Kobe Bryant’s Secret Success Elixir?

There is an expression used in Latin American kitchens that sums up the mystical power of a good bone broth.

“Good broth resurrects the dead,” the saying goes.

The word “dead” also pretty much sums up what many people thought about Kobe Bryant’s career when the aging Los Angeles Lakers star ruptured his Achilles tendon. Then, on top of that, fractured a knee during an eight-month stretch in 2013.

And yet, this season, at the age of 36, Bryant not only returned, he thrived. Averaging 22.3 points per game (ninth best in the NBA) on a pair of legs that have logged more than 46,000 minutes on NBA hardwood.

His secret?

He and his coaches credit much of his quick recovery — as well as his longevity–to chicken and vegetable soup.

Not just any soup, but a broth made from BONES.

Bone broth has quietly but steadily become a daily staple of Bryant’s diet over the past three years. It’s the foundation of his pregame meal at home and on the road, and the Lakers put in long hours to make sure it’s carefully prepared for him at all times.

“I’ve been doing the bone broth for a while now,” Bryant said. “It’s great — energy, inflammation. It’s great.”

Each day at the Lakers practice facility in El Segundo, Sandra Padilla, the team’s longtime chef, makes enough bone broth to feed around 30 people, many of them hungry athletes with large appetites.

Now, as a regular newsletter reader, you know that we LOVE bone broth around these parts. And you also probably know that it is an amazing superfood — it’s been shown to:

* Reduce inflammation
* Improve your digestion, adrenals, bones & teeth
* Promote healthy joints, tendons, and ligaments
* Improve the function of your immune system
* Reduce wrinkles, banish cellulite, and improve the quality of your skin

And of course, a lot more!

Bone broth is filled with an abundance of healthy minerals, amino acids, protein, collagen, and gelatin — all combining to give you immense nutritional benefits.

Now, one of the challenges with bone broth is that it doesn’t always exactly taste great when you make it.

And I don’t care how motivated you are — even though you know how good bone broth is for you, if you don’t LOVE the taste of what you’re eating — you’re not going to eat it as much!

Which means you’ll end up missing out in the amazing benefits mentioned above.

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