What You Should NEVER Say To A Guy

Who cares if you have controversial opinions or a quirky sense of humor? Just say what you’re thinking! Guys are tough…guys can take it! After all they’re just words.

YEAH RIGHT. Guys are, without a doubt, the most sensitive, begrudging and cautious mammals on the planet!

Your guy may pride himself on being open-minded, non-judgmental and with a perverted sense of humor. BUT…there’s a chance he is also super sensitive about certain subjects.

And a woman who doesn’t understand what these “sacred man things” are, may be surprised when a guy she was interested in before totally drops off the face of the earth after one of these bad exchanges. Or breaks up with her. Or cheats on her. All sorts of negative behavior.

Who knew that men were so sensitive? Well, we are. And in order to avoid future conflict, I’m going to explain to you right now the five things you should NEVER say to a guy.

Remember these for the future, and believe me, no matter what the guy says, he is NOT going to be cool if you say any of the following things, even if you’re just joking around or being “honest with each other”.

1. “Well my ex did it and he’s happier for it!”

There is just no reasonable conversation that can happen after you compare your current boyfriend to your ex-boyfriend. Even if you’re dating a girl for the first time, talking about your ex is a major red flag that you’re going to be trouble. Men really do despise everything about your “ex” – and the only context in which they’re OK discussing him is if you tell them how much better you are in every way.

Because the moment you start discussing anything positive about your ex, or compare him to your ex, or even just call your guy by the ex’s name, the conversation is going to go “full emo.” There’s no way out of it anymore that doesn’t end with an explosion. Avoid discussing the ex in general, and if he insists on knowing just describe the negatives.

Exes really are a conversation you should have with your therapist, mom, or female friend. Guys are an almost impossible audience for this topic.

2. “Maybe you’re just not that good of a ____! It’s OK, I love you anyway!”

Let me just tell you now, the second sentence is mostly irrelevant. A man prides himself on being something and something specific. Whether he’s an artist, a sports hero, a great mechanic, an awesome father, a genius businessman, a preacher man, a charity giver, a movie critic, or a martial arts expert, this is his legacy. If he’s not this certain thing he’s nothing. That’s why it’s absolutely crucial that you support him in his mission and that you BELIEVE IN HIM.

Because the moment he senses you’ve given up on him, the whole relationship is really doomed. He doesn’t feel your attraction anymore and he doesn’t feel the same attraction for you. Men are very sensitive about their careers, hobbies and personal accomplishments. Suggesting that they’ve failed or that it’s time to do something else (regardless of how mean, kind or humorous the conversation is) is the worst betrayal he could ever imagine. When in doubt, don’t say it.

3. “My boss is so hot!” OR “Your friend is so funny!”

I know there’s a lot of room for individual preferences here and to be honest, no, not every guy is jealous or takes offense just because you say another man is attractive. But there are CERTAIN MEN who are off limits, just like you know, he’s most likely not going to say he’s attracted to your sister, mother or ex boyfriend(!).

If you sense that your man doesn’t like one of his “friends” (or shall we say acquaintance), or a boss at work, or your boss, or one of his friends who he seems to be jealous of, then it’s dangerous territory to suggest that person is attractive.

Because now you’re not just expressing attraction for someone else (usually not a big deal) but you’re picking at his insecurities. He feels jealous about these other men because of what they are, or what they have, that he doesn’t have.

If you sense there’s any jealousy there, there’s only one logical thing to do: tell him how lame this other guy is and agree with your man’s criticism of him. That’s going to flatter his ego and keep him in a good mood.

4. “Your penis is…”

Huge? Sexy? What you want so bad right now? If you have any creative adjectives other than that, think twice. Since most men are “average” in size, they are very weird when it comes to their girlfriends describing penis size, appearance, girth, or anything outside the area of “fantastic!”

Men who feel insecure about their penis size, don’t want to know if you think it’s smaller than average, or “average”, or funny looking or cute, or anything like that. Women actually don’t care that much about penis size, at least statistically speaking, but it always seems to be a touchy subject with men. (Pun intended!)

5. “Your mom (or dad) is annoying!”

There’s not much worse you can say to a man than insult his manhood—except of course for insulting his mom or dad (if they do in fact have a positive relationship). Even the roughest, toughest guy still has a soft spot for the person who raised him. Tread lightly and be careful about implying anything negative about his parents.

Even if he hates his father or has mother issues, it’s actually better to just listen to him rant about it and agree rather than bring up criticism yourself. Men are weird about parental criticism and the best idea is non-confrontational attitude

Sure it does feel like you can talk about ANYTHING with this man…anything but these five taboos!

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10 thoughts on “What You Should NEVER Say To A Guy”

  1. Its funny about your suggestions about what not to say. But if you are not in a real relationship what do you say. My acquaintance said one day “I have a small penis” out of no where, so I said in comparison to what. His penis was fine I didnt understand where that came from. He really didnt want anything serious but he had been around for a few years. I eventually just walked away. Men are confusing but blame us women. I dont get it.

    1. 1. Only get into real relationships. I don’t teach about anything else.

      2. He may have been joking, we’d need more context about what he said.

      3. Most people blame the opposite sex for their own insecurities and inadequacies. That’s why it’s very important that you consciously choose who you’re in a relationship with.

  2. I have gone out on a few dates with this guy. He is a long time friend. We texted, went out, etc. Out of the blue the texts stopped, the messaging stopped on his end. I continued until I gave up. He texted back a couple of times and then finally stopped. I am so confused. I mean what goes on in men’s heads. I would love to know

  3. And don’t say or do anything that might make him think you are trying to make his kids see him as less than a god! I just got an angry text because I had told his little girl I wouldn’t fix ramen noodles for her because he got very angry at me the last time I did. She asked why he’d be mad because he has fed them to her, and I said I didn’t know why he was mad because he never told me. He didn’t like me telling her he got mad at me! Men have a hard time accepting the fact they are human, and not perfect, and that it is ok.

  4. I am in a serious, long-term relationship. My guy does really have a small penis, and he knows it! He admits it, jokes about it, etc. How do I respond to that? How do I still make him feel great about it when it really is tiny? Most of the time I can’t even tell if it is in me or not. It is just awkward when he says things about it’s size. Please help!!

  5. Life is worth living love is worth giving you’re going to need a b p injection eventually it will happen despite what you do you’re not willing to cheat drop him now while you still have years left let him go out and get his and you please please go get yours that’s unfair stuff we all need penis and we will have it believe what I tell you get gone now while you still have time left

  6. Love is wonderful but being physically satisfied is beyond description you choose go for the penis you’ll fall in love trust me

  7. The whole women not caring about penis size is a myth for the most part. I don’t know one woman that prefers a small one. Not one I am not saying they aren’t out there though. A lot of women lie about that like a lot of men lie about certain things. That is one of the reasons that many women are so ruthless about a mans height because some mistakenly believe height is an indication of penis size.

  8. My man is always making comments about the women on TV…like their nipples are showing under their dress, the leading man should jump them, or motorboat them, on snd on, but is only lukewarm about making over my body. This makes me insecure, I feel like he should tell ME how hot he finds ME, not some obscure TV star from the 70’s on Gunsmoke! We have a budding relationship, pretty good in so many ways, but I do not understand his casual obsession with TV women, if you can call it that! He is intimately acquainted with their careers etc…

    1. Sheila, you can do better, beautiful lady!! He is uncomfortable with real live women. He is more comfortable relating to photos (TV images) than with real people. You deserve a grown up

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