Long Distance Date Ideas

In-person meetings are so overrated these days! The fact is, online meetings are a necessity, especially if you’re traveling for work, or telecommuting or going on vacation. For that matter, many new couples are getting together online first – and then meeting up in-person later on, if there’s a connection.

All of which means one thing. It’s time to get creative and come up with some interesting ideas for long distance dating. While it is fun to just have one long and endless text conversation, and while talking on the phone is a thrill, let’s be honest. At some point you might run out of things to say!

That doesn’t mean the relationship has run its course. Everyone eventually runs out of things to say. What keeps the conversation going, and what keeps attraction strong, is using your imagination and making your online dates more fun and interactive. Let’s consider 10 great ideas for making your next chat even more exciting.

1. Have a romantic dinner, via Facebook, Facetime or Skype

There’s no reason why your lack of physical presence has to prevent you having a wonderful dinner together. Better yet, rather than hosting it at McDonald’s (which admittedly does have free WI-FI), have dinner at home – and cook your meals. You can chat while cooking and if you’re adventurous, find a new recipe altogether. Not only have you had a great date…you also added another meal to your personal menu!

2. Watch a sunset or a starry night together

You know it’s romantic to sit under the stars or out on the beach watching the sunset? You can do that on a date too, whether you want to virtually check out a beach or just webcam chat as you hold your tablet out to the sky in real time. Relax and make simple small talk about how beautiful life is. Let your mind flow freely…maybe you’ll come up with some epic poetry.

3. Watch a movie together

Have a new flick you’ve both been dying to see? Why wait until you meet? Watch it now, either using a streaming service, or simply watching it on DVD as you talk to each other on the phone. An alternate idea is to take turns watching your favorite film at the same time and then offer your own director’s commentary on why you loved the film so much. It’s a fascinating glimpse into each other’s minds.

4. Read a book together

If you both enjoy reading but can’t think of any lengthy commentary, then try reading a book together and focusing together on the author’s deep thoughts. Take turns reading chapters or even divide the cast of characters and pick your favorite roles to voice. You can do this to an old classic or an altogether new book that you both want to read. You can have your own personal book club every month!

5. Play truth or dare…or another imagination game

The great thing about Truth or Dare is that it can be as kinky as you want or as interesting as you want. Ask each other about sex or other kink, OR, just play a game of 20 questions and dispense with the dares. Ask questions of each other that help to reveal your true personality. Remember, you can also substitute Truth or Dare for similar question games like “Kiss, Marry, Kill”, 2 Truths 1 Lie, or “Never Have I Ever”.

6. Be a little naughty

When you reach a point of trust and intimacy in the relationship, try not to be so shy! There’s no reason to wait for an in-person meeting to explore your shared passions. You can have fun sexting, getting kinky on webcam, or even writing romantic or erotic stories about each other (which you can then read). This is a great way to intensify attraction…it will only make your love life simmer when you get to finally have an in-person meeting.

7. Give each other a virtual tour of each other’s place

Why not give your date a full view of your home or current place of residence? Use your camera to live-stream you walking through every room, then touring the area outside. It really gives you both a deeper feeling of intimacy, since you’re not only connecting in mind but getting used to the physical reality of each other’s lives. Even if you’ve been married or dating for a while, sharing sights and daily routines would still be a nice way to bond.

8. Draw something for each other and then send it via snail mail

Talk to each other as you get in touch with your creative side. Draw a picture using your artistic talents or simply doodle or write letters to each other. Don’t actually tell your partner what you created…instead, send it via USPS. That way, you can look forward to receiving the drawing and chatting about it the next time you’re both online.

9. Dream together and imagine details

Why wait impatiently for your next in-person meeting, (where you’ll both wonder what to do) when you can create an itinerary in advance? Research places, landmarks, stores and theme parks you’ve always wanted to visit and plan a trip for your next in-person meeting. Half the fun will be anticipating the trip for months and then actually seeing it together in person will be the pay off. You can even get silly with it and plan trips you might never take…but wouldn’t it be fun if you did? Get creative by creating Pinterest boards all about the experience, looking up Wiki articles, and sharing images of what your future trip might look like.

10. Forget dreaming…virtually tour a world famous site together!

Finally, there’s no reason to dream when you can actually see many amazing sites all over the world – places you might never go. You can virtually tour cities using sites like 360Cities.net or look up Google Maps to walk down a street, or use EarthAlbum.com to see some great photos. Remember that touring sites is about conversation not just sightseeing. Share your thoughts on what you see and make this a memorable virtual date.

This is the golden age for “virtual anything”, given how much of the Internet is devoted to simulation and interactive fun. Take advantage of it and keep your partner enlightened and entertained about the exciting world out there.

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