What a Guy is Thinking When He Kisses You

One of the most interesting questions that never actually gets answered very often is, “What is a guy thinking when he kisses you?”

Women presume that he’s thinking, “Wow I’m kissing her!” or maybe that he’s zoning out completely as the blood rushes from his brain to uh, well, other places.

And of course if a woman asks her boyfriend “What are you thinking while we kiss?” she’s probably going to get a very PC answer along the lines of “How beautiful you are, my dear!”

But let’s get down to it. How about we ask some guys what they actually think about during that first, all-important kiss.

Is it all complimentary? Or do guys occasionally think weird or embarrassing things?

What a Guy is Thinking When He Kisses You

Let’s consider 11 examples of what men think about while kissing the woman of their dreams and in the words of men themselves.

1. “I think, Wow she is so hot. I think how amazing it is to be kissing her, especially if it’s spontaneous.”

Of course, most men have the same initial thought, namely, this is great! If they feel attracted to you and then get a kiss, they are ecstatic. The longer he’s been attracted to you, the more he passion he feels, especially if he’s been thinking of making a move all night.

2. “I wonder if I’m I kissing her the right way? Does she like it? Should I be paying attention to signals during the kiss?”

Panic is a fairly common reaction too, since every man wants the reputation of being a good kisser and yet during an intimate activity where communication is quieted, signals are confusing. One bad review can leave a guy in a funk.

3. “Well, I mostly feel all tingly and think, Wow she is a really good kisser!”

Let’s give credit where it’s due! If you happen to be a good kisser, chances are that’s exactly what he’s thinking. It’s fun to kiss you, you know what you’re doing and you know what you want. That’s sexy and that certainly takes some pressure off him.

4. “I’m like, Gee I hope I don’t have bad breath. Err, I hope she doesn’t either.”

Imperfect kisses happen and bad breath from a pungent dinner can certainly affect the overall kiss rating. Onions and garlic don’t always go well with sweet intimate moments under the stars.

5. “I’m not used to kissing. So sometimes I think, What do I do with my hands? Should I tilt my head or…?”

Kissing feels good but when your senses are elevated because of excitement, it’s not unusual to think about miscellaneous details about where to put your hands, how to angle your face, and even what sounds your lips are making. He thinks the same thing! These self-aware thoughts are natural but the more you focus on the pleasure, the less intrusive they will be.

6. “I really try to resist shoving my tongue down her throat. I’m very confused about how to use my tongue. Usually I wait for her to start French-kissing.”

Some men are self-conscious about tongue, especially since we’ve all read an article or two in Cosmo about too much tongue freaking women out. Men are aware of this and so they try to avoid being too wet, too sloppy or going in too deep during a passionate kiss.

7. “What the hell is that noise?”

Hey, sometimes men are easily distracted by background noise and will notice if there’s a loud sound, a strange rumble or even an interesting quote from a nearby television. It doesn’t mean he’s bored of the kiss, he’s just an observant type of guy!

8. “I open my eyes and then this weird awkward thing happens where I wonder if she’s staring at me and I end up staring at her and then she catches me staring.”

Don’t worry about eye contact during the kiss. The natural reaction is to close one’s eyes when two people kiss, but it’s no big deal if you want to keep them open. Just try to avoid staring too long since that might be a little too Tantric for the first date.

9. “To be honest, I’m mostly noticing where her breasts are and thinking, are we going to have sex?”

Well, why don’t you tell us what you really think? But yeah, a lot of guys are actually fast-forwarding and wondering if you’re going to have sex. Because in that case, they need to know whether they should begin to neck, fondle, caress, or take you over to a bed, and so on. It’s not just the level of horny going on…there are some logistics involved in planning your first sex date. To avoid this awkward moment, try to kiss somewhere that’s not too private or secluded, since that raises anticipation in his mind.

10. “In the back of my mind I think, Uh oh…what does this mean?”

Sure, he enjoys the kiss but he’s wondering what this means…because let’s face it, half the excitement of a new romance is what it “means” and how it will change your friendship forever. Does this mean you’re boyfriend and girlfriend? Was this an accident? What will you tell everybody? Those sorts of thoughts are common. Men do enjoy the scandal of a good kiss, especially when it’s a bit of a surprise. So let them freak out a little bit.

11. “Let’s do that again!”

If the first kiss goes well, it’s likely he’s thinking “Boy, I’d sure like to try that again” or something along those lines. So if he’s into it, indicated by positive body language and a smiling face (as opposed to that other look which looks like he just saw a ghost) then lean in slightly and offer to give him another taste.

Men are logical and visual creatures, so while they do feel the pleasure of a good kiss, they also think about the deeper meaning. There is such a thing as performance anxiety when it comes to kissing, so put some thought into your first kiss, the where, when and why of it all. Choosing a good “spontaneous” kiss location might make the experience even more memorable.

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