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Obviously, you didn't take me up on the Coaching Package.

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Well, the only reason I can think of is... MONEY.

I know times are tough right now and some women are hurting pretty bad. A lot of women call me up and say, "I really, really need the coaching but I just can't afford it right now." And most of the time I have to say, "I'm sorry."

But since you've made it this far and shown me that you are willing to invest in yourself to finally have the relationship you deserve, I've got a special offer for you.

In fact, I've come up with an offer that may even anger some people... (And frankly, I would prefer if you kept it to yourself.)

Here it is:

I want to give you The Ultimate Love Formula Breakthrough Coaching Session at a substantial discount, but to be fair to everyone, I have to take something away.

You'll get The Ultimate Love Formula Coaching Session, but I'm going to have to remove the 2 additional One-on-One Coaching Sessions. There is just no way I can include those with this special offer I'm going to make you.

I'll give you the Breakthrough Session, for only $695.

That means you'll invest just $695 today and get private one-on-one access to my head coach.

This is only being offered to you once since you've shown me you genuinely want to invest in yourself. Like I said, I want to do everything I can for you to succeed, so this is just something that I decided to offer to help a few people out while times are tough.

However, this is your one chance to take advantage of it and you will never see it anywhere else.

To take me up on this offer is really easy: scroll down and review what you'll be receiving and then click on the "Upgrade My Order" button...

This will immediately be added to your investment. I've made it as easy as possible to take advantage of this. Don't risk missing out on this deal and losing the man you want... Scroll down and click the "Upgrade My Order" button below and I'll see you on the other side.

Here's What You Get...

The Soulmate Attraction
Breakthrough Session

Our head-coach will uncover exactly what’s blocking you from your goals.

They will walk you through my “Breakthrough” transformation exercise with the goal of giving you a breakthrough right during our session.

Our coach will prescribe an action plan for your unique situation so that you can be on your way to having the relationship you’ve always wanted.

Retail Value - $997

My Big Offer!

The value of this is $997!

However, if you take action right now, as a 'thank you' for investing in yourself, you get to have everything I listed above for the one-time-only ridiculously discounted price of $695.

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The Soulmate Attraction Breakthrough Session

Retail $997 INCLUDED

Total Value $997

My Big Offer $695

This Special One-Time-Offer Price All of My Personal One-on-One Support:

Just one payment of only $695

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