Things to Call Your Boyfriend

Are you two hopelessly in love? Great! Then don’t be shy…embrace Public Displays of Affection – assuming, of course, you’re not due to testify in court or touring a sacred temple or something.

Otherwise, PDAs are great for building intimacy together. Another great step is finding cute, romantic and sweet nicknames for each other. These can range from funny to sweet or even a little teasing. There are no hard rules for what you can call him, just make sure your nickname is:

• Always complimentary
• Always in good fun
• Nothing belittling him
• Nothing he might see as offensive
• Something that makes him feel good about himself and your role in his life

I think you get the idea. As long as your nickname is kind to him, it can be as silly as you want. Most guys are very tolerant about funny nicknames because they know it’s just a joke or a word association.

The only names they might not like are ugly word associations like “poopy pants” or “smelly butt” or anything you might call a baby or a pet. He wants to be your man, your sexy stud, so reward him with a title that gives him his ego petting.

Here are plenty of examples of nicknames that are sweet, funny and endearing. Borrow them at your leisure.

1. Angel Baby (an old romantic?)
2. Kit Kat Bar (a yummy man who loves to snap!)
3. Little Jack Horner (always watching the girls go by)
4. Roger Rabbit (always ready to make his Jessica laugh)
5. The Big Bad Wolf (still chasing red riding hood)
6. Snake Eyes (a gambling man)
7. Mister Magoo (a funny man with an old soul)
8. Stimpy (the funny one!)
9. Big Bad Boo (big and bad but adorable)
10. Mein Herr (A German flavor)
11. Little Ninja (a skilled little fellow)
12. Ken Doll (the perfectly figured man)
13. Traveling Man (always on the move)
14. The Piano Man (quite a talent he has)
15. Captain Jack (a crazy sea-faring type)
16. Happy Dance (does he always do a dance when he’s excited?)
17. Smiley Face (he’s always smiling)
18. Emoji (he smiles like he’s a Facebook emoticon!)
19. Groovy Man (is he a hippie at heart?)
20. Banana (a funny name for a funny guy)
21. Cabana Boy (maybe he’s just young and hot)
22. Pool Boy (and hanging around a swimming pool)
23. Dr. Love (he is experienced in matters of love)
24. Boo Radley (a very heroic boo straight out of literature, isn’t he?)
25. Boo Boo the Bear (Yogi’s favorite)
26. The Heartbreak Kid (he’s got the looks)
27. The Winner (he’s the best at what he does!)
28. My Precious (worth more than golden rings!)
29. Crab Baby (he’s crabby in the evenings, isn’t he?)
30. Scandalous (always causing scandals and being sexy)
31. Dark Eyes or Bright Eyes (it’s all about his eyes)
32. Prince Charming (the old fashioned hero)
33. My Fantasy (he’s everything you dreamed about)
34. Eye of the Tiger (he’s got that look in his eye)
35. Zombie Killer (Rick Grimes, eat your heart out…this guy’s a fighter)
36. American Idol (this handsome devil could easily win a contract!)
37. Crazy Eyes (he’s crazy but he’s got character)
38. The Tool Man (knows his way around the shed)
39. The Chosen One (he’s so special, isn’t he?)
40. Staying Power (Speaks for itself!)
41. Cookie Monster (for the boy who loves sweets)
42. Hug Bug (every time you see his favorite car, hug!)
43. Uncle Jed (is he a country boy?)
44. Space Cowboy or the Gangster of Love (just don’t call him Maurice)
45. Sexy Yetti (rarely seen but still impressive)
46. Bozo the Clown (funny guy)
47. Boo, James Boo (Why not give your snuggling BF a secret agent name?)
48. Simba or Lion King (Just in time for the reboot)
49. The King of Cuddles (What a royal compliment)
50. Snuggleupagus (He might get the Sesame Street reference)
51. Snuggles Targaryen (the lost brother!)
52. Pee Wee (your nerdy and proud BF won’t mind this honorable title)
53. Hugga Wugga (the infamous muppet creature who likes hugs)
54. The Nice Guy (if he’s a genuinely nice guy, make sure he knows he doesn’t finish last)
55. Gigolo Jedi or Sexy Sith (for the Star Wars fan who turns you on!)
56. Puff the Magic Dragon (For your Colorado BF who loves to talk philosophy)
57. Odd Thomas (A nod to thriller novelist Dean Koontz)
58. The Nacho Man (Who likes to make nachos on the weekend)
59. My Bodyguard (For the protective man who deserves a Whitney Houston song all about him)
60. Bam Bam (Named after the baby caveman or the old WWE wrestler, take your choice)
61. Winter Soldier (In honor of the Marvel film)
62. My Wicker Man (Hey, if he loves old school horror he’ll get a kick out of this one)
63. Lollipop (Sweet as candy)
64. My One True Thing (The one who’s always there for you)
65. Mister Miyagi (Is he a deep thinker and a teacher?)
66. Lovey Dovey (Let’s go with something simple and rhymable)
67. Mister Saturday Night (He’s always ready to party!)
68. Ned Flanders (If he’s a nerdy, faithful and lovable guy, why not?)
69. Heathcliff or Garfield (Is he a tough cat or a lazy kitty of a BF?)
70. Silly Walks (For the Monty Python enthusiast)

The key to selecting a good nickname is to try one out, see if it works, and then decide if you want to keep it or drop it. If a guy likes it, he’ll laugh, smile and snuggle you. He might give you a corresponding nickname to “fit” his own nickname.

If he doesn’t like it, he’ll shrug it off or make a funny face. No big deal. Just try again and find a nickname that you both like. You will find that funny nicknames are just one more way to show love and affection. These little PDAs are just as important as big and dramatic PDAs. The important thing is that you’re making time to love each other, even on a daily basis.

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