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You know what I like to do?  Surf dating websites just to see what singles today are doing right and wrong.  It’s educational and kind of fun.  Sometimes I look at profiles and come up with blog ideas, based on what I see out there.

What’s been my observation for most of 2019?  Single people are actually doing fairly well.  They understand the importance of a good picture.  They try to make their profiles detailed.  They list what they want, what they’re looking for.  It’s also not a bad idea to have their dating profile connected to an offsite page, like Spotify or Facebook, just to show you they’re “real” and not hiding any secrets.

Maybe the only real problem is that there are so many good photos and so many attractive singles out there, that “standing out” is the real challenge.  How do you stand out?  Especially considering the vast majority of us are normal, down-to-earth people and not living our best Kanye West kind of lifestyle?

The challenge is not necessarily in hyping up your profile and definitely not in lying about anything.  The best way to “boost” your profile organically, and get the most attention from higher quality single guys, is to work a little bit on the headline.

Once you develop an attention-grabbing headline, you write the rest of the profile with the headline still in mind.  You basically “build onto” the headline and grab the guy’s attention with a great “portrait” of what kind of woman you are.

Rather than make up a bunch of headlines, I thought for this article I might try listing some of the best headlines I found on Plenty of Fish.  And yeah, just for the heck of it, I also decided to list some of the worst.  Notice some of the explanations…

Maybe by studying the competition you can come up with something that stands out from the crowd and encourages a hot and successful guy to take a chance.


  1. Looking someone to laugh with (good associations)
  2. You may say I’m a dreamer (using song lyrics, good)
  3. Sports Lover Here (showing your interests upfront)
  4. Independent business woman (showing your confidence)
  5. Must be willing to meet and carry on a conversation (expectations set)
  6. I am your shot of whiskey (good one, the idea is fun and relaxation)
  7. Happy fishing my loves (interests shared)
  8. Use your smile to change the world (positive images)
  9. Just start with hello (welcoming a shy guy into a conversation)
  10. You scared? (humorous way of welcoming a shy guy into conversation)
  11. Life is worthwhile if you just smile (positive mindset, good!)
  12. Life is an adventure, so let’s just enjoy the journey (all about adventure, nice)
  13. Looking for my duet partner (singing, fun, romance, not bad)
  14. Order my crazy cat lady starter kit soon (kind of a downer, but still funny)
  15. Rare Breed (I like this one…short, but gets the unique feeling across)
  16. You can study me but you’ll never graduate (a challenge issued!)
  17. Make me laugh (simple and to the point)
  18. Love yourself or nobody will (a life lesson, a confident thinker)
  19. Match me, don’t be threatened (another welcoming headline)
  20. What’s your sign? (easy segue into an astrology conversation)
  21. Just a country girl, being outdoors is better (interests shared)
  22. OK OK I admit, I match my socks! (funny)
  23. Tattoos and whiskey make my frisky (really funny, very witty!)
  24. Magically, mysteriously delicious (nice feeling and preparing the guy for a mysterious woman, nice!)
  25. Look like Barbie, smoke like Marley (funny although it might scare non-smokers away)
  26. California Girl Living In A Georgia World (conveys a lot with a lyric)


  1. Hello (not really saying much of anything)
  2. I’m a big girl (is that really saying anything?)
  3. Looking for something serious (most women on these dating sites are)
  4. Losing my faith in the male gender one instant message at a time (very negative)
  5. I’m a sweet one (not terrible, but most people in general are sweet, aren’t they?)
  6. Hey there (friendly but not interesting)
  7. Just Ask (he’s not going to ask unless you capture his interest)
  8. Don’t waste my time, I won’t waste yours (very negative, most men would give up)
  9. … (why even type this?)
  10. No games (I understand why women say this, but it goes without saying that no one likes to be manipulated. Instead, focus on the positives of someone you can trust)
  11. Not sure what to say here (maybe should have thought of something)
  12. Please read my profile (yes, men do…but the headline needs to GRAB!)
  13. I am sweet, thoughtful and smart (OK but instead of telling him, SHOW him with an example of your life, your thoughts, your humor)
  14. No old ass men either god bless (Umm…)
  15. I hate dumbass people bum ass @@#$%! (No, no, no)
  16. Can you keep my attention? (yes, every man knows this but it goes without saying)
  17. Looking for…I’ll let you know when I find it (not a very promising introduction…if you don’t know what you want, how is he going to know?)
  18. I do not respond to “hey what’s up” (already starting an antagonistic conversation)
  19. I am looking for someone special (most people are)
  20. I am ready to settle down (why tell a guy from the very beginning, you’re settling?)
  21. Separated…what’s love anymore? (might get you some attention, but probably the wrong attention. Negativity tends to attract shallow guys)
  22. If my dog doesn’t like you odds are I won’t either (already a threat? Come on…)
  23. Ready to meet new friends (most people are, yes, but not very helpful)
  24. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” (it’s not a bad idea but it’s so obviously a quote…why not create your own quote?)
  25. Looking for a good man, any left? (I sure hope so!)
  26. If you want sex keep moving! (this doesn’t deter players, and just intimidates good men who might otherwise be interested in a conversation)

As we’ve discussed, the best guys are looking for higher quality singles.  By spending some time on your profile, you can draw attention to yourself and most important give the impression of a successful, fun and positive woman.  That’s the “high-value woman” that high-value men are looking for.

Having high standards is a very good thing.  Don’t settle.  Just take your search online and you may very well find exactly what you’re looking for.

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