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Attention Women’s Relationship Coaches:

I’m Matthew Coast the founder of For the last few years, we’ve become an established resource in the dating and relationship advice space for the women in our market.

Last month, we had over 1.7 million views on our YouTube channel.

At the beginning of the year we started out with a little over 3000 subscribers and we just broke 35,000. Our goal is to reach 100,000 by the end of the year (

My point is that my plan is to make you a star. Ask our current star Helena Hart. She has gotten a huge boost in her daily optins, searches, and people interested in her and her products as a result of being on our YouTube channel.

However, you won’t be promoting your website, your products, or your brand in our videos since we’re paying for them. You’ll be representing us and our channel. And as a result, tens of thousands (and eventually hundreds of thousands) of people will get to know, like and trust you and your advice and seek you out on your own platforms.

Why Am I Doing This?

Our channel provides genuine, quality and actionable relationship advice to our community. Our content revolves around bringing men and women together in partnership, masculine/feminine energy dynamics, and committed relationships. We don’t have anything on there that talks down men or makes women into victims.

And we’re looking for more coaches who are passionate and care about relationships, women, and healing the divide that the war of the sexes has caused. We want people who care to be a part of our team. We want people who are part of the solution.

As things stand, there are too many people out there who are just trying to make a quick buck off of this industry and are pushing bad advice as a result. We want quality, authentic, good advice that helps both women and men come together and stay together in a lasting relationship.

Who You Are:

Other than just having a passion for this industry and helping the women in it…

You need to have a webcam and a microphone and a clean background where you can take video for the channel. You don’t need a studio or anything like that.

These videos need to be clean and look good but what’s more important is your personality and content. Both are important. You need to have solid content and be interesting and engaging.

Personality includes humor, stories, and your ability to be interesting in the videos. This will make you more likable and will make people want to come back to watch your videos.

Obviously, you can work from home with whatever hours you want as long as you meet your deadlines and get your videos into us.

You’ll be hired as a contractor to do 4 videos per week for as long it makes sense for us to work together with other potential projects available if you’re interested and you continue to deliver quality work.

Every video I publish will go through a quality process where I check all ideas and claims for accuracy. I’d rather have some personality shine and deliver quality content than have some meaningless videos that you could find on another site.


My budget is $200 per week for 4 x 5 – 10 minute videos.

That’s $50 per video and up to 4 each week, just to clarify.

How to Apply

Fill out this application…

Make sure you fill out the entire thing.

I’ll review your application and if I think you’re a good fit I’ll have you make a video for us.

If the video is in alignment with what we’re doing on our channel and in our business, I’ll hire you on as a contractor.

It’s that simple.

Once you’re a part of our team, you’ll be given a giant list of potential topics and you’ll get to choose which ones you create videos about.

I’m looking for a video blogger who can talk about general dating and relationship topics. I’m also looking for video bloggers who can talk about other popular topics or angles such as…

  • Astrological Love/horoscopes
  • Ex Back
  • Fashion/Image
  • EFT/hypnosis/shadow work/NLP
  • Celebrities
  • Sex/dirty talk/intimacy

You just need to talk about general dating topics if you want to submit. However, if you can talk about any of these other things, you should let me know when you email me.

If you do well with this, I have a bunch of other potential projects that I can have you work on that will make you money and build your reputation in our industry.

Note: We only require our video bloggers to create the video, not to edit them.

Thanks and good luck!

Here’s the application again…

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