Nicknames for Guy Best Friends

It’s fairly common nowadays for a woman to have a friendship with a man that doesn’t involve sex.  Call it a bro-mance for women!

And of course, you have people that say, “A man and a woman can never be friends.”

But actually they can.  Consider these scenarios:

  • Two lifelong friends that aren’t sexually attracted to each other
  • A woman and a gay man that are friends
  • Two blood relatives that are friends
  • Male and female friends who are married to other people and so keep things strictly platonic

You see, it could happen.  Maybe it’s society that has the problem, the “perspective” that something is wrong with a man and a woman being friends without being romantically or sexually interested in each other.

It’s definitely possible.  If and when it happens it’s a friendship worth cherishing, protecting, and “maintenancing”, if you will.  You have to keep maintaining this friendship and letting your buddy know that his loyalty and honesty is always appreciated.  Writing letters or sending regular messages are some ways to do that.  But here’s another idea…

One subtle but effective way to do this is by assigning him a new nickname.  How do you choose a nickname for a guy that’s not a boyfriend but still a good friend?  Here are some ideas.

  1. Adopted Bro (A sibling-like friendship)
  2. Admiral (A respectable man’s man)
  3. Brethren (Someone like a brother or family)
  4. Buster (A punk, but a punk you love)
  5. Chipmunk (A squeaking but adorable friend)
  6. Captain Jack (Your drunk, rowdy friend)
  7. Hamburger (Always ready to go get a bite)
  8. Mister Hollywood (A handsome and stylish guy)
  9. Turtle (A cool guy but sometimes slow getting ready)
  10. Fungi (A fun guy to be with!)
  11. King Mufasa (He’s like the dad you always wanted)
  12. Jedi Master (A skilled and nerdy confidant)
  13. Merlin the Wizard (A talented and magic-loving friend)
  14. My Pizza Buddy (He’s always down for pizza)
  15. Trent (A musician, a bad boy, but a friend)
  16. Poker Face (Always hard to read, but fun)
  17. The Giant (He’s a tall guy!)
  18. Danger Mouse (As smart as a spy, an adventurer, but still goofy)
  19. Godzilla (A master troll that can always make you laugh)
  20. ALF (An adorable furry guy from another world)
  21. Vapemaster (He’s got the huge beard and everything)
  22. Big Daddy Cool (A suitable name for a tough guy)
  23. Black Santa (If he always gives good Christmas presents)
  24. The Flash (Fastest guy in coming up with facts and arguments)
  25. Wiseguy (The funniest guy in the room)
  26. Don Juan (Always a lady’s man)
  27. Muppet (A muppet, so he’s adorable!)
  28. Sugar Butt (If he doesn’t mind being teased, he’ll get a good laugh)
  29. Goofy (He’s big and tall and tough, but still resembles the Disney character)
  30. Ganja Master (Your smoking and toking buddy)
  31. Ace Ventura (He’s the craziest friend you know…or the guy who’s always helping out animals)
  32. Charlie Brown (He’s always got a story…why’s everyone always picking on him?)
  33. Clark Kent (A nerdy guy, but deep down, someone very strong)
  34. Brat (He just loves to antagonize people for a laugh)
  35. The Maestro (A brilliant musician)
  36. Chunky Monkey Junkie (In honor of the Beastie Boys, whom he probably likes)
  37. Freckles (A fitting name for a gingerly fellow)
  38. Don Corleone (He’s so smooth you might think he’s a mafia king)
  39. Rockstar (He’s a traveling man and a great singer)
  40. Sparky (Always the “spark” of the party)
  41. My Unicorn (A rare and valuable friend)
  42. Wolfie (A cute werewolf you can always count on)
  43. The Terminator (The scariest guy when you first meet him, but still on your side!)
  44. The Sheriff (Always a law and order type of guy)
  45. Zombie Killer (He’s the survivalist you can count on in a zombie apocalypse)
  46. The Professor (He’s the smartest guy you know)
  47. The Master of the Universe (He may not have He-Man’s body, but he’s still the master)
  48. Kramer (He’s the weird neighbor friend)
  49. The Hobbit (An endearing name to your friend that looks like Elijah Wood)
  50. My Bodyguard (He’s Kevin Costner to your Whitney Houston)
  51. Deputy Barney (In honor of Mayberry, the funniest friend in the room)
  52. Your Golden Girl (If he’s your gay friend, he might like this one)
  53. The Wookiee (Star Wars fan, perhaps?
  54. The Viking (Any Nordic ancestry?)
  55. Jeopardy Champion (Is he a walking encyclopedia of useless facts?)
  56. The Negotiator (Is he good at making deals and negotiating with people?)
  57. Old Rough and Ready (Is he a tough-talking, political minded kind of guy?)
  58. Hawkeye (If your boyfriend is Spider-Man or Iron Man, your BFF is surely Hawkeye…you make a pretty good team!)
  59. Bumblee (If your boyfriend is Optimus Prime, your BFF is Bumblebee!)
  60. Daffy Duck or Bugs Bunny (Pick your favorite – your friend gets to be the other guy)

Is there a secret to choosing a good friend name?  Not really.  As you can see they are playful but not too flirty in nature.  Friends usually don’t flirt, it just seems weird.  But they tease.  They laugh together.  They treat each other like brothers or sisters, or at least like friends they’ve known all their lives.  Just experiment with names until you find something that feels natural and that rewards your best friend for his best qualities.  Find something that you, and other people, like about your friend and then give him a nickname based on that.

In conclusion, remember that close friendships are rare in life.  We might have many acquaintances, or casual friends, but a true friend, a best friend, is a treasure.  Be sure to let your best guy friend know that the special relationship you have together is appreciated.  Perhaps it’s even deeper than sex or romance.  A true soul mate, a confidant, and a lifelong friend!

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