Sweet Pick Up Lines

Have you ever met a man and felt instantly attracted to him?  If only he would come up to you and start a great and flirty conversation!

Yeah well…sometimes that never happens.  You give him a look.  He sort of looks back…and nothing else happens!

Why isn’t he coming up to you?  Maybe the timing isn’t right.  Maybe he’s distracted or intimidated.  Maybe he’s just the shy type.

Well here’s an idea.  What if YOU went up to him and tried to make conversation?

Is this breaking the first rule of dating?  You know, the one that says women can never make the first move?

This is a somewhat dated viewpoint and frankly, it’s one that we’re outgrowing.  It’s no longer a social taboo for a woman to approach a man.  It’s not weird if a woman wants to start a conversation.  And although it doesn’t happen every day, it’s safe to assume it happens a lot – yes, when a woman asks a man to dance!

Now that said, approaching a man and being coy, overtly sexual, and aggressive can be a VERY risky thing to do.  Some men don’t like being approached that way.  Some men might be scared.  Some men might go along with it but only want a one night stand – because he thinks this is all about NSA sex.

So going up to a man and using a cheesy pickup line might not be the best strategy.  What you might try instead is coming up with a “sweet” pick up line.

Now what do I mean by sweet?  True, there are some sweet pick up lines.  As in some of these very charming lines:

  1. Hi, I’m writing an article on the finer things in life and I was thinking maybe I could interview you?
  2. Your eyes are piercing.
  3. You’re kind of weird. And I just so happen to adore weird hot guys.
  4. I want to hug you like a tree!
  5. The only thing your adorable eyes haven’t told me yet is your name.
  6. I do play the field actually…But with you I think I’ve hit a home run.
  7. You look like a guy who appreciates a good game of truth or dare.
  8. Have you ever read a Dr. Seuss book? Because green eggs and DAMN!
  9. You’re cute. You intrigue me.  You should text me maybe.
  10. That is a cool shirt! Did your girlfriend pick it out for you?
  11. What is happening in the heavens? Well, apparently angels are walking the earth!
  12. You’re like really good coffee. You’re strong, sweet, and make me nervous.
  13. Has anyone ever told you, you look like a Disney prince?
  14. You’re so cute, you make me lose my concentration.
  15. Are you a WI-FI hot spot? Because I’m really feeling a connection.
  16. Do you enjoy raisins? How about dates?
  17. Are you one of the Children of the Corn? Because I’m stalking you.
  18. If you were a potato you would be a really hot potato.
  19. Hey aren’t you that guy from that show? You are! Can I get a selfie with you?
  20. I like how you look at me. But how are you at conversation?
  21. You look handsome when you sneeze.
  22. You’re the kind of rare and shiny treasure a pirate would bury at sea.
  23. Tell me your name and I’ll bookmark you.
  24. You should have a like button next to you, because I’d click that.
  25. I like it when guys talk nerdy to me. What’s your favorite nerd thing to do?

But then again, you can take a different approach.  How about sweet conversation starters?  Or less forward compliments or ice breakers?  I really like these:

  1. Hey I know you. You’re that guy who
  2. Hey I know a girl who likes you. And if she wasn’t incredibly shy, she would tell you.
  3. Hi I’d like to meet you sometime. Do you have a friend that can introduce us?
  4. Wow! You have a really cool energy.  Where do you get it from?
  5. Hey, I really like your (mention something he’s wearing or doing).
  6. My friend bet me that I would chicken out from approaching the cutest guy here. Want to buy some drinks with my friend’s money?
  7. May I have the honor of sitting next to you, O valiant knight?
  8. You look like a painting. Can I draw you sometime?
  9. Hey! Oh sorry, you look like this cute guy I used to know that I went to high school with.  My bad.
  10. That is an awesome shirt. It brings out your eyes.
  11. Hey, handsome. Would you mind taking my photo?
  12. Hey! My friend and I had a bet. You look like a smart guy.  If you were stranded on a desert island what book could you read over and over again?
  13. Hello Prince Charming.
  14. Is that your car? That is a classic!
  15. I was just polling people on what is your favorite beer?
  16. Oh I love this song, don’t you?
  17. I wanna dance! Hey, do you dance?
  18. Do guys get all weird about a girl offering to buy them a beer?
  19. Were we married in a past life? I get some intense vibes around you.
  20. You look cool. I think we could have some trippy conversations.
  21. Let’s pretend this is an Avenger’s movie. What’s your super power?
  22. You ever get the feeling like something awesome is going to happen today?
  23. Roar means hello in dinosaur talk. So roar, nice to meet you.
  24. You have a very cute nose. Says so much about you.
  25. I think my cat and you would be friends.

As you can see, it’s not so much the line that’s important.  It’s all about confidence, sincerity and a positive attitude.  That’s a much more effective approach than memorizing a silly pick up line.

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