Really Good Dares

Isn’t it fun playing Truth or Dare?  It’s not only a fun getting-to-know-you game, but it can also be very exciting, even erotic, the more your relationship develops.

While we usually don’t think of Truth or Dare as a game of skill, it IS a game of patience and strategizing.

That is to say, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it.  The wrong way to do it is to immediately jump into personal questions and then throw out a ridiculous dare that no sane person would ever try.

So a dare like, “run around naked at your local Wal-Mart” is useless.  No one’s going to do that and especially not for a little game.  Your best bet if you want to make it memorable, and more importantly, if you want to increase sexual tension with your Truth or Dare partner, is to start with simple and innocent questions – as well as simple dares – and then progress onto some more risqué suggestions.

Here are some examples of really good dares, starting from innocent and getting progressively outrageous.

  1. Sing a love song over the phone. Put his confidence to the test!
  2. Voice imitate a celebrity or one of your mutual friends.
  3. Prank call a random number, pretending to be someone ordering pizza.
  4. Talk to all of your friends and work colleagues with a strong accent.
  5. Take a shower with all your clothes on and post it on Instagram #showerchallenge.
  6. Go talk to your neighbor and make small talk for 10 minutes.
  7. Go get your legs waxed.
  8. Get dressed up as a woman.
  9. Perform a belly dance or strip dance
  10. Post a nude selfie on Facebook from the belly button up.
  11. Go to a club and intentionally dance like an idiot.
  12. Go to an open mic night at a comedy club with no prepared material and bomb.
  13. Post an ad on Craigslist requesting a spanking.
  14. Flash his best bro friend.
  15. Do a private Skype call in your underwear. (Also any friends online must be able to join the call)
  16. Go hit on one of your mutual friends.
  17. Send me a list of all your weirdest sexual fetishes. (That’s even worse than a truth question!)
  18. Write a love letter to each one of your platonic female friends.
  19. Write a gigantic rant on Facebook about sharing your feelings. Pretend that you’re crying and ask for sympathy from your friends.
  20. Go to Wal-Mart and loudly talk to yourself as you go shopping.
  21. Describe to me one of your sexual fantasies about me.
  22. Call a phone sex chat line and pretend to be Donald Trump.
  23. Eat a banana in a very suggestive and sensual way.
  24. Pretend to be a mime and act out the last porno you saw using a chair as your partner.
  25. Beg me for a spanking.
  26. Invite all your friends over and explain with a straight face that clothing is optional.
  27. Go commando (no underwear) to work.
  28. Say something that sexy that will turn me on.
  29. Let a friend find one of your sex toys by “accident”.
  30. Pretend to “accidentally” cyber sext a platonic fried.
  31. Start a Facebook Live and announce your love for me.
  32. Sit on my lap and tell me a story.
  33. Give me a free back massage.
  34. Put on some sexy music and vacuum in your underwear on video.
  35. Let me borrow your phone – and do whatever I want with it.
  36. Get really drunk with me via text and play some real Truth or Dare!
  37. Stuff your pants with socks and pretend you’re huge – walk around a public place.
  38. .
  39. Videotape yourself seducing a puppet.
  40. Let someone draw whatever they want on your face.


  1. Invite your friends over or host a conference call. Tell them the name of your penis and then give a long speech about why you chose that name. Finish the speech until all your friends leave the room
  2. Read an erotic novel by phone.
  3. Become my slave for 24 hours and do whatever I tell you.
  4. Send me a dirty text in emojis and let me decipher it.
  5. Write an erotica story about us.
  6. Self-publish an erotic calendar with 12 poses.
  7. Play with yourself on camera for me.
  8. Tell me a sexual fantasy about us over the phone while you touch yourself.
  9. Suck and lick my toes and feet.
  10. Send a nude picture to me via phone
  11. Give me (and my friend) a sexy male lap dance
  12. Fake an orgasm over the phone or on camera.
  13. Ask one of our mutual hot friends for a threesome.
  14. Lightly graze your fingers over my lips while you whisper “I’m coming” several times.
  15. Reenact the last porn you saw with me!
  16. Ask a friend to wrestle you naked.
  17. Shave off all your body hair and oil up.
  18. Play doctor and let me do a prostate massage on you.
  19. Kiss every inch of my body except genitals and breasts for two hours.
  20. Make love to me in a public place.

Of course, the point of this game is to learn about each other, laugh with each other, and bring each other out of your comfort zone.  People usually have inhibitions about speaking their true thoughts and feelings on a date.  Icebreaker games can help you both relax and get the conversation going.

Truth or dare is actually a great way to bond together and to increase sexual tension, if both of you are nervous about discussing sex or dating.  You can play it in groups or as a couple over the video chat, phone or texting.

But if you’re going to “text or dare”, make sure you have a rule about the dare: pictures or it didn’t happen!

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