate exactly what you want. Let him get used to the idea of looking at your face up close and personal.

2. Don’t lead. But don’t freeze either.

Men like to take control. Some men will prefer to kiss you first. But then again, some men want you to make the first move, or at least give them positive signs that it’s okay to come in for a kiss. In either case, you do want to let him take control. Even if you decide to make the first move, be slow about reaching in and kissing him. Tilt your head and move closer, giving him the idea that this is going to happen. But let HIM lead and touch your lips first. From there, let him direct the kiss as if you’re dancing and he’s leading. He may have ideas on how to make the kiss very romantic and intense and you don’t want to stop him by fighting for control.

On the other hand a woman who kisses aggressively and “leads” may be a turn-off for a guy who wants that control. Control makes him feel comfortable.

3. Make him feel your DESIRE by adding to the kiss.

Polite kissing is not enough. In fact, it can be as disappointing as an overly aggressive kiss. Kissing should be characterized by desire, passion and hunger for him. Some women express this in different ways, like small nibbles with their teeth, or stronger suction, or even by caressing his head, shoulders or waist. Let your desire guide you and express yourself with touches and caresses while continuing the kiss.

4. Slow it down.

The worst sin you can make in fast forwarding a kiss to French-kissing or full blown sex. (Or letting him rush things too soon!) Slow it down and let him savor this moment. The longer the first kiss lasts, the more memorable it is. Keep calm and start with a steady pace—not too greedy at first, but just the hint of desire. As the kiss goes on, it gets more intense.

5. Move your head and keep the rhythm going.

As the kiss goes on, your first thought may be to break it. To gasp for air, to make sure he’s OK with this, to ask how you did, and so on. But ignore all those instincts. Instead, keep the rhythm of the kiss going. Move your head and switch positions so that he can taste every morsel of your lips. Go with the flow of energy and try to stay in that moment.

6. Let him HEAR you in between kisses.

When he does release the kiss (or you can’t help but break it up) go back and kiss him again. But in between those kisses, let him hear your voice. Sigh and swoon just a little bit, giving him feedback of how good it was. Then the next kiss, whisper into his hear, telling him what a good kisser he is. When you speak, use a higher pitch of voice but a slower pace of talking. Make the experience as “aural” as possible and provide some good sound effects to make the experience to life.

7. Before you tongue, kiss outside the box!

French kissing should be the final moments, so before rushing into tongue action vary your kisses outside the lip area. Kiss him on his jaw, on his cheeks, his upper lip, lower lip and on his face. Suck on his upper and lower lip or even very softly use your teeth. This is a good prelude to tongue.

When you use your tongue, swirl it in a circular motion as if licking an ice cream cone. Don’t go for hard or invasive or reaching into his throat. Just take it slow and explore his mouth as far as your tongue can reach. Don’t sword fight with your tongues, just focus on soft and curious.

This is the part where you can really make the kiss unique. Add your own personal touch to the kiss. Something that just “feels right” in the moment. Some people like to keep their eyes open when they kiss, gazing into each other. Personalize this according to how you feel, and what you sense he wants. Pay attention to what he does and COMPLEMENT his actions with your reaction.

Personalizing the kiss will make memorable even beyond just being a “good kisser”. This is the best way to make the kiss powerful and hard to resist. Don’t just treat the kiss as a prelude to kiss. Make it a sensual and complete experience all its own.

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  1. Am glad to comment on your post tofay,have got allot and learned a lot as well thanks for sharing your work with me/us. But what can you do if he ignores me

  2. Ooooh kissing! I love to kiss, when my guy gently bites my lower lip, I lightly bite his upper lip. That drives us both wild. We always take time before during and after to kiss long deep and slow. A great kiss is the warm up and close of a great love every day in my life.❤️❤️

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