What to Text a Guy to Get His Attention

Have you fallen “under the radar” with a guy? That simply means he’s aware of you, he responds to you when you send him a message, but he doesn’t actually NOTICE you very often. He doesn’t think about you all the time and doesn’t try to get your attention on a daily or semi-weekly basis.

That’s not good because if a guy likes you, he’s going to think about you all the time! Logically speaking then, it makes sense to try to get his attention and remind him that you like him – he should be all over you, chasing you, trying to impress you and engaging in conversation.

Unfortunately, many women fall short of catching a man’s interest because they’re just way too subtle! Either the guy doesn’t pick up on those cues or they’re just too little, too late.

On the other hand, being too overt about your attraction (i.e. asking him out, telling him he’s hot) will probably scare him away. Or maybe he’ll arrange for a booty call and never call you back. That’s how men tend to think. If you want romance, you have to approach romance in a different way.

That brings us to the question how do you get a man’s attention when he’s distracted or even ignoring you? Let’s consider seven example texts and then explain why they work so well.

1. “Hey. So how did you ever confront that co-worker about what happened?”

This is a very simple statement and yet it easily leads into a conversation, even if a few days have gone by. It works because you’re showing interest in his life, casually of course, but still interested. It’s relevant to his life and he’ll probably be itching to rant about the latest news. This means you have to pay close attention when you do talk to him so that you can bring up this tidbit later on. Best of all, you’re not actually confessing any secret feelings for him. You’re just showing curiosity and a desire for friendship.

2. “Hey you looked nice in your latest selfie. You’re still a handsome guy!”

A compliment is still an innocent way to show a man that you like him – without losing any self-respect. Believe it or not, many men are actually shy about “putting themselves out there” and asking you out (or admitting attraction). So why do guys take selfies or post pictures online? Well of course, for compliments…and preferably not from their mothers! So give him a reason to smile and compliment him on a recent picture. Then, gauge his reaction to you afterwards.

3. “I had the weirdest, freakiest dream about you last night.”

This works so well, I swear it’s a magic spell! Practically every guy will respond to the question and ask for details. Something about the “unconscious mind” is fascinating…we would love to know what our friends and acquaintances think about us. If you did dream about him, share it. If you didn’t, then just make up a silly little “daydream” that doesn’t answer anything. The point is, you got his attention and now he’s more inclined to start a new conversation.

4. “Glad you’re on. I kind of need your advice on something.”

This shy initial conversation will immediately activate his “protector” qualities. He will volunteer to give his advice, especially if you hint that he is an expert in the subject. You’re not only appealing to his need to provide, but you’re also complimenting him by indirectly calling him an expert. From this point on, he’ll know that you value his opinion. After all, you could have asked all your friends on Facebook…but you reached out to him and only him. Definite signal!

5. “You don’t send me flowers anymore!”

Playing on his guilt is a move that only works if you do it playfully. Very softly shaming him for missing a great night, or a public event where he could have met you, or not texting you lately, is a flirty thing to do – but only if you’re in the early stages of dating. As the relationship progresses, this behavior can get annoying and clingy. That’s why in order for it to work, it has to be early on (before there’s any real intimacy) and done with good humor.

6. “Lol For some reason {This} made me think of you and your {insert}.”

This is a wonderful line and the invasiveness level is 0! You let him know that you enjoy talking to him. You let him know you’re thinking about him. Then you let him know that you actually remember things he said, such as his hobby, his sense of humor, pets, or something else that you discussed. You can attach a funny meme or picture (insert your own image) and then give him a good laugh.

7. “So can I get your opinion on this?”

Be careful now. You have magical powers over guys when it comes to sending them pictures. All guys want you to send pictures, but of course, if you send too much or too soon, you might scare them away – or worse, disqualify yourself as “serious relationship” material. The safe thing to do is to avoid anything too sexy, but instead send something cute. Send him a selfie after a new haircut or a new outfit. Maybe just a hint of cleavage at the most. This will get his attention and remind him that you’re an attractive woman he could be dating…if only he started paying you more attention.

Lastly, remember that if you’ve been trying all these ideas and he’s still avoiding a reply, the best answer may be to disappear entirely. Stop messaging him and “detox” for a while. Spend time with friends, meet new people, go places and then share your fun life on social media.

If he has any interest in you, he will be attracted by your self-confidence, your independence and the fact that you don’t need his attention to be happy.

But something tells me he’s going to be texting you very soon if you continue to project positive qualities. Be patient and work on self-improvement and before you know it, your smartphone will be beeping with his attention.

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